Last week our company celebrated the achievements of Award winning performances by many of our Eves teams, salespeople, property managers, administrators and Rothbury personnel.

This annual event is a highlight for those in the Eves group who have met and exceeded major milestones in their respective areas of activity.

At Eves we place significant continuing focus on training, mentoring and supporting our people across all facets of the property business.

This provides a constant lifting of the bar in terms of performance requirements. Our management and training resources are based on providing all those in our group with the skills, experience and knowledge required to deliver the best possible experience to all those we work with and work for.

As a market leader there is a very strong relationship between the emphasis we place on industry and market knowledge along with an absolute passion to do the very best we can for all of those we connect with.

Our EVES group has a unique blend of those who have years of experience and long established reputations combined with a growing band of young, highly talented professional team members who are rapidly establishing themselves and their networks, providing great results for their buyers and sellers. 

Ross Stanway