It is interesting to note that the number of properties coming to the market this month have increased in comparison to the normal trend during the autumn months. 

As a rule of thumb, people withhold coming to the market during autumn because their home is not as picturesque as it is in the spring and summer and because the weather is cooling down. 

But not this month. Numbers are significantly up giving buyers a great selection of homes to choose from.  

I myself have come to the market and I find the experience from “the other side” really interesting and have a new appreciation for what a seller goes through to get their home market ready. 

I appreciate the high level of service my salesperson is giving me and take comfort knowing that our EVES people know what is important to our sellers in terms of market feedback and consideration during what is a reasonably stressful process.  

Enjoy the selection of great properties we have on offer and have a fantastic week.