No matter where you live, the security of your home should be something that every home owner gives consideration to. 7 out of 10 burglaries that occur in New Zealand are residential properties* and the majority of these break-ins occur during the afternoon, meaning that regardless of where you live, keeping your home, contents and yourself safe should be a top priority.

Windows and doors

Keep all doors to your property locked, even when you are home. Windows should be closed when you aren’t home, or at the very least have security latches that only allow for them to be opened a short depth to let in fresh air. If you have any faulty levers or latches on windows, these need to be remedied right away and usually inexpensive replacements can be purchased from your local hardware store. Otherwise, weak spots in your windows can be identified by thieves and potentially compromise the security of your home. If you keep a spare key outside, avoid keeping it in obvious locations such as under the doormat, or under the pot plant next to your front door. 

Gates and fencing 

A fully fenced and gated property can help reduce the appeal to potential thieves. Having to clamber over a gate or scale a fence is a lot more conspicuous than being able to slip up a driveway on to a property unannounced. Additionally, a key or combination lock on a gate provides an added layer of protection and is another step towards making your property too bothersome to break into. 

Security cameras 

Security cameras are nowhere near as hard or expensive to set up and maintain as they used to be. You can purchase the cameras yourself to set up around the main access points of your home. These don’t need to be monitored by a security company, as the motion-senser technology can activate a recording and feed it directly to your smart phone. It really has never been more simple to remotely monitor your home.

Sensor lights

Sensor lights are not only convenient for lighting the way to your front door if you arrive home in the dark, but they are also a deterrent for anyone trying to loiter or sneak in around your property. If used in conjunction with security cameras, position the sensor lights above the cameras (light fittings shouldn’t be visible on camera as these can cause glare and blind spots). Keeping your access points well-lit will make your property look exposed and prove difficult for burglars to lie low.


Contents insurance can be a saving grace for any homeowner or tenant that has experienced the stress and anxiety of being a victim of theft, fire or even accidental damage. Contents insurance can cover the replacement cost of items such as furniture, electronics, personal possessions and valuables. For a nominal monthly or annual fee, you can be completely covered in the unfortunate scenario you are robbed of your homely possessions. Put it this way – can you afford to not be insured?

Source: NZ Police