Ongoing publicity has been given to lower numbers of homes on the market over recent times. Yet our company statistics show a significant increase year to date of EVES listings compared to last year.

Our volume of sales has increased concurrently with fast turnaround times for EVES properties, particularly through auction.

Informed sellers know the main prize is not what may be offered as an incentive to list with a particular company, but more importantly the opportunity to obtain the best price possible. 

Marketing packages and ‘deals’ offered by some can be misleading, placing attention on the wrong end of the transaction. Saving a small amount when listing can have consequences at the critical end of the process. The quality of the marketing campaign and power of the listing agent and brand to find the best buyer is where the rubber really hits the road for the seller. 

Talk to EVES about those happy sellers we have been delivering exceptional results for where it really matters, obtaining the best price possible through our proven powerful team’s marketing and selling methods. This is what all sellers want, to be in the strongest position to then move forward with their plans post sale.

Ross Stanway