With the weather of late being less than ideal, we can’t blame you for looking forward to spring because we are too.


In spring, the landscape changes – lambs, blooming flowers, blossoming trees and the temperature rises. So too does buyer activity in the real estate market.


Spring has always been a good time to sell. Although spring can bring out more homes for sale for you to compete with, it can also mean more buyers. Traditionally we see a rise in potential homebuyers during this season than other months of the year, which means there is the potential get more offers than any other time.


We also find that buyers are wanting to be in their new home before Christmas, meaning that they need to be out and about viewing property and purchasing well before summer starts. So there is also potential for your house to be on the market for a much shorter time than it would be throughout other seasons.


To ensure that your property is on their must-see list, you need to market it well. After all, you can’t sell a secret. You need to make sure that you have enlisted the right agent equipped with just the right marketing options for you and your property.


EVES can help. Talk to us today about selling your property in spring.