We are in a really interesting period of time in real estate with regard to print versus digital media, with people challenging “where do people actually search for property?” At EVES, we are able to measure where our enquiry comes from through unique codes in our marketing – enabling us to continually use the most targeted and effective methods for selling our clients property.

Print media still has a strong presence in our marketing plans and that is deliberate. Although we understand that one of the first places potential buyers go when looking for a home is online, we still see many target markets that still favour print, and we know that when you combine both print and digital marketing in a cohesive campaign, it boosts the effectiveness of both!

You just have to look around in cafés to see the number of people browsing through a copy of our very own EVES Property Magazine –  It has to be one of the most read publications in a café! By combining our effective print, digital and social channels all in one campaign, we ensure you reach any and all possible buyers for your property. 

If you want marketing that works, speak to us at EVES today about how we can provide a solution for you.