A few weeks ago I wrote about the potential introduction of capital gains tax across KiwiSaver, property investment and so forth and then yesterday I arrived home to my tax bill in the mail. 

My husband waved it at me and grunted and my reply was, “well, you’ve got to earn it to pay it!” And then I reflected on property investment and the fact people are saying that if capital gains tax is introduced then property investment is no longer attractive.

The counter to that is “well, you’ve got to earn the profit to pay the tax.” 

I think back to what I paid for my first home in 1986 - $26,500, what the value of that same property is now and I realise that property is actually one of the best and safest investments available. 

Before you think about increasing your KiwiSaver as has been allowed this week, think about leveraging off your existing property to buy an investment. I assure you, you won’t regret it.