1.     Our people

At EVES, our people are passionate about giving you the best real estate experience. You can trust us to make your journey to buying or selling as stress free and smooth as possible, with the skills and expertise to ensure we get you a successful result.

EVES started in the Bay of Plenty in 1969, and although plenty of trends have come and gone in this time, our dedication to market-leading real estate hasn’t changed. We believe that in such a competitive and expertise driven industry, doing everything we can to prepare, protect and foster the skills of our salespeople has been one of the pillars to our ongoing success as market leaders. That’s why we prioritise  ongoing training, coaching and development programs, for our salespeople, to ensure they continue to represent the exceptional service EVES is known for.

2.     Our reach

There are 13 dedicated EVES offices across the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Whangarei. We have 176 salespeople, and over 280 staff. The collaborative reach of this company network means that we can further support both buyers and sellers to achieve their goals.

Our reach also comes with experience. EVES has over 50 years of trusted real estate experience, meaning you can rest assured we are well equipped to assist you on your real estate journey.  

3.     Our exceptional service 

We pride ourselves on our success stories, from both vendors and purchasers during their real estate experience with EVES. We achieve incredible results for our clients time and time again through dedication, innovation, and hard work. No matter how big, small, simple or complex your needs are, we deliver standout property solutions tailored just for you.

4.     Our marketing  

Effective marketing is a key element in achieving a successful sale result. We provide proven multimedia marketing campaigns that combine a mix of online, digital and print marketing to position your property in front of the right buyer. In addition to this, we will provide advice on the benefits of additional media that you can leverage, to maximise exposure and attract more buyers.

Buyers – effective marketing benefits you too! When you first start shopping for your new home it can seem like an overwhelming task. In addition to this, the amount of websites you can use to access property for sale can make it confusing to know where to begin. Our EVES listings are featured across all of New Zealand’s top property sites, including Trade Me, realestate.co.nz and OneRoof. Our EVES website is also a fantastic one-stop-shop to view all of our listings in one place.

5.     Our resources

We offer a range of fantastic resources for buyers and sellers. Our resources for vendors include:

  • A guide to Preparing your Property for the Market
  • The EVES Moving Guide
  •  Our Thinking of Selling Guide
  • Our resources for buyers include:
  • The EVES Home Buyers Guide
  •  Information on the 7 Step Buying Process

EVES also has an industry-leading partnership with Vega, our preferred financial advisor business. Vega can assist prospective buyers on their home-buying journey with access to over 20 lenders. They can navigate the ins and outs of lending requirements and make the process of getting a mortgage easier for you.

For more information on buying and selling with EVES, check out eves.co.nz.