Positive activity levels have been maintained through the holiday period with high sales volumes and keen buyer interest.

However, some important factors are now in play. Firstly, due to these sustained high sales volumes the amount of property on the market for sale is at lower levels now.

Often this would lead to increased prices that buyers are prepared to pay given the competition for property purchases.

However, the new higher price levels that have been set over the past 12 months may now be resulting in buyers taking a firmer stance on what they are willing to pay.

Sellers can appreciate that price increases do not continue at the same rate forever and levelling off periods do occur.

Buyers have a clear view of what they are able or willing to pay and sellers need to be aware of accurate market feedback from their chosen real estate salesperson.

This highlights the value of engaging a well informed, market savvy salesperson working in this active market, but one which absolutely requires accurate and up to date buyer feedback for sellers.

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Ross Stanway