Last week we saw 45 stores and eateries, including the likes of retail giant H&M and an Event Cinema complex, have their grand opening at Tauranga Crossing. The anticipation from local shoppers had been high in the lead up to the big day for this $150 million development.

Prior to this in December last year, Stage One of the new Bayfair development opened with the final stage to be opened later in 2019. Once completed, this will have cost around $115 million.

These new developments wouldn’t be possible or profitable if we didn’t have the fifth largest and fastest growing local economy in the country. 

It’s fantastic to see that developers and investors can see value like us locals do, and are continuing to look to Tauranga as a great place to invest. This increases the number of jobs and puts money back in to our local economy.

It’s great that there is the foresight to complete these projects now so that we are set up for years to come.