The Selling Process Explained

The selling process explained

We understand that selling your home is a complex process with many things to consider. To help, we’ve grouped the process into 4 key phrases and outlined what to expect.

Before you get into it, don’t forget that you are not alone in this process. Our EVES salespeople are here to help you and will happily talk you through this process in detail at any point of your selling journey. 

Phase 1: Pre-list processes

There are a number of tasks to be completed before your property is advertised for sale. Prior to your property launching, we will:

  • Give you advice on preparing your property for the market
  • Carry out all legally required Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations
  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (appraisal) for you - sourcing statistics, compiling a comprehensive list of recent sales in your area, property currently listed for sale and carefully analyse current market conditions to accurately assess the market value of your property
  • Complete the Agency Agreement form including a detailed list of chattels
  • Discuss the Sale and Purchase Agreement form with you, so you understand the offer and contract process
  • Prepare a marketing calendar outlining all proposed marketing activity for your campaign, including open homes
  • Liaise with council when required to check out zoning, roading changes, by-laws etc
  • Explain the merits of obtaining a LIM and a property building inspection report and explain the benefits and/or implications these have on sale and purchase contracts
  • Book a professional photographer and meet with them at your property to ensure photos taken meet our high standards
  • Input details of your listing into the EVES listing system
  • Write advertisements and submit these to you for approval
  • Confer with our marketing and administration team to select the best photographs for print media and websites to meet the targeted demographic
  • Book print media advertising and design proofs
  • Proof-read all advertising and sign off ready for launch
  • Organise signage to be installed and liaise with the installer (and neighbour if required) on best and legal placement
  • Arrange a convenient time with the owner and/or occupier for the available EVES sales team to view the property early in the marketing
  • Print flyers ready for open homes
  • Arrange access to your property – safe care of your keys and knowledge of alarm system

Phase 2; Marketing your property

Once your property is ready to be publicly advertised for sale, we will:

  • List your property on the EVES website and other websites as agreed
  • Contact buyer databases within our team to advise that your home is for sale
  • Profile your property on our office window display
  • Distribute ‘Just Listed’ flyers/DLEs
  • Undertake targeted marketing to specific buyer groups (e.g. developers, investors, families, first home buyers etc)
  • Promote your property to our EVES network both inside and outside of your region
  • Advertise, organise and conduct open homes in a professional manner
  • Present your property to our team at sales meetings and discuss interest during each week of the campaign
  • Qualify purchasers to confirm where they are on their buying journey, and their ability to buy 
  • Follow-up on all email and phone enquiries on your property
  • Follow-up with all buyers who have inspected the property
  • Work closely with qualified buyers, assess their feedback and ensure that they have good information to base their decisions on
  • Help buyers to understand the current market conditions
  • Communicate with you after viewings to update you with feedback on how your property was received
  • Provide you with weekly reporting on the marketing activity undertaken and the results of this activity
  • Update you on any market activity that may have an impact on your property
  • Propose weekly face-to-face meetings (if suitable for you) to assess the progress and strategy of the campaign

Phase 3: The Transaction

During the process of selling your property, we will:

  • Present all written offers to you
  • Professionally negotiate the contract with both parties

If we are auctioning your property, we will:

  • Prepare and distribute auction documentation required to all interested parties
  • Communicate with all interested parties prior to the auction and confirm their interest prior to the auction
  • Meet with you and the auctioneer (if you wish) to discuss feedback of the campaign and set the reserve price
  • Communicate with the auctioneer to discuss the property’s benefits for the auction script
  • Be well prepared and professionally presented on auction day
  • Have our EVES team on hand at the auction to help buyers secure your property

Phase 4: After the sale

Following the successful sale of your property or a conditional contract being completed, we will:

  • Arrange for original copies of contracts to be lodged with parties' solicitors
  • Communicate with mortgage brokers/financial institutions to ensure finance conditions are met
  • Liaise with solicitors to ensure special conditions in the sale and purchase agreement are fulfilled
  • Liaise with both vendor and buyer to ensure moving dates and key possession are arranged
  • Arrange and attend pre-settlement property inspections with buyers
  • Apply a sold sticker to the signboard and update websites/mark the property as sold online

We take absolute pride in having the opportunity to market your property and will care for your property as though it is our own. We unashamedly work for our vendors and our team will leave no stone unturned throughout the process of marketing your property.