For all the years I have been in real estate, there have always been those people who will not use an agent to sell their home because of the commission payable. There is not enough room in this section of EVES Property to go into the real benefits of using a real estate company but I will tell you this for free!

In today’s market we are seeing salespeople go and appraise property and the vendor wanting to get a premium price, as they should. Then through expert marketing, great skill by the salesperson and an extremely active market, these properties are achieving considerably more than the statistics would show the property was worth and considerably more than the vendor’s own expectation. Those people who think that selling their property and saving the commission will never know what they might have achieved by putting their property in front of cashed up, very willing buyers.

The auction room is still producing UNBELIEVABLE results and right now EVES is marketing auction properties for FREE! If that doesn’t tell you what you need to know about the way to market property, nothing ever will. Have a great week!

Karen Worley
Sales & Marketing Manager