As we finish the last round of the pool play of the Rugby World Cup, without doubt the absolute highlight for me has been the host team Japan’s performance. Every time they get onto that field, they give their heart and soul and thus far have come out with the win! They study the competition, they strategise, formulate a game plan and implement it. Where there needs to be some changes to the plan - in other words they did not predict something the opposition has thrown at them, they amend their plan and get up and go again!  

This approach is so true in everything we do in real estate. When listing a property, we look at what competition is on the market, we think about the target audience, we tailor-make a marketing plan, we look at and allow for market conditions and implement the plan. If something unforeseen happens, or we have had a change in the market then we amend the plan and get up and go again.

Bravo Japan! We are proud that one of our own is head coach and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next round.

Enjoy the spectacle everyone.