At EVES we understand the importance of helping our salespeople be the very best they can be. To make this real we have a large support team that includes their manager, the auction team, marketing and social media division, IT training, administration and accounting teams and events and sponsorship. Add to that the very best training and business development coaching to enable our people to deliver to you quality advice and the smartest products and services available.


As part of this last week I was very proud to see 49 of our salespeople graduate from our ‘Faststart’ business roll out programme and/or our ‘Level 1’ and ‘Level 2’ Accelerator programmes which represented almost two years of rigorous study.


These programmes are a high quality series of programmes for those salespeople who are driven to succeed and add value to their customer’s real estate assets. This is a crucial part of their personal and professional development.


This focus on building expertise and a ‘do the right thing’ attitude, through hard work and the best resources, is probably one of the reasons why our people do so well so quickly. It also could be why so many of their customers return or refer others to them.


Well done to you all.