It has been great to see communities come together over recent times and certainly we are going to need to continue to watch out for our neighbours and to support our local business community as much as we can. There are numerous reports of charitable organisations coming to the realisation that their normal funding streams are going to be somewhat reduced.  

Here at EVES, we love being involved in our community and whilst we are maintaining our normal levels of support throughout our area, it has been nice to see some different types of initiatives with people thinking a little outside the square. Hospice shops rely, generally, on the retired work force and therefore older people who may be immune compromised find themselves unable to volunteer in the various roles, sorting, selling, maintenance etc so the call has gone out; do you have a couple of hours a week to assist your local not for profit shops? 

Even the supply of donated goods seems to have reduced – some of our people have been putting their creative skills at work with knitting beanies to donate to sell along with making aprons and crocheted items. Many lower decile schools opt to assist their young charges with warm clothing and so delicious hand knitted scarves are being whipped up and donated -  a nice rewarding way to spend a winters evening. Even adding a couple of tins or packets to your own grocery trolley and donating these to a Foodbank; many families find themselves in situations they have never been in before so whatever can be donated is greatly appreciated.