Our wider region continues to shine brightly. Key economic indicators can show how well we are tracking compared to the rest of the country. For this healthy picture to continue, well planned growth strategies need to be in play.

High levels of communication, understanding and commitment between local councils, regional council and the private sector are essential. The next level of quantum growth requires some key issues to be addressed.

Firstly, a positive developer friendly environment which is well regulated and encourages further residential subdivision growth in strategic areas. This is essential if we are to maintain moderate property price increases in the future. 

Appropriate community amenities need to be provided for those living in the newer residential areas to enjoy the same high standard of amenities available in the established residential areas. Additionally, some new or upgraded amenities are a necessary next step in the areas of sport, entertainment, art and cultural facilities.

As the city and environs grow and take on a bigger city profile, with excellent surrounding townships and lifestyle options, some interesting trends in buyer demand are evident. 

Talk to EVES and find out how best to promote your property in this exciting new market.

Ross Stanway