Recently media covered property availability at a certain price range across suburbs in Tauranga. Statistically, the largest volume sales are occurring from $400k to $700k in Tauranga, Mount and Papamoa areas.

That is a broad price band, but within it, the largest volume sales come from the $400k to $500k range. In fact, slightly more at 191 (REINZ Jan-March 2016) than the two next bands $500k-$600k (156) and $600k-$700k (123). 

With the median price increasing over the last 12 months there are obviously more properties being ‘pushed’ into the next higher price bracket but the biggest volume effect in the first quarter of the year is in the $400k to $500k band.

Compare 191 this year first quarter with 175 last year in the $400k-$500k band. In any market and given price band certain constants apply;

Property needs to be well presented, well marketed and stand out to capture buyer attention.

The auction process continues to be a successful, true test of market value.

The salesperson engaged must be knowledgeable, enthusiastic and absolutely committed to achieving the best result possible for their client.

Talk to EVES, long recognised as experts in this busy, demanding playing field. 

Ross Stanway