I’ve recently had a lot of people ask me about the ‘slowing’ of the property market. Whilst we have seen a slight slowdown year on year, we are still in a very positive place in our local market. I recently wrote how lucky we are to live where we do and that remains very true. 


During September 2017, things have certainly been a little slower than September 2016, with sales volume down around 7%. When looking at these stats, we just have to keep a little bit of perspective, as 2016 was an unprecedented set of market conditions. 


When we take a step back and compare to previous years, our region’s property market is in a phenomenal place. Go back as little as three years ago to September 2014 and the median days to sell was 14% higher, the median sale price over 34% lower, all with similar stock levels.


This all means that even though our local spring sales lift may have been delayed a bit by Mr Peters doing some delaying of his own, we are really still in an amazing market.


If you want to take advantage of this great market, then give your favourite EVES sales person a call.


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