Results speak for themselves and those who understand the EVES auction process understand the big picture and recognise that auctions are a very effective method of sale. 

Over 70% of our owners who employ this method of sale enjoy the celebrations of a successful sale within a 90 day period. Don’t be misled into thinking that all this happens under the hammer at the auction and don’t be misled or misinformed that when a property doesn’t sell at auction that the auction is a failure. 

The reality is that the calling of an auction is simply to allow cash, unconditional buyers and owners the first opportunity to work together and those wanting builders’ reports, LIM reports and valuations etc. have to wait to see if the property is still available after the auction is called. 

When a property hasn’t received a bid at auction there is often a lot of behind the scenes interest and activity that comes to a head very quickly with buyers who see it before the auction. We call these buyers conditional buyers so talk to your favourite EVES salesperson about the benefits of auctions, they are a very effective method of sale.