The July REINZ Property Report shows the median price across our region back 8% compared to June and the days to sell have increased. It’s exciting how things can change in a few weeks as in early August there is plenty of buyer activity across a range of property with strong activity in the auction room. Go back a year and record sales occurred in June and time to sell was reducing!


This asks the question “when is the best time to sell?” Is it spring when the garden looks great? Is it autumn prior to the winter months? Is it summer so a decision can be made pre-Christmas? Is it winter when there are less homes on the market so therefore less competition for your home. 


People sell for many different reasons and having been asked this questions countless times over my time in real estate I have found the best answer is normally “when you, as the owners, are ready to sell”.   


Once the decision to sell has been made and you have engaged one of our EVES salespeople to help you through the process, you will soon understand the real value this person will add to your transaction.


Don’t hesitate, call an EVES salesperson now to assist you in preparing your home for the market so you will maximise the sale price.


EVES, more people selling more property.