It's been an exciting time over the last few weeks watching Team New Zealand bring the Amercias cup home. Although the six on the boat are the ones we see the most of, there are many behind the scene who have made victory possible. 


Just like Team New Zealand at EVES, our salespeople have a great team in behind them to support them in making sure you receive great service and the best possible result.


Our specialist teams are well equipped to fully back our people to assist them in the best way possible. 


1. Marketing


Our innovative team of graphic designers, digital marketers and marketing assistants work tirelessly to create the best marketing material and campaigns possible for your property and ensure that it is exposed to the entire marketplace. 


2. IT


Our progressive IT department are continually looking for ways to improve the web presence of your property. They are always looking to embrace new technology in order to make your experience better and easier and to help your property sell quicker and for more.


3. Auctions


Our experienced auctioneers are top in their class and are well educated in the auction process and how to get you the best possible result. 


4. Training


Our salespeople are constantly being trained and upskilled in all aspects of real estate. They are always up with the current legislative changes and requirements so you can be confident that you are well protected. Our trainers are solely dedicated to ensuring that our people are the best at what they do.


5. Management Support


Most deals go ahead without a hitch but occasionally there can be times where all parties don't see eye to eye. This is where great management support is crucial. From branch to senior management, all of our managers are there to make sure the issues are resolved in the best possible way for all involved. 


When you list with EVES your property is in safe hands, of this you can be sure.


EVES, more people selling more property. 


Simon Anderson