There are people who need, or wish, to sell their property, but may be hesitant for fear of not being able to purchase their next property in a rising market with lower levels of homes for sale in some areas.

Some in this situation have been able to find their next home before selling the current one, by focussing on just that - finding the next one.

By working with our EVES agents and the broad network which then opens up within our group the following scenario has been possible.

Firstly finding their next chosen property of choice, then negotiating a longer term settlement on that purchase, putting their current home in a successful EVES auction campaign and finally if required, organising bridging finance through our Rothbury mortgage brokers.

The linkage between finding the next home, successfully marketing the current property and organising any short term or longer term finance is all part of the reason EVES have more people selling more property.

If you are in the situation of considering putting your property on the market and need to discuss your next planned move with people who can really help, contact EVES. Make our success in the market your success.

Ross Stanway