Being exceptional, every day, was the theme of the inaugural EVES Conference held in Tauranga last week. 200 of our salespeople, personal assistants, property managers and our management teams from three different regions got together to enjoy one of the industry’s best, Tom Panos and an extremely inspiring, entertaining and motivational Lisa O’Neill delivering their “exceptional best”. 

What an event! I looked on very proudly as our teams were engaged, inspired and excited by the delivery of great information, plenty of pearls of wisdom and lots of ‘take home’ ideas to improve and grow their businesses and their personal lives.

Over my many years in the industry I have heard any number of speakers and what never ceases to amaze, is that there is always something to be gained by attending these conferences and trainings and there are always different and better ways of doing things. Professional and personal growth never stops thankfully!  

Have a great week and remember – be your exceptional self, every day!