Data released by for May showed there were 1,503 residential properties for sale in the Bay of Plenty, up 0.7% on the previous month with an average asking price of $623,896 (a decrease of 7.0% on the previous month).


So what is the market doing? It actually doesn’t matter.


What matters is what you need and what we can do to meet those needs within those market dynamics, because property that is well presented, matched with the right method of sale and a cleverly aimed marketing campaign promoting the benefits of your property’s features, while being managed by a competent salesperson who is supported by many experienced managers, peers and world class resources, will be major factors to achieving the result you want.


So no matter what type of property and no matter what your situation, we have the people, experience, track record and resources to be able to help you achieve a successful result. Call any of our people today to find out how we can do that for you.


EVES, excellent people, excellent marketing, excellent results.