Not what it normally does at this time of the year that’s for sure!  

There are more properties for sale right now than we have seen for some time – in fact I believe stock is up by around 8% compared to the same time last year. Furthermore, there are buyers out there looking to buy now and the open homes are busy. This goes against previous years where we have seen a ‘hibernation’ mentality take place – sellers decide winter is not the time to move, buyers snuggle down and start their hunt in the spring. It is a really pleasant change and great to see property moving.

Our auction results are out for the last financial year as well. Of the 873 properties we took to auction in the Tauranga/Mount/Papamoa area, 8 out of 10 sold within the auction marketing period! That is 8 owners out of every 10 who came to the market, moved on with their lives. That is a great result and it reinforces why this method of marketing is so popular when run properly and when the salespeople are skilled enough to get the best results for their sellers.

Have a great week, stay warm on the shortest day and remember when buying or selling, call EVES first!