It’s interesting to note the range of opinions about what’s happening in the property market. This can make it quite confusing when it comes time to sell and certainly the most common question we get asked is “is this a good time to sell?”


Typically boom markets are when there are more willing buyers than property for sale. A recessionary market is commonly denoted by the opposite conditions.


Right now I would call our current market conditions ‘normal’.  Interest rates are low. The supply of property to the market is easing but still tight in some segments and buyer enquiry from both the local market and Auckland remains robust.


The key for sellers is to hire someone who understands the market and can provide useful and timely advice. Where are buyers coming from for property like yours? How many sales have there been in your price range and therefore how many buyers could there be in the market for your type of property right now? What is the best way to promote and showcase your property? How can we maximise the value of your property?


These are some of the many questions that EVES people can answer for you and coach you through the selling process.


EVES. Excellent people, excellent marketing, excellent results.