The life of a real estate salesperson can be varied but it is exciting, challenging and worthwhile. Despite being mostly associated with property, a great real estate salesperson will focus primarily on people, working in a role that can span irregular hours, take you to wonderful locations, introduce you to a variety of people and see you finish your day back at your desk, tired but with a smile on your face. And that’s just one day in the life of a real estate salesperson.

A Job That Starts and Ends with People

The week of a real estate salesperson very rarely, if ever, starts with a property itself. A salesperson’s job is to help people buy and sell their property, meaning the first thing you need is people to help.

A salesperson’s week might start by talking to a prospective buyer, understanding their needs and searching for the perfect property to assist them. 

At other times, a client may be looking to sell their property which can involve everything from researching a home to calculating its potential value based on market trends. A salesperson is also responsible for organising a marketing campaign, as well as arranging open homes and potentially organising building inspections.

The ultimate goal for a real estate salesperson is to help both a buyer and a seller reach their property dreams. They are also responsible for negotiating sales and contracts in order to get a deal over the line.

In and out of the office

As a real estate salesperson, you will most likely work in the office but because the work can take you to several kinds of locations, including local homes, sections of land and lifestyle properties for sale, being able to work on the go and remotely is key. Sometimes you will find yourself with a vendor signing up a listing or looking over an offer from an iPad in a café or on the bonnet of your car. The ability to be flexible and innovative is an important skill to have if you are wanting to be successful in this industry.

Training Never Stops

Most weeks in a real estate salesperson’s career will involve some level of training. Continued education is compulsory when it comes to renewing your Real Estate License but it’s also important to keep learning because there’s so much practical information you will need to use. From desk work to market knowledge, some of the things you will need to know include:

• the housing market in your local area or areas, including the different types of housing, demographics, price ranges and trends in buying and selling

• wider market trends and property values across New Zealand

• the art of the sale

• finance, accounting, contracts and more

• information about property law

At EVES, we want our people to be constantly in the know and continuing to upskill so we offer world class training and coaching support to make sure that our people are able to do their job with the confidence that they have the best knowledge base in the industry. This helps them to do the best job they can for their clients and achieve the best results possible.

Is this the life for you?

Whether you’re new to the industry or wanting to take your career to the next level with a market leading real estate agency now is the time to act!

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With 50 years of experience behind us, our local connections and vast networks, you can rest assured you’ll be armed with the skills and expertise to maximise your earning potential.

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