Interesting to read some recent data showing our net migration figure has eased from previous record highs as we experience a reduction in the number of arrivals. Also of note is the trend of a return from Australia has decreased as their economy improves.


As mentioned in my previous article, we have witnessed no impact of this on our market in this area. Actually, we have seen a real lift in the last two weeks as we are currently experiencing very good numbers of buyers visiting our open homes, positive results in our auction room and a good selection of new property coming to the market heading into the last seven weeks of the year.


Over the next five weeks the EVES sales team will present some 100 properties to the market via the auction method of sale where buyers will have a wonderful opportunity to secure their dream home. Our sales team at EVES has the skills and experience to guide you through this process so you can have confidence in your decision making.


Be bold, we are all set to go.


EVES, more people selling more property.