It is extremely satisfying to see the many outstanding results achieved for our sellers through our leading EVES Property marketing campaigns. People put their property on the market because they want to move on with their lives and plans. Selling their property well is a huge part of that process. Getting the best price possible for property is EVES focus and responsibility. We ensure our marketing process highlights the property to the widest genuine buyer pool, creating strong competition between buyers.

Last month EVES sold 103 properties at auction. That is 103 property owners we have assisted to move on to the next stage of their plans and 103 buyers who have purchased the property they wanted. In many instances the sale price has exceeded our seller’s expectations.

EVES ability to develop relevant, powerful and cost effective marketing plans for our clients produces this volume of success because our focus is on marketing the property superbly and professionally negotiating the sale with the best buyer.

If you are interested in getting the best price possible for your property rather than be diverted into the cheapest commission and minimal cost campaign, talk to EVES now.

Ross Stanway