Coming back to those first few days in the office is never easy, but it is a little easier when you’ve been able to enjoy some summer sunshine, the beach, a few barbecues with the family and even an ice cream or two. It’s been fantastic to see some refreshed (and slightly browner) looking faces returning around our offices this week.


As I touched on in my two previous comments, the sense I get about 2018 in our region is a very positive one. Our property market continues to have buoyancy with plenty of visitor interest and sales activity during the holiday period. According to Trade Me’s December data the average asking price for the Bay of Plenty is up 7.6% year on year and views on property listings nationally are up 18.5%.


When you combine this continued strength with exciting projects and international events happening in our region in 2018, it’s easy to get excited about the year ahead.


It’s certainly full steam ahead at EVES, so to keep up to date with what’s happening in our ever changing market, follow our blog, Facebook page or get in touch with one of our EVES team.


EVES, more people selling more property in 2018.