The latest QV House Price Index figures, released this week, have thrown out some interesting numbers and commentary regards the New Zealand market. The slowdown in the rate of price increase has continued across the country. But it’s more about what is happening now that counts.


Tauranga/Mount shows a 14.6% growth year on year which does look most positive from the outside. However look underneath this number and we see some early signs that need your attention as a seller.


What we are seeing is a slowdown in the number of sales occurring across our region and although we are fortunate that buyer demand is still there, the number of days to sell your property has eased. What we are seeing is a more “normal” pattern with buyers having choice or being easily distracted from making a buying decision due to a number of factors.


Some key “old school” understanding of these factors driving the market are now needed prior to even considering placing your home on the market.   


The best advice in being prepared to go to the market is to talk to one of our EVES salespeople so you understand these market factors, what it takes to make your home stand out and attract more of the very best buyers.


EVES, more people selling more property.


Simon Anderson