Over the last year in particular, there have been many changes to the regulations imposed on rental properties that have become law. These regulations include working smoke alarms or detectors, with new ones required to have long life batteries or be hard wired into the home, along with rules around where they are placed. From 1 July, landlords must also have insulated their rental homes in the ceiling and under the floor and be prepared to provide a certificate of insulation.

Our Property Managers have worked hard to keep our landlords informed of all regulations, giving plenty of warning to ensure obligations are met. And there are more to come with Healthy Homes commitments due to take effect in 2021.

If you own an investment property make sure you talk to our Property Management team about managing the property to help protect you and your investment.  And if you are thinking of buying an investment property, talk to our salespeople to ensure it complies with current regulations.

Stay warm and dry out there!