Easter is always a busy time in our region and we welcome all visitors to the Bay. Those arriving (and those of us staying) will be immersed in the 2018 Jazz Festival.  For 41 years the National Youth Jazz Competition has showcased the very best of emerging jazz players. Over three days Combos and Big Bands from New Zealand Secondary Schools strut their stuff for trophies and awards. The careers of past winners Nathan Haines, Hollie Smith and Sacha Vee were arguably launched here. 


Along with the variety of ticketed concerts at Baycourt Theatre there is the Downtown Carnival and other associated events that can be found at www.jazz.org.nz. Also the Artisan Fair, the world famous Easter Rotary Booksale and great cafes to choose from after a walk up or round the mighty Mauao all adding to the vibrancy of our city.


Our EVES salespeople will be working hard over Easter with a full list of open homes so if you are visiting and would like to live in this gorgeous place we call home or if you live here and need to expand to accommodate the visitors then be sure to get in touch with one of our EVES salespeople.


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