There’s been plenty of noise lately around the declining success of auctions. Our results under the hammer are telling quite a different story. It’s been great to see the auction process still creating happiness for both buyers and sellers.


In reality, over the last year our EVES sales people have sold over 70% of the properties that have gone to auction at varying stages of the campaign. These results illustrate the superb work of our EVES salespeople.


The common objections around this method of sale tend to come from a lack of understanding of the auction process.


The most common is an expectation that auction day will be sale day. In fact auctions are a three part process and auction day is merely the day when cash buyers have an opportunity to buy. If we don’t sell on auction day, we can still bring all those cash buyers and conditional buyers back to the table and see a successful result.


For more of the best auction advice contact your favourite EVES agent about our three part selling at auction video seminars and our team can guide you through how the auction process can help you get your property sold.