Everyone is talking about what the latest decrease in the OCR means to them. For banks it has meant that they have been able to offer lower lending rates, which for many purchasers means that their level of affordability just got better (subject to bank criteria). The reality is that the Bay of Plenty real estate market has been and still is very strong. Certainly, sellers need to be much more aware of the conditions because some price ranges are experiencing more buyer activity than others and most buyers require more guidance in the decision making process. But that’s what we do.

As a seller it’s important that you understand what’s happening in terms of how buyers are shopping, what they are buying, what stops them from making offers, what is the best way to attract them to your front door and how your agent can coach both parties to a mutually successful outcome. That means the match between you as the seller, the salesperson and agency you entrust your property with is even more critical. 

At EVES we invest heavily in time, energy and money in research and resources that provide our customers with a very tangible edge when they want to sell their property. We do that with 50 years of experience behind us, great systems, vast networks, employing high quality multimedia marketing mixes and great people who believe in good old fashioned listening to our customers.

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