Buyer demand has recently reached new positive levels. The volume of sales first quarter of 2015 vs 2014 across the greater Tauranga region grew over 30%.

That’s 256 more sales made in 3 months, indicating that number of additional buyers committed to purchase in the period.

Multi offers and sales made under the hammer at our weekly EVES auctions continues to increase steadily concurrent with this level of demand.

Often some who are considering selling, prolong the decision based on an apparent lack of choice in the market for their next purchase. This can be compensated for in a number of ways such as a slightly longer settlement date negotiated on their own property sale. Alternatively by working with a salesperson who is focussed both on finding the next purchase whilst effectively marketing the current property.

It goes without saying that the more people who sell, more property comes into the market, providing more choice for those looking to buy.

Talk to your EVES salesperson about how they, and the highly effective EVES team can be looking for your next property while they find a buyer for your current one.

EVES, more people selling more property.

Ross Stanway