This title might sound optimistic - and it’s meant to be. After one of the wettest winters on record for the Bay of Plenty, we’re all looking forward to some sunshine, barbecues and ice creams on the beach.


Leading into summer has always been a great time for buying and selling property in the Bay. As the weather warms we always see a lift in the market, as people begin to think about a move to a new home to take advantage of summer in our beautiful region.


To celebrate and to wish summer in faster, we’ve launched our Hello Summer Campaign. This offers EVES customers a very special marketing package that will profile your property in the places that the right buyers are looking for property. This amazing value Hello Summer package is valued at over $2500 and it’s all for FREE. 


We’re excited to offer this package as we know it will deliver great results for our customers and help a bunch of people into their dream home for summer. We look forward to sharing the stories of some of these people as they come through.


Give your favourite EVES agent a call today to find out more.


EVES, more people selling more people their dream home.