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Preparing Your Home For Sale

How your home comes across in the first few minutes of viewing with a potential buyer can be a crucial part of the outcome at the other end of the sale process.

The time has come to take a truthful look at your home. Tasteful decoration, careful presentation, and clever use of space can often be the difference between an ‘acceptable’ result and a ‘great’ result.

While some homes require barely any work at all to prepare them for sale, others need a little additional help to really attract the market’s interest. We’ve put together a few recommendations to make your property stand out in the marketplace so you can maximise the sale price of your home.

Street appeal

Before a buyer even steps inside your home, they will see it first from the road. Therefore the exterior of your home is critical to impressing potential buyers. Improve your home's street appeal by undertaking the following:

  • Simple gardening, ensure lawns are mowed and weeds removed
  • Sweep the front approach areas, and clear the entrance way of any leaves or foliage
  • Wash the exterior of the house and ensure paintwork is pristine
  • Water blast concrete areas
  • Remove any clutter from around the property
  • Add potted plants to add appeal to the first impression


  • Clean out garages and sheds to show how much storage space is available
  • In the kitchen, clean out the pantry and clear appliances off the bench top to create a feeling of more space
  • In the bedrooms, clearing out wardrobes creates the perception of abundant storage space
  • Buyers will open your cupboards and closets, so make sure these are immaculate. Folding linen and clothing will make storage spaces appear larger


It is important to depersonalise your home before sale, as buyers tend to have a hard time seeing past personal effects. You want them to start to imagine their own items and photos filling the home.

  • Remove personal photos and items
  • Remove magnets or notices from the fridge
  • We recommend staging your home or using a stylist to help your property appeal to a wide range of buyers
  • Think about painting over bold colours and dated wallpaper
  • Head to local open homes to get a feel for what works well and what does not

Property maintenance

It may not be necessary to conduct expensive work before selling your home however, small maintenance upgrades can make a huge difference to your home. 

  • Repair leaking taps
  • Replace faulty light fittings
  • Adjust sticking doors and/or loose door handles
  • Plaster over any small cracks or holes in the walls and re-touch paint
  • Bathrooms should be gleaming, repair broken tiles and ensure seals are in place
  • Consider getting your carpet professionally cleaned

Space and light

  • Create the impression of space by removing unnecessary furniture and ornaments
  • Open all blinds, clean the windows and surrounding sills
  • Trim any branches that may be overhanging in the garden
  • Add a mirror to smaller rooms to create a feeling of space
  • Install 100 watt light bulbs to brighten dark rooms
  • Consider hiring a storage unit to house unnecessary objects

Before every open home

  • Remove pet feeding bowls and if possible remove pets from the property during the inspection
  • Turn on lights in darker rooms
  • Remove valuable items from sight
  • Leave doors open so that buyers can explore the feeling of space
  • Make sure the temperature inside the property is comfortable
  • Highlight special features such as open fires or architectural quirks with the property