It’s hard to believe that summer officially drew to a close last week. Let’s hope the warm weather carries on for a little longer.


Like our weather, our property market remains a favourite topic for our local community. And rightly so!


One of the things we love about real estate is that every day is different. Daily changes mean that over a month we can see significant shifts in what’s happening in the Bay of Plenty real estate market. This month we’ve seen a shift back to increased interest from Auckland* and a significant lift in listing activity compared to January.


With this ever changing market and with more homes for sale it means finding the right buyer requires up to date knowledge and plenty of skill. To get the best possible outcome for your sale or purchase, it’s important that you choose an agent who can give you the very latest and best advice.


If you want the good advice from a team that is focused on the best outcome for you, then give our EVES team a call today.


EVES, more people selling more property.


*Latest search stats from Real