“What will the property market be like in 2016?”

“What factors influence our region’s property market?”

Our EVES teams reported over recent weeks through rain and shine, locals and visitors seemed to maintain a balance of simultaneously holiday making and house hunting.

Net inbound migration numbers with significant expat volumes are at record levels and unlikely to ease. So more pressure on the Auckland market in particular, in turn a continuing flow of Auckland buyers to our community.

Interest rates are predicted to remain at current lows for some time yet.

Business confidence and employment levels in our region look to be at positive sustainable levels.

New build housing stocks should continue in established subdivisions and a number of new ones which will feature this year.

The widespread positive awareness of all that our region has to offer is likely to continue.

Pressure on prices will be a mix of all the above, but there is no doubt in the current market it is a good time to sell and a good time to buy!

To get a good view on what’s happening out there, talk to EVES now, with more people selling more property. 

Ross Stanway