The signs are evident everywhere highlighting how our region is performing economically. Record building consent statistics, increased job opportunities, a recovered and buoyant kiwifruit industry, one of the busiest years ever for tradespeople and suppliers plus a record year for the property market.

How long will all this last? A key to this answer is the extent to which the region is capable of attracting and coping with the increasing flow of residents, businesses and demands on infrastructure.

Forward planning some years ago has created significant capacity for considerable future growth in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. There is huge activity in areas all set to accommodate expansion. The region’s top spot in the country is a position achieved through many years of public and private initiatives working toward a business and community environment that is now second to none. 

The large numbers of properties selling at our weekly EVES auction sales, provide a very good guide to any market trends.

For the best opportunity to be fully informed on what is happening and how you, as a buyer or seller, can be in the best position, talk to EVES. More people selling more property. 

Ross Stanway