The longest day has been and gone and spring is nearer than you think. Great I hear you saying, because that’s when I’m intending to sell my property. Good idea?


As an industry insider I can tell you that if you want to achieve a premium price within a short period of time, that idea is the classic mistake sellers make at this time of the year. 


Instead of capitalising on the supposed spring rush what you may find is the exact opposite as others who are also acting on that mistake flood onto the market and the market becomes awash with everyone else trying to achieve the same thing.


So instead of competing with perhaps a handful of properties in the same price range trying to attract a finite number of purchasers, you end up in a crowded market with many more properties all still competing for the same finite number of purchasers, and that adds a lot of unwelcomed stress to the process.


If you are serious about selling and you want to achieve a premium price, call EVES now, select a strong auction campaign and give yourself the very best chance to sell well.


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