Those with an eye to the property market would have rejoiced at last week’s Reserve Bank announcement with a “steady as we go” approach and the continuation of the Official Cash Rate (OCR) at 1.75%. On top of this, we witnessed one financial institution come out and offer what must be the best interest rate ever for a home loan.


Add to this, spring is now upon us, with days lengthening and with an election decision approaching we will see the traditional spring/summer lift in buyer confidence and sales activity. This provides all sellers with a great time in the market to take advantage, pre-Christmas, of all EVES offerings.


EVES people will give you sound advice around the presentation of your property to the market. We will offer options around the best method of sale that suits your needs. We will recommend a suitable marketing approach and then provide a sound buyer management strategy.


All these actions will contribute to a marketing process that will uncover every possible buyer in the market for your home so as to maximise the sale price for you. That’s what we will do for you. 


EVES, more people selling more property.