Like all businesses, EVES real estate operations are based strongly on good relationships, developed over a period of time. Many of our transactions with buyers and sellers are based on repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients.

This week’s publication acknowledges EVES personnel who earned company awards working at the top of their game for their clients. Their success is based on developing lasting relationships with the people they work with and work for. Often they are doing business with second and third generation family members and extended family as clients.

In real estate it is not always possible to provide an absolutely perfect result for all parties. It is possible to provide the best professional experience for those we deal with and that is our company goal across all aspects of our business.

Our focus across our EVES sales teams with new and experienced agents alike, is this development of positive relationships, leading to business opportunities in any market.

For our sellers this means finding the best buyer, not merely the ‘first one’ and for our buyers, assisting them to find the most suitable property for their circumstance.

Explains why, at EVES, more people are selling more property. 

Ross Stanway