“If we sell now we may not be able to find what we want to buy”.

Ironically, if those in this position put their property on the market this would be less of an issue, with more property available for buyers.

Financial motivation, career moves, health or life stage changes and relationship changes all bring property to market. These are also the drivers of buyer activity.

Interestingly, our EVES branches, year to date, have achieved over 100 additional listings compared to same months last year. 

However, the much shorter time on market now means fewer homes available for long periods of time. Days on market in some areas have reduced by two or three weeks, meaning for some, days to sell can be as short as 14!

Buyers’ decisions now occur over much shorter periods of time. Sellers who provide comprehensive property information and engage a high profile market leading brand now capture strong buyer demand and can move quickly to become buyers themselves. Longer settlement periods can often be negotiated so sellers have more time to find their next home.

Talk to EVES about this, with more people listing and selling more property. 

Ross Stanway