Before your home comes to the market, there are a number of tasks you can undertake in order to prepare it for sale. Getting your home well-presented and ready to make a good impression will give you the best chance of attracting the right buyer and maximising the sale price.

Street appeal

When buyers come to view your home, their first impression of the property is the exterior. In order to improve your street appeal, ensure your gardens, lawns and edges are well kept. Sweep your entry way and clear away any clutter and debris, including shoes stacked at the doorstep or piles of leaves that have gathered in corners. If possible, waterblast concrete paths and ensure any outdoor lights are working.

Property maintenance

When preparing your property for sale, it pays to assess any ‘small fixes’ you can do around your home, to increase its presentability and assist in giving buyers the best first impression. This doesn’t mean conducting structural changes or undertaking massive repairs, it means simply improving its cosmetic appeal. This could include minor improvements like replacing handles or knobs on cupboards, fixing hinges, replacing a chipped tile, or covering up chipped paint. It’s also a good idea to replace faulty light fittings and repair any leaky or damaged taps and shower heads.


Give your home a good clean prior to the professional photos being taken and buyer inspections. If buyers consider a home dirty, messy and poorly presented, it will impact their impression as to the monetary value of the property. Ensure your home is vacuumed and dusted, with benches and surfaces clean and clear. All windows, mirrors and glass surfaces should be cleaned and beds made tidily.


A task that is commonly overlooked, but of huge importance, is decluttering and depersonalizing the rooms in your home. Not only will this ensure the professional photography is the best it can be, it helps buyers to envision themselves and their belongings in the property. You can also get a head start on packing by storing away family photos, kids drawings and handmade projects. It pays to store other personal belongings such as toothbrushes and products out of sight, and ensure laundry is folded and put away.

Space and light

Buyers seek natural light and airflow when assessing potential homes. Make sure you have all blinds and curtains open for viewings to let in light, and open windows in good weather.

Where necessary, remove unnecessary furnishings to assist with the impression of more space. Utilize lamps in darker rooms and consider adding a mirror to smaller rooms to enhance the feeling of space.