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COVID Ready Properties

Posted: November 26th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

With Auckland opening up its borders and COVID cases registering here in the Bay of Plenty I am wondering how many people actually have their homes “COVID” ready.  History shows that when COVID hits and we go into lockdown, business can come to a grinding halt – especially where people are involved such as the buying and selling of selling real estate. If your property is on the market, or you are considering coming to the market then get your home COVID ready by asking for a video, a floorplan and/or a virtual walk through. If we do go into lockdown again, it will be business as usual for the sale of your home. That said, those things should be normal marketing of your property anyway given the online interest in real estate.

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Waipuna Hospice Charity Auction

Posted: November 19th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

At the start of October, EVES and the Waipuna Hospice bought to the market the Rose Cottage, a hand-crafted 1950s style dollhouse to be auctioned off for the ‘Dollhouse Appeal’, a charity auction campaign hosted over a four week period, with all proceeds going to the Waipuna Hospice.

The auction closed last week on November 11th with an outstanding $20,050 raised from the online auction. In addition to this, EVES matched donations, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000, bringing the total amount of funds raised to $40,050! We are proud to support the Waipuna Hospice and the invaluable work they do in our community.

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So Tough For Many

Posted: November 12th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

As commented on a couple of weeks ago there is real pressure coming on first home buyers all round. The banks are increasing or holding up the amount first home buyers require as a deposit for an established home (LVR). Market prices are still increasing at a steady pace making the saving of a deposit very difficult. Rents are going up through a shortage of property available and builders are struggling to get supplies to complete new builds, where the deposit required is less. It is frustrating. However, our experienced salespeople may be able to point you in the right direction regarding assistance to get you on the property ladder.

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The real estate market in New Zealand is under pressure, with buyer demand far exceeding supply across many regions.

The inflated market and rising sale prices are pushing many homeowners to consider selling, with some weighing up whether to attempt to sell their property themselves, or through a real estate agent.

There are many factors to take into consideration here such as sale price, the labour and legal implications involved, and also access to marketing products and prices that may only be available when selling through a real estate agent.

Below we outline 3 of the key points of difference when selling through your local EVES branch.

1. Which Method Will Sell Your Home At A Higher Price?

EVES salespeople are skilled negotiators - they know the area, the property market, and can maximise buyer interest and competition to achieve a premium price for your property.

If you’re thinking of selling your home privately, it’s important to consider that although you wouldn’t be paying a commission, you risk losing a significant amount on the price you obtain for the sale of your home.

Negotiation is key and it can be challenging to negotiate face to face with a potential buyer when selling your own property.

According to an article on wiseup.nz the financial value of a competent agent can equate to tens of thousands more in sale price and outstrip any commission you were trying to save. [Source]

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) conducted a comparison analysis in 2020 and found that on average homeowners achieved 15% more when selling through a real estate agent than those who sold privately. [Source]

There is a professional process in place for real estate salespeople to follow when it comes to selling your property.

This includes advising you on an appropriate method of sale, coordinating a marketing campaign, hosting inspections, assisting buyer enquiries, and being both mediator and negotiator which enables you to achieve the best result.

Certain methods of sale encourage more buyer competition, such as auctions – a transparent and very competitive method of sale that has proven highly successful in today’s market.

(For more information on the benefits of EVES auctions visit https://www.eves.co.nz/auctions)

2. Which Method Is Safer From A Legal Perspective?

There is a lot of admin involved in not only hosting inspections, but also fielding enquiries and providing accurate information to buyers.

Whether you sell a property yourself or through a trusted agency, its important to always provide potential purchasers with complete and accurate information pertaining to the home and ensure that nothing is omitted or misrepresented.

If you are selling privately, misrepresenting your property (even unknowingly!) may have significant consequences, as any information you provide to buyers is your responsibility.

There is a host of legal documentation involved in the transaction, from anti-money laundering forms and compliance to sale and purchase agreements with the inclusion of clauses, conditions and chattels, all of which can be managed and communicated by a real estate salesperson.

They can also assist both vendors and buyers by liaising with lawyers, builders, valuers and other professionals engaged by either party during the sale process.

Real estate salespeople are licensed professionals, meaning they must comply with the requirements and standards of Professional Conduct and Client Care as outlined in the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

You can take comfort and confidence in dealing with a professional through the sale of your biggest asset, where your best interests are protected and backed by the Real Estate Authority, should anything go wrong.

3. Which Method Has More Marketing Benefits?

Working with an EVES salesperson means that you will have access to our proven marketing campaigns that combine digital and print media, to target buyers specific to your property.

At EVES we have access to print publications and websites at rates that are not always available to the public.

Further to this, our salespeople have their own internal databases of contacts and buyers which further enables them to fast track the process of matching the perfect buyer with your property.

Marketing is a strategic process and is instrumental in achieving the best price.

Engaging the services of an EVES salesperson to sell your property will alleviate the stress and labour involved in the property transaction and give you confidence that you are achieving the best price for your property in the current market.

For a no-obligation appraisal visit https://www.eves.co.nz/free-appraisal

Selling with EVES

Posted: November 5th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We are not the cheapest nor the dearest real estate company when it comes to selling your home, but we are arguably the most successful real estate company in Tauranga and Mount when it comes to selling property. This is demonstrated not only by the testimonials we have from our sellers, but also with the results in the auction room week after week showing when a property meets reserve or how much it exceeds the reserve by. Last week alone, seven properties were added to our examples where the reserve was met and bidding continued. Two vendors received over $60,000 more than their hopeful figure, another one received an extra $50k. You cannot argue with these results – we work for our sellers and do so very successfully.

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Aucklanders Move to Tauranga

Posted: October 29th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Unsurprisingly COVID has once again caused our Auckland friends to reinvestigate the Tauranga and Mount markets. Speaking with Ora McSweeny, Property Management Business Development Manager, who confirmed our PM division is receiving many enquiries from Auckland and many people are willing to take rental property sight unseen to secure until they can come and live in the Bay of Plenty. In real estate sales we are also seeing brave Auckland purchasers buying property sight unseen as well. This would indicate we are going to have a huge surge of sales again as soon as the restrictions are eased.

If you are thinking of selling, keep an eye on this and make sure you are market ready when Auckland is ready to buy. We are here to help and would appreciate the opportunity.

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Getting the best price for your property

Posted: October 28th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

Achieving the best possible price for the sale of your home comes down to a combination of factors. Choosing the right agency and salesperson, presenting your property well and using effective marketing alongside the appropriate method of sale all contribute to achieving a premium price.

The first and most important factor is selecting the right agency to market your property. Not all real estate companies are equal, and few have the collective capabilities of EVES. EVES have been at the forefront of New Zealand real estate for over 50 years and our people are committed to excellence and determined to get the best results. We are passionate about harnessing marketing to achieve the best outcome for our clients, all while striving to make your real estate experience as smooth as possible.

First impressions count, and you shouldn’t expect prospective purchasers to look beyond a shabby presentation and visualise what a property has to offer. A strong first impression can help buyers to feel emotionally invested in a potential home, which in turn gives them the confidence to leave it all on the field when making an offer.

The presentation of your home or investment property is a key factor in obtaining the best price. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make major cosmetic changes, but at the very least present your property’s current state in the best possible light. The interior of the property should be clean and tidy. Reducing clutter and de-personalising the space as much as you can will also help buyers be able to picture themselves in the home. Outside, lawns should be mown and grounds tidy, with no junk or debris lying around. The exterior walls, roof and gutters should be cleaned of any visible mildew before professional photos are taken, and clean windows are a nice touch too.

Effective marketing is the most valuable tool in the real estate toolbelt. At EVES, we pride ourselves on our marketing campaigns, which can be tailored to include a proven mix of print, digital and social channels. We can cover all the bases and optimise the exposure of your property. Effective marketing isn’t always about targeting all buyers, but more about targeting the right buyers, bringing people and property together.

The method of sale for your property can determine not only the length of time its marketed for and the level of competition it attracts, but also the chances of it achieving a premium price. In today’s market, there is a shortage of stock across all regions with buyer demand far outweighing the supply of properties on the market. As such, auction campaigns are a fantastic method of sale to consider. A four week auction campaign will intensively showcase your property whilst encouraging buyer competition. Buyer competition is ultimately what enables you to achieve the best price on auction day. Your real estate salesperson will be able to talk you through the benefits of the various pricing methods and will make a recommendation of what is most suitable for your property and your personal circumstances.

Spring is a fantastic time to bring your home to the market and brings with it a strong sense of a fresh start along with the excitement of summer approaching. In addition to this, there are many buyers who start shopping around this time of year in the hopes of being able to move into a new home (or make use of a new holiday bach!) by the time Christmas rolls around. If you are considering selling, get in touch with our team today for a no-obligation appraisal. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. https://www.eves.co.nz/free-appraisal

Nikki Tracey - new sales manager at EVES Whangarei

Posted: October 18th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

Our EVES Whangarei office opened in 2018, relocating to new office premises in 2020. The team consists of 11 residential salespeople plus additional support staff. Nikki Tracey, a top performing EVES salesperson, has recently been appointed the Sales Manager for the Whangarei branch, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to her new position. From sales, marketing and property market knowledge to operations and HR; she is well-versed in everything real estate.

Nikki believes her affiliation with the EVES brand and the EVES Whangarei office in particular is a match made in heaven, sharing the same core values of respect, professionalism, honesty, family and great communication.

‘I believe in the importance of fostering strong relationships built through transparent communication and exceptional customer service. I am committed to my team and it is my aim as Sales Manager to be an exceptional coach and mentor who is supportive, motivating and dedicated.’

Much like the rest of the country, Whangarei is seeing a real shortage of property for sale, with stock levels across Northland down 45% from this time last year. Nikki says the lack of competing listings, combined with strong sale prices, has geared the current market in favour of those selling.

There is no denying that well-presented property is selling fast and achieving premium prices. Buyer demand remains strong and even with lockdown restrictions proving a hindrance at open homes, we are still seeing good numbers through. Buyers outside of Whangarei are still exhibiting strong interest with some purchasing sight unseen.

Investors are still in the market but less active, opting to rid their portfolios of less desirable properties that don’t meet Healthy Homes Standards in favour of brand new homes.

First home buyers are still finding home ownership difficult with low housing caps and banks tightening lending criteria. Having finance approved and moving fast are what we are stressing to our buyers.

Some good news for those who have potential to develop, Whangarei District Council are looking at zoning changes which should see more high-density housing zones added closer to the city. This should translate into more land and housing opportunities for our region.’

To find out more about the current real estate market in Whangarei, get in touch with Nikki and her team today – whangarei@eves.co.nz or visit https://www.eves.co.nz/our-people

Market Movement

Posted: October 8th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

It is an interesting market at the moment. As indicated a few weeks ago, we are seeing investors selling up their second homes, unable now to claim income received on their rental property against the interest they are paying. Interest rates are on the move possibly blocking more first home buyers from coming into the market. Hopefully our young people really enjoy living at home as it seems there are few other options available to them. 

The rest of the market is still strong with people trading up and down the property ladder, after renovations and upgrades during the period of time they might normally be travelling. The auction room is busier than ever, prices are still holding their own and in many areas are increasing. Property is still a great long term investment. History shows that and at least you can borrow from the bank to purchase an investment property, unlike stocks and shares.

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A Rare Rose for a Good Cause

Posted: October 7th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

As a long term supporter of Waipuna Hospice, EVES is proud to be a key sponsor of their latest donation drive - the dollhouse appeal. The dollhouse appeal is a four week auction campaign for the Rose Cottage, a 1950s inspired dollhouse whose sale proceeds will go directly to the Waipuna Hospice, to support the work they do in our community. At only 72cm tall and 50cm wide, the Rose Cottage dollhouse took three years to build and the detail in this mini abode is nothing short of amazing. 

Oozing character and warmth with its charming weatherboard exterior, the ground floor features a combined kitchen/dining room, with spacious larder and stove. A separate lounge has a large open fireplace with French doors that open out to the garden and upstairs you will find the spacious master suite, complete with en-suite bathroom.

Every item was handcrafted, from the kauri/rimu wooden flooring with paua inlay, to the furniture and pantry items. The house is electrified with a 12 volt wiring system. There’s a battery powered  grandfather clock and you can even pop your own photos into the photo frames on the wall. You can view this work of art in person at our EVES Bethlehem office, located in Bethlehem Town Centre.

The auction for the dollhouse appeal is being hosted online using Galabid and will commence on 14th October, closing on 11th November. Bids can be made at any time during this four week period. Any unsuccessful bidders will be given the opportunity to make a donation to the dollhouse appeal, once the auction has closed. This is a fantastic cause to get behind, and EVES Realty will match donations dollar for dollar up to the highest bid and total donation raised for this campaign*. For more information visit www.waipunahospice.org.nz/rose-cottage-charity-auction/

*EVES Realty will match donations to a maximum of $20,000

Brand New

Posted: October 1st, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Brand New

This past month I have had two emails from clients who dealt with our founding father Max EVES over 50 years ago. They had purchased property and/or land, have done developments and in one case gone overseas and wanted to sell up. Because the EVES brand is still around and because they had a great experience dealing with Max or his people, all those years ago, they came back to us to do further business. We love this type of transaction. Our salespeople enjoy working for a well established brand, a brand who has transacted over the years and done the absolute best it could for people who chose to deal with us. We recently conducted an independent survey looking for where we could improve and making sure we continued to meet our customers’ needs and we were pleased with the response. Watch out for some new EVES 'brand marketing' starting this week.  It’s our way of reassuring our customers that we are still here and still looking after them.  

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Market update – Hamilton and Waikato

Posted: September 29th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

The latest stats from REINZ show the continuing trend that buyer demand for property continues to far exceed supply across many of New Zealand’s main centres. The Waikato region is no exception to this, having experienced a record median house price of $780,000 in August 2021, while experiencing extremely low stock levels with listing numbers down 33.6% year-on-year. Another ongoing trend in the region is the median days to sell continues to decline. August had the lowest median days to sell since 2016 at only 29 days. The limited stock, combined with overwhelming demand, means that buyer enquiry and open home attendance is strong.

Hamilton was one of four districts in Waikato that individually achieved a record median price, despite the country entering Level 4 restrictions. According to Neville Falconer (REINZ regional director) the most recent lockdown has seen a lot more digital capabilities come to the fore to advertise properties for sale. 3D Matterport tours, 2D floorplans and videos are among those tools real estate companies are utilising to help buyers engage with listings from the comfort of their homes. As such, there were still 221 sales across Hamilton city for August 2021 despite the lockdown in the latter part of the month.

‘With lockdown appearing again mid month we still worked on executing agreements and appraisals remotely. Prices had certainly levelled between Feb – June 2021, however July and August produced momentum with levels rising accordingly. Our Median price in Hamilton hit a staggering $840,000.

With Spring evolving we should see the traditional rush to come to the market with many appraisals currently underway and new listings coming on. We still have a dire shortage of stock across all price brackets.’ - Roslyn Coombes, Branch Manager for EVES Hamilton

*REINZ data from August 2021 statistics

What Are We Seeing?

Posted: September 24th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Spring is in the air and with it comes the normal influx of people wishing to sell. This is gold for those buyers looking for a new home and for those sellers who would not come to the market until they found somewhere else to go. 

Building a home has become more difficult in the past year with tradesmen unable to get supplies to complete, or when they do they’re at increased prices, forcing those wanting to build to rethink their decision. This adds pressure to the market so we can expect in the short term at least, pressure will still be on listing stock. 

Rents are also increasing due to shortage of homes available. We are definitely seeing more investors coming out of the market than going into the market. 

It all bubbles along. Interest rate increases may change things so watch this space. If you are thinking of selling we would love to hear from you.

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EVES live auctions

Posted: September 24th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

EVES online auctions were a huge success during Level 4 lockdown, allowing both buyers and sellers to achieve their objectives without delay. Buyers were able to bid from the comfort of their home by viewing the auction via livestream on our EVES website, while talking to their sales consultant by phone. The sales consultant then conveyed their bids to the Auctioneer via a zoom call. 

Our Auctioneer called 20 auctions in Level 4 from his kitchen, selling 18 of them under the hammer! The livestream was all facilitated by the Auctioneers assistant from her home. The end result was no one missed an opportunity to purchase the home they had registered interest for and the process remained as transparent as the live auctions in the auction rooms. Properties that were scheduled for auction but only had minimal exposure to the market were postponed and are now fielding subsequent enquiry and good interest, so sale on those is imminent over the forthcoming weeks.

You can view upcoming live auctions by visiting https://www.eves.co.nz/upcoming-live-auctions   

Adding Value

Posted: September 17th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

When selling, you need to ensure you maximise the value of what is often your largest asset. Adding value to the sale of your home comes in many forms. The first is ensuring the possibilities of the home are maximised. Recently, a seller was advised to split a room into two bedrooms taking the property from a three bedroom to a much sought after four bedroom home, for very little investment. Time and money spent in the right areas can increase the value of a property exponentially. Excellent advice on the method of sale used can also make the difference between an average sale and an exceptional sale. Great marketing in media where not only more eyeballs see the property, but the right type of buyer sees it is critical to creating competition for your home. Honest feedback from those viewing your home helps you to make an informed decision. Finally, superb negotiation skills will end up with a great result for you. That’s what choosing the best salesperson and the best company is all about.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Office in the Spotlight – EVES Cherrywood

Posted: September 16th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

With a population of over 8,000, the Otumoetai peninsula attracts everyone from young families to retirees. Along with its popular harbourside location, there are plenty of parks and recreational spots to enjoy, such as Fergusson park, Kulim park, and the Matua Saltmarshes. There are two popular primary schools; Otumoetai Primary and Pillans Point School, with both college and intermediate nearby in the neighbouring suburb of Bellevue. The area also has some awesome views of the harbour and across to Mount Maunganui.

Our EVES Cherrywood branch opened in 2014 (having previously been located on Willow Street) and has a proud spot in the Cherrywood Court shopping centre, right in the heart of Otumoetai. Surrounded by amenities favoured by the locals, including hair salon, pharmacy, post shop and the popular Neighbourhood Kitchen restaurant, this neck of the woods is family friendly and full of life.

The EVES Cherrywood sales team has about 25 residential salespeople and support staff. These guys pride themselves on their experience, market knowledge and achieving excellent results for vendors and buyers alike. The team are led by branch manager Gordon Stewart, who has been in real estate for over 34 years! Gordon has an absolute passion for the industry that he shares with his team, along with supporting them to provide the highest level of service.

Next time you pop over to Otumoetai to have a coffee at the CherryTree espresso bar, or to take a stroll in Fergusson Park - pop in and see the team at the EVES Cherrywood office. Our friendly admins Helen and Bridie will be on reception to greet you, and any one of our fantastic salespeople will be more than happy to help, whether you are looking to buy or sell, or even just to have a chat about what’s happening in the area.

When Is Level 2 Not Level 2?

Posted: September 10th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Answer:  When it is Level 2 plus. It really is great to be back in business on a slightly different basis that includes mask wearing, social distancing and limited numbers at various venues. In the real estate world the changes from last time mean more mask wearing in public. At open homes there will be QR codes and it is compulsory to use them for tracing. There will be social distancing and there will be strict rules around our auction room, who can be in there at any given time and when. Again, mask wearing is compulsory.

This is likely to be the norm for a long time as I see it.  We need to get our heads around it and operate as per the rules and hope the people we deal with respect that to be the case. It is in the interests of all of us and we are lucky with the results thus far.

Stay safe, stay compassionate and look after those around you. 

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Spruce up your outdoor spaces for spring

Posted: September 10th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Spring is the time of year where the chilliness of winter recedes, the days start to lengthen, and sunshine breathes life back into the gardens. It is also a fantastic time to make the most of the extra daylight hours and clean up outdoor spaces, ready for entertaining again. Blow the remnants of winters leaves off the paved areas and get ahead of weeds and unmown lawns, before they take off with renewed vigour thanks to the warmer, wetter climes of spring. Here are some of our top tips for straightening up your outdoor space and setting your gardens up for the warmer months.  

Deep-clean decks and paved areas

If you have wooden decking and/or paved outdoor entertainment areas around your home, spring is the perfect time to attack these areas, clean off decaying leaves, and prep them for your summer barbecues. If you have deciduous trees on your property, start with a leaf blower to clear surface debris. Wooden decking can be given a new lease on life with use of a water blaster or other pressure cleaner. Beware of using a water blaster on paved/concreted areas though, as this can remove some of the sand and cement and result in the area becoming more porous and prone to staining. If your paved areas developed grime and lichen over the winter months, consider applying a specialty product such as wet and forget, which can combat mildew with minimal labour involved, and bring your paved areas up as good as new.

Tidy up lawns and edging

Autumn and spring are the best times to carry out lawn care in New Zealand. If your lawn is a bit shaggy, give it a buzz cut before the winter dormancy ends and the growth takes off again. This will help you avoid the shock of having a somewhat shaggy lawn one week, then a towering jungle the next! If, on the other hand, you have a patchy lawn with some bald spots, get in early with warm-season grass seed, and top with a sprinkling of lawn soil to help it take off in the spring flush.

Get some veggies on the go

Spring is the perfect time to sow down some veggie seeds, and there is a huge variety of vegetable crops that can be planted at this time of year. Before planting, its good to clear out the veggie patch of any residual plant debris which might be harboring pests. Remember to give your plants plenty of space to encourage good airflow and prevent damp growing conditions. Its good to get a diverse selection of plants to encourage beneficial insects to visit. For ideas on all the vegetables you can plant in spring, check out the September list on https://www.gardengrow.co.nz/

Simple solutions for small spaces

If your home or rental has a smaller outdoor area as opposed to a full yard with lawn and gardens, there is still plenty you can do to create an outdoor space that you can enjoy during the warmer months. Keep seating minimal with discreet furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Pots and small troughs are an easy and low maintenance way to cultivate your own garden. There are many vibrant flower varieties such as sunflowers and poppies that do wonderfully well in pots. Or instead, you may wish to create more of an edible eco-system with veggies such as capsicums and chillies or even a herb garden. All of these can thrive in pots and window planters with adequate sun and frequent watering. Plastic planters and troughs tend to fare better in smaller outdoor areas. They are lighter and easier to move around, and tend to drain better than terracotta pots. Throw up a string of solar powered garden lights and voila, your mini outdoor oasis is ready to enjoy.  



Level 3 Real Estate

Posted: September 3rd, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

I have heard Level 3 referred to as ‘Level 4 but with takeaways.’  Many businesses cannot operate at full capacity but again there are certainly openings in the real estate world for a new normal. We are able to list property, we are able to show property, we are able to market property and we are able to get specialist inspections done. All of these happen with strict guidelines and protocols but our people know what those are and will adhere to them to keep themselves and the public safe. 

Despite Level 4, business did carry on for us and properties were sold during lockdown, most by online auctions which can be seen each week live on our website. Check out https://www.eves.co.nz/upcoming-live-auctions to view these. Technology makes our business easier at times like this and innovative thinking by our auctioneers and specialist companies allows people to continue to sell and buy property.

Stay safe, wear your masks and be kind.

EVES.  Exceptional. Every day.

This Time Around

Posted: August 27th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

During this difficult time it is important to give ourselves permission to spend time at home, be a little lazy if that’s what we feel like, read a book, ride a bike, take a walk and not feel guilty. This time around I worry about many people and their mental health. For many it is a real struggle. People are genuinely worried about their futures and that of their families, their health and wellbeing.

I have decided to adopt an attitude of gratefulness. I text my adult kids each evening, tell them three things I am grateful for and ask them what their three things are. I find that during the day I am mentally looking for things to be grateful for and looking for the positive around me. Try it, it works.

Take care, look after yourselves and those around you and leave thinking about property until you are ready to talk to us.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.


Give Them a Break

Posted: August 20th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

I honestly don’t get it!  The Reserve Bank is proposing to tighten the loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions which limits how much banks can lend on a home compared to the value of that home. Where does this leave first home buyers? It means that they will need longer to save a deposit because they need a larger amount to purchase a home. Whilst this may not be so much of an issue for some, what is an issue is if our residential property investors start pulling out of the market, leaving fewer homes available for rent thereby pushing rental rates up. Why is this likely to happen? Because from 1st October, investors who purchased a property after 27 March this year will be unable to claim interest from income received and in fact they will have to pay tax on that income. And those who purchased an investment property before that will be on a sliding scale on the amount they can claim against income from their investment. I pity our young people keen to get on the property ladder.

In the Spotlight - EVES Mount Maunganaui

Posted: August 18th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

Mount Maunganui is known for its permanent holiday vibe, with a combination of laid back living and boutique chic. Our EVES Mount Maunganui branch resides in pristine and modern office premises (having had a full refit in 2019) at 121 Maunganui Road – right in the central hub of shopping, restaurants and cafes. Maunganui Road is the pathway to all that this cool coastal location has to offer – the golden sands of the Mount Main Beach, the chilled vista of Pilot Bay, and the impressive Mauao, the 230m high landmark at the tip of the peninsula - enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Our EVES Mount branch was opened in 1975, six years after the first EVES office opened on Cameron Road. The sales team has around 19 residential salespeople, plus additional support staff and led by branch manager Gill Bowden, a real estate powerhouse who believes that training, mentoring and committed support is the key to leading top performers.

Earlier this year the EVES Mount office received the celebrated ‘Top Office’ award for 2021, at the EVES Realty annual awards ball. These guys are no strangers to success though, having received the Top Office award previously in 2017 and 2019. This year there were also over 20 individual accolades awarded to our awesome EVES Mount team.

So if you’re over in the Mount, checking out leisure island, getting an ice cream from Copenhagen Cones, or hunting through the array of boutique stores – pop in to the EVES office and say hello. Our admin superstars Jenny and Justine will be on reception to greet you, and any one of our exceptional salespeople will be happy to have a chat with you about the booming real estate market.

Investors Beware

Posted: August 13th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

I read with interest Tony Alexander’s TView last week talking about the tools the Government and the Reserve Bank have in their toolbox to curb investors buying more investment properties but allowing First Home Buyers in to the market. The first shot has been fired with the introduction of the inability to deduct interest expenses from income set to take effect from October 1. Other tools in the toolbox could well be the inability to claim any expenses from income such as maintenance, rates and insurance, and increasing the debt servicing to income ratio where traditionally a borrower may have been allowed 30% of their income to service debt. This may be decreased to 25% of income being allowed for debt servicing. Banks may be required to work out debt servicing on inflated interest rates for instance banks may lend at 4% but the Reserve Bank may require they work out debt servicing costs using an 8% interest rate.

Governments policy is to support sustainable house prices. Dampening down investors demand for existing housing stock would improve affordability for first home buyers. 

*Information from Tony’s View

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

EVES First Home Buyers Seminar

Posted: August 6th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

This is the last chance you have as a First Home Buyer to register for our seminar on Wednesday 11 August. The speakers are phenomenal and cover most of the parts of the real estate transaction you often wonder about. Buying your first home is not necessarily easy to navigate so we are really keen to assist you through the process. Also remember there is over $1000 worth of discounts which includes $500 towards the deposit of your first home when you buy through EVES. 

We have a building inspector, a finance guy, a person on conveyancing and a real estate professional telling you the process. Book now. Check us out at eves.co.nz. Let’s get that real estate journey started!

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Its All Go in the Community

Posted: August 3rd, 2021 / By EVES Realty

EVES is proud to support our local community. Here is a snapshot of whats been happening:

As a long running local company, EVES was delighted for the opportunity to partner Heritage Bay of Plenty with a special project being launched next month. The Te Papa Heart of Tauranga’s Heritage Walk will be a 30 page booklet with map and facts highlighting over 72 places of historical, heritage or archaeological interest in the CBD, more news to come on this project. 

We were thrilled to finally catch up with our mates at the TECT Rescue Helicopter and hand over the ‘big’ cheque (having already sent via the bank late last year). We are so fortunate to have the helicopter based here and that they can respond so quickly to emergencies, we are proud to have supported the team for over 20 years in a unique partnership with our EVES salespeople, admin and Property Managers plus the company contribution. 

EVES has supported the Otumoetai Intermediate Sports Academy for over 18 years – it was great to share morning tea with the teachers to start the term and to hear about their plans for the Anchor AIMS Games next month – so many wonderful, dedicated young athletes across a myriad of sports, what a pleasure to continue our sponsorship.

Our EVES Rotorua team has been busy getting involved with schools – colouring competitions, coaching hockey and setting themselves up for another enjoyable season supporting the Arawa Bowling Club.  BOP Sports Awards are back and being held in Rotorua – again delighted to continue our sponsorship and present the EVES Realty Young Sportsman of the Year.



First Home Buyers Should Act Now

Posted: July 30th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Buyers who are in the fortunate position of being able to secure their first home must be active in today’s market. The strategy of waiting in anticipation that values will decline could be very costly and even detrimental in achieving what most prudent people consider to be the ultimate goal in life; that is to own your own home. Procrastinating simply prolongs the process and as has been proven over many years, particularly in the Bay of Plenty, the real estate market waits for no one. Seek and ye shall find should be your motto. Look at everything that could be desirable to you, then talk to your EVES sales consultant for advice on how to secure it. Don’t eliminate auction properties that might tick all your boxes, be the first one in with an offer if it doesn’t sell at auction and don’t give up if you miss out, there will always be another one coming so keep going and you will succeed.

Life Goes on as Normal

Posted: July 23rd, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

While the real estate market ebbs and flows as it has done for years and will continue to do so, the so called experts have their personal opinions and predictions. However, it is always the buyers and sellers that are active in the market that will do the talking. A slight movement in interest rates has sparked a lot of discussion in the past week. It’s important not to react prematurely and panic about what may or may not happen in the forthcoming months. For decades, the reasons that people complete real estate transactions hasn’t changed, even back when interest rates were in the 20 percentile people still bought and sold houses. We just adapt ourselves to the current situation and get on with it. The current market won’t be any different so if you are contemplating buying or selling call one of our EVES offices today.

Calling All First Home Owners and Investors

Posted: July 9th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

At EVES we are very keen to assist first home buyers into the real estate market. During August we are holding a first home buyers seminar where we will educate first home buyers on how to get onto the property ladder and we will assist with the deposit, insurance and other benefits as well for those attending the seminar. What we need now is property to sell to them. If you have a property you think may fit the first home criteria, that is a home ideal for a first step on to the property ladder and you are thinking of selling, then we would like to speak with you. Give any one of our team a call – and as an added bonus if you list with us over the next three months, you will go in the draw to win a $10,000 Queenstown experience! 

Call us today – EVES, here to educate the market.

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Why you need a property manager

Posted: July 9th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

According to an article published by Stuff in February of this year, there are about 527,853 rental properties in New Zealand. That is a huge amount of property that landlords are either managing themselves or putting into the trusted care of a property manager. There are several challenges that come with managing your own investment property, such as knowing whether or not you are getting the best possible rent for your property, understanding who is in charge of repairs and maintenance, and being familiar with recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act as well as the Healthy Homes legislation. Property managers have access to a huge pool of tenants, as well as access to renting history and credit information. They will conduct routine inspections and rent reviews, and will liaise with contractors and tenants on your behalf. They will also navigate the ins and outs of property legislation.

Are you charging the current market rate for your rental?

Knowing how much you should be charging for your rental property can be difficult. Many people managing their own investment property come up with their rent figure based largely on what they see other rentals priced at. However, this method often doesn’t take into account important property features that can increase or decrease the value of a rental. For example, proximity to schools and shops, additional bedrooms, bathrooms or toilets, garaging and off-street parking. A property manager, as well as being a specialist on the current rental market, has access to extensive information on comparative rental properties, and how they compare to your own in terms of value. 

Knowing who is responsible for what

When it comes to remediating issues that arise such as broken fittings or unkempt gardens, it can be difficult knowing where you stand in terms of who is in charge of fixing or maintaining different aspects of the property. Property managers can easily identify what maintenance is required from a tenant, and what issues fall to the landlord to remedy. They will also liaise with contractors, tradesmen and tenants on behalf of property owners to organise fixing issues. 

Dealing with difficulties 

Easily the most stressful and daunting aspect of managing your own investment property is having to deal with difficulties and disputes. If issues arise in the form of unpaid rent or damaged property, it can be stressful trying to find a peaceful and productive solution. Property managers provide an important buffer between you and your tenants and are at the frontline of communication and problem solving. Our property managers are well-versed in tenancy law and provide solution-focused mediation, as well as contacting the tenancy tribunal when necessary.

Knowing your way around the new laws 

Over the past year, a series of amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act have come into effect. These amendments have drastically changed the landscape for landlords by providing new restrictions around grounds for terminating a tenancy, the frequency of rent increases and the ability for tenants to make minor changes to a property (to name a few). In addition to the amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, the Healthy Homes Standards (which came into effect July 2019) are now enforceable with all privately managed rentals needing to comply with these standards as of 1st July 2021. These standards outline the minimum heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture ingress and drainage, and draught stopping requirements for rental properties. According to Sharon Cullwick, executive officer of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation, the implementation of the Healthy Homes Standards is challenging for investors as many people are unsure what they need to do in order to comply. Property managers can provide you with expert advice on these changes to legislation which can help reduce the risk of receiving a fine. At EVES, we have our own Healthy Homes coordinator who’s sole focus is assisting our owners to meet these news standards within the required compliance dates. 

Why you need an EVES Property Manager to take care of your rental investment

There is a lot more labour and admin involved in managing your own rental property than can be anticipated. With cleaning, advertising, screening tenants, conducting inspections, annual rent reviews, liaising with contractors, and keeping up to date on the latest changes to property laws, logistically it can be a monumental task. Engaging a property manager can save you time, money and stress, so contact one of our EVES Property Managers today to find out what we can do for you https://www.evesrentals.co.nz/our-people 

Sources: Stuff Article 

Retreat or Action Packed?

Posted: July 2nd, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Is it time for a week long retreat, including spa, massages, facials and dinners out? Or what about taking the kids for an action packed weekend in Queenstown, bungy jumping, Shotover jet boating, riding the shark or up on the gondola? Or a week of degustation dinners, a ride across to Walter Peak Station on the Earnslaw and a drive through to Wanaka?

No matter what your preference is for an incredible break away, when you list with EVES currently, you go in the draw to win one of three $10,000 getaway breaks to Queenstown. Furthermore, it doesn’t all have to be spent at once and you can gift it. Just one more extra incentive to list with a great company who get exceptional results. Exceptional company, exceptional people, exceptional trip away!

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Real Estate as a Profession

Posted: June 25th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

I have just had the pleasure of sitting in a training session where 12 new recruits listened to our very experienced Auction Manager Grant Child, taking them through the fundamentals of auctions and in particular communication with sellers. It reminds me why I work for this great company. Our people have the very best training the industry offers. We have two full time dedicated trainers and we have plenty of proven, exceptional people in many areas whom our salespeople are exposed to and that is exactly why we are market leaders. We do not pop you at a desk, give you little or no support and then unleash you on the unsuspecting public.

If you are thinking of coming into this exciting industry, or if you are already in real estate and want a confidential chat then please give me a call. We can surround you with the industry’s best. Karen Worley 0275 452 736. 

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Problem Solving for You

Posted: June 18th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Over the last few months, our salespeople have appraised tons of properties where the homeowner wants to know what they can spend, if they find a property to buy. Those potential sellers are not coming to the market because of the real shortage of property available to buy. Imagine if all those people came to the market subject to finding a property, we would have a surplus of stock to satisfy every buyer. The uncertainty of not having a home is real, particularly when the market also reports a shortage of properties to rent.

Experienced salespeople know how to put contracts together to allow a seller the luxury of securing a buyer to enable them to go and start looking for a property to buy. Alternatively, if a seller is cashing up then the shortage of property is where they are obtaining premium prices in the auction room. Tell our salespeople what your concerns are and let them be the problem solver.

Have a great week.  EVES. Exceptional.  Everyday.

Staying safe in your home

Posted: June 17th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

No matter where you live, the security of your home should be something that every home owner gives consideration to. 7 out of 10 burglaries that occur in New Zealand are residential properties* and the majority of these break-ins occur during the afternoon, meaning that regardless of where you live, keeping your home, contents and yourself safe should be a top priority.

Windows and doors

Keep all doors to your property locked, even when you are home. Windows should be closed when you aren’t home, or at the very least have security latches that only allow for them to be opened a short depth to let in fresh air. If you have any faulty levers or latches on windows, these need to be remedied right away and usually inexpensive replacements can be purchased from your local hardware store. Otherwise, weak spots in your windows can be identified by thieves and potentially compromise the security of your home. If you keep a spare key outside, avoid keeping it in obvious locations such as under the doormat, or under the pot plant next to your front door. 

Gates and fencing 

A fully fenced and gated property can help reduce the appeal to potential thieves. Having to clamber over a gate or scale a fence is a lot more conspicuous than being able to slip up a driveway on to a property unannounced. Additionally, a key or combination lock on a gate provides an added layer of protection and is another step towards making your property too bothersome to break into. 

Security cameras 

Security cameras are nowhere near as hard or expensive to set up and maintain as they used to be. You can purchase the cameras yourself to set up around the main access points of your home. These don’t need to be monitored by a security company, as the motion-senser technology can activate a recording and feed it directly to your smart phone. It really has never been more simple to remotely monitor your home.

Sensor lights

Sensor lights are not only convenient for lighting the way to your front door if you arrive home in the dark, but they are also a deterrent for anyone trying to loiter or sneak in around your property. If used in conjunction with security cameras, position the sensor lights above the cameras (light fittings shouldn’t be visible on camera as these can cause glare and blind spots). Keeping your access points well-lit will make your property look exposed and prove difficult for burglars to lie low.


Contents insurance can be a saving grace for any homeowner or tenant that has experienced the stress and anxiety of being a victim of theft, fire or even accidental damage. Contents insurance can cover the replacement cost of items such as furniture, electronics, personal possessions and valuables. For a nominal monthly or annual fee, you can be completely covered in the unfortunate scenario you are robbed of your homely possessions. Put it this way – can you afford to not be insured?

Source: NZ Police

Winter Creates Opportunities

Posted: June 11th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Winter time often affords us the opportunity, and excuse, to stay inside. Looking around the house I noticed plenty of ‘small jobs’ needing to be addressed to keep on top of things. But it’s when you start to notice wear and tear of kitchens and bathrooms you really start thinking of the cost of replacement! Our EVES people are excellent at assisting sellers to understand what would give the best return when spending money on renovations and what would be wasted money. If you are looking to renovate, even if you are not selling yet, call an EVES salesperson for great advice.

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Recognising the Best of the Best

Posted: June 4th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Our annual conference and awards night are always a highlight of our year, and this year was no exception. Australasia’s Number One Rate My Agent salesperson Josh Tesolin was outstanding at conference as was Dr Paul Wood whose story was inspirational.

Awards night recognised the best of the best and Danielle Hayes taking out Salesperson of the Year for a record 8th consecutive year was certainly a highlight. 

EVES Mount won Top Office, reclaiming it from the Cherrywood office in a well fought battle. Others were recognised and you can see those awards in this publication.

And now we are well into our next year. Normality is good, achieving results for all those who deal with us is even better.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Investor Confidence Returns

Posted: May 21st, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Each week we monitor the demographics of our buyers to ensure we are targeting the right groups when we pitch properties to the market. After recent Government announcements most of us were confident we would see the end of those people wishing to buy properties to rent out, in other words, property investors. However common sense has prevailed and we are seeing investors re-entering the market. These investor buyers understand property is a long term hold, that the investment appreciates over time and returns are still strong. These investors are buying good, solid homes of three or more bedrooms and their intention is to buy, rent them out and hold on to the property for long term gain.

We need more stock. We need first homes and we need investment properties to sell. If you are thinking of selling then please, call EVES first.

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The Covid-19 lockdown has provided the keys to unlock a career in real estate for aspiring agents, with more Bay men and women in their 20s keen to enter the profession.

Changing work circumstances and a profession fuelled by a “hot” real estate market could be attracting more people to the property industry, the Real Estate Authority says.

NZME spoke to four agents in their 20s who switched careers, with one saying lockdown was the “silver lining” that got him into real estate.

According to the REA, 45 Bay people - 23 women and 22 men - younger than 30 have applied for their real estate licences since the lockdown last year. In total, 154 people in the region have applied for their licence post lockdown.

REA chief executive Belinda Moffat said more people were entering the real estate profession, with 45 per cent more new licences issued nationwide compared to 2019.

At the end of February, there were 15,711 active licence holders, which Moffat said was the highest since 2018.

The average age of someone applying for a real estate licence nationwide was 38 years old, which suggested applicants were bringing skills and experience to the real estate sector having had careers in other fields, she said.

Moffat said becoming a licensee was a serious undertaking and the role itself was hard work. “Real estate transactions are complex, and it’s critical that licensed agents have the skills, training and integrity required to support buyers and sellers to navigate a property transaction with confidence.”

Simon Anderson, managing director of the Realty Group Ltd, which operates Eves and Bayleys, said it was exciting to see young people entering the industry operating in a professional manner.


Carlos Del la Varis left the fitness industry for real estate. The 22-year-old joined the Eves Gate Pa office about a month ago. Del la Varis was working at a local gym when his friend and Eves agent Kale Kirk offered him a job a couple of years ago. He said he had been thinking of changing careers for a while and then Covid-19 hit.

“It was lockdown that drove me into real estate...it was quite spontaneous.” 

By the end of July 2020 Del la Varis had enrolled at the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology to complete his certificate in real estate two weeks before the course started.

Del la Varis juggled working full-time at the gym and studying part-time for 24 weeks until he graduated last month.

He was later awarded an Eves Scholarship to kick-start his career.

“At first, the giddiness of being my own boss got to me. But then I realised if I am not working I am not getting paid, so it was back to work.”

He said he was not afraid to put in the long hours and strived to be a good agent.

“I’m hard on myself. There is a lot to learn and the learning doesn’t stop,” he said.

“I definitely want to be known as the more personable sort.

He said there were benefits to having youth in the industry, especially with online and social media marketing of property. “There’s a special place for young people in this industry.”


Published in the Bay of Plenty Property Guide 21 May 2021.

Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/2T92f9x


Transparency of Auction

Posted: May 14th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Those who understand the transparency of auctions are those who see the benefits of an open forum negotiation process. Auction is a different process that achieves the same outcome as others but in a shorter time frame. Buyers do their investigations on a property in a timely manner and when completed they are in the powerful position to purchase on an unconditional basis. Vendors then allow all these buyers the first option to purchase in a manner where they can see their competition and compete in the open forum previously stated. This gives buyers reassurance that they will only have to pay a minimum amount more than someone else is prepared to pay. This process also gives property owners confidence they have achieved the best price the market is prepared to pay on auction day and brings them certainty on their way forward in life within an expedient timeframe.

What Is Your Investment Plan?

Posted: May 7th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

If you put your money in a term deposit with a bank today you would need $5 million dollars invested to make $40,000 pre tax per year. So what are people opting to do with their money? Resident savers data from the Reserve Bank shows there is $143 billion in term deposits, $111 billion in savings accounts and another $121 billion in transactional accounts. That’s over $370 billion laying idle. 

Property and equities remain the investment of choice for good returns. And whilst kiwis are going to lose tax deductibility from interest costs against rental properties, this only effects those who are borrowing. Yields are still significantly better than the bank, and property values are doubling a little over every 10 years, making it a compelling reason to invest in bricks and mortar. Rather than focussing on what use to be, let’s focus on what is best for us as individuals, what investments will work given our individual requirements/situations and then come and talk to people who know how to assist you with your plan.

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Interest Rates on the Up?

Posted: April 30th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

ASB’s announcement of interest rate increases in the 3 - 5 year fixed terms will have a few people starting to think about their loan to debt ratio. Although economists have indicated this year should not see any increases in the shorter term rates, caution is suggested over the next few years as the economic market recovers from the effect of the pandemic.
Banks have been very cautious in their lending as many buyers will attest to. Even though the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) was effectively negotiable for a period of time, the banks were exceptionally prudent in their lending ensuring there would not be a mass exodus of the housing market particularly by first home buyers as the recovery started.
If you need advice on your lending situation, contact any of our salespeople who can point you to a great mortgage broker.

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Reading the Market

Posted: April 23rd, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

A sensible approach needs to be taken as the real estate tide changes. Markets go up, balance out, and often go down, balance and return. Understanding market change is important whether you are buying or selling. Selling for a premium price is still possible in a balanced market, but asking for what a buyer is no longer willing to pay could cost you time, energy, and money as a seller. Our advice is to ensure you adopt a strategic marketing plan as advised by your salesperson, listen to the market feedback, and make decisions based on that feedback. Remember what you are trying to achieve, that can only be achieved once your current property is sold and keep that at the forefront of your decision making.

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Future Proofing Your Home

Posted: April 20th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

Many parents and retirees will one day face the dilemma of what to do with the family home once their children have grown and left the nest. Often parents are left with a home and section that caters to a larger family lifestyle than what they now require. It must eventually be weighed up if the family home should be put up for sale to allow for the purchase of a smaller, lower maintenance abode more suitable for a relaxed retirement, or if, in some cases, the family home can be updated to accommodate a smaller scale of living. If the decision to sell seems more practical, as it does for many and most empty-nesters, there are some keys aspects you should consider to future-proof your home for its eventual sale. 

Dealing with clutter

Clutter is something to combat early. When your children fly the nest, get them to take as much of their sporting equipment, hordes of clothing and general knick-knacks with them as possible. Utilise the existing storage in your family home and try to avoid turning the spare bedrooms into storage rooms. When you sell your property, you want to showcase the inviting family home that it is. You will also want to minimise the amount of clutter you need to pack and sort through when the time comes to relocate. 

Practical versus personal design

If you are going to sell, it pays not to indulge those wild design fantasies you’ve had of a room with three different feature walls in various patterns and colours. Over-personalising a space can be off-putting for buyers who are trying to envision a home they can make their own. Therefore, if some rooms require a touch up of paint or wallpaper to make them more presentable, opt for simple as opposed to strong colour and design choices.

Change old or damaged appliances for energy efficient alternatives

Energy efficiency is a hot topic and a valid area of concern for buyers. Heating, cooling and ventilation systems that are old and outdated can end up costing a fortune in power if they don’t run efficiently. It’s a good idea to remove or replace old and ineffective appliances with smart systems such as heat pumps and HRV. Not only are these attractive features for prospective buyers, its equally beneficial in long-term savings should you choose to permanently reside in the family home.  

Remediate issues and get outstanding consents

If you have a problem area in your house that doesn’t require a large scale renovation to fix, it’s a good idea to remediate the issue before going to market, so that it can’t be used in the buyers favour to lessen the value of the property. For example if the bathroom is original from an older home, and there are some damaged tiles and a leaky tap, it works in your favour to do a basic revamp and make the home move-in ready. With that said, you don’t want to be over-capitalising with a full upgrade featuring all the bells and whistles of your dream bathroom, only to sell it on for someone else to enjoy. 

If there are outstanding consents on things such as additions, fences/walls, sheds, decks etc, it is important to obtain consent or a certificate of acceptance before hitting the market.  

Do you have the option of making your family home suitable for retirement? 

Depending on your property you may find that you can adapt your empty nest to be a suitable retirement abode. Perhaps this is an area of unkempt garden that you could pave and turn in to extra parking for the motorhome? Or maybe there is an area of your home you could isolate completely for short or long term letting. In addition to changing out old and inefficient heating and ventilation systems for ones that are more economical, the other main areas to focus on for down-scaling your family-sized lifestyle are reducing maintenance and using storage space effectively.

Moving Markets

Posted: April 16th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Whilst there is still plenty of activity in the residential market we have noticed a few changes happening. As an example - there are more properties for sale. Buyers are pulling back from making quick decisions as the heat comes out of the market. The number of bidders on some properties in the auction room has decreased and we are negotiating more auction properties off the floor where we have not been able to get a purchaser to the reserve price. What does all this mean?  It means we are moving back to what I would call a ‘normal’ market. Vendors need to be aware of the supply and demand rule – the more property available, the more competition for buyers for their property. Buyers, don’t get too complacent though – if you want to own the property, go for it!

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Tenants Beware

Posted: April 9th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Economist Tony Alexander conducts regular surveys from various groups and it will come as no surprise that he surveyed investors last week after the governments housing announcement of two weeks ago. Most respondents support the aim of the government, however most do not agree with the way they are going about slowing the market. 74% of those surveyed (3,600 people) will increase rents by more than they previously planned. 25% of investors are intending on selling outright and 23% are intending to move to a different investment. It is going to be a rocky road ahead! As usual, we are here to advise and assist so if you are looking for assistance please call us.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

EVES featured in Katikati Advertiser

Posted: April 8th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

House Prices Hit Five Year High

House prices in Katikati have climbed to the highest they’ve been in the past five years as buyers see value in the suburb post Covid-19 lockdown.

Local real estate agents say the suburb was punching above its weight in the property market, with prices increasing rapidly particularly in the last six months. They say retirees and young families were eyeing up Katikati as a more affordable option. Housing supply was tight with sales volumes rising only slightly in the last few years.

However, agents say a new luxury townhouse development could help ease the pressure.

The latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand data showed median sale prices in Katikati had climbed to $624,000 in the year to February 2021 — $137,000 more than $487,000 in February 2017.

In the past year, prices have skyrocketed 15.6 per cent from $540,000 in February 2020 — the largest jump in the last five years.

Although, sales volumes have climbed only slightly each year to 152 in February 2021 from 136 in February 2017.

REINZ acting chief executive Wendy Alexander said house prices in Katikati have increased rapidly over the last couple of years.

“Unsurprisingly, vendor expectations have been rising as prices in the wider area have risen, so it’s just a matter of making sure that this is managed accordingly, although some of the prices achieved post-Covid continue to surprise local agents.” Alexander said interest in Katikati was coming from all parts of the country — and particularly from retirees, who liked the easy access to

the local medical centre and nearby Tauranga Hospital.

“Families in the wider Tauranga area have been looking further afield as prices have continued to increase in the city, and Katikati

is seen as a more affordable area that’s within a reasonable commute to Tauranga.”

Alexander said some buyers were reporting “auction fatigue” as prices continued to climb, making it harder to gauge what a property might sell for, especially in the case of first home buyers. Supply was still tight, she said.

“But it’s slightly better than we saw at the beginning of the year where properties were quite tightly held. Hopefully in the next few months, we’ll see more supply come on to the market which will in turn hopefully ease some of the demand and pressure we’ve seen on prices.”

The Uretara River Views development on Katikati’s main street overlooking the Kaimai Ranges recently launched 29 luxury townhouses on to the market. Another 35 townhouses were due to come to market shortly. Alexander said the development will add to the overall supply once it was ready. “But given they’re quite a niche target market it’s hard to know how much this will impact the overall picture.”

Simon Anderson, managing director of the Realty Group Limited which operates Eves and Bayleys, said Katikati was “punching above its weight for market presence”.

“We’re finding a lot of people are comfortable with Katikati as it is in close proximity to Auckland, has a good price point, and it’s a nice town with all the services.

“It’s not a hustle-and-bustle town. It’s still a New Zealand town. “You’ve got all those nice ingredients. So it’s not surprising it’s finding its feet more in the market.”

Anderson said there was also a lot more buyer interest in Katikati properties in the auction rooms, with the area becoming attractive to Auckland and Tauranga buyers.

Eves Katikati branch manager David Sylvester said there had been a sharp increase in prices, especially in the last six months.

“The volume of sales haven’t increased as much but the prices certainly have,” he said.

“Things are selling a lot quicker too. Most of our sales go through auction and they’re selling before or on auction day, which is a

massive difference from 12 or 18 months ago.

“We’ve had a lot more investor interest in the last six months but we’re getting people moving out of the major cities like Hamilton and Auckland as well as people moving out from Tauranga.” Sylvester said many people moved to Katikati for lifestyle properties.

“There are a lot of people who have bought small horticulture blocks where they can have a bit of a home and income.”

Alison Rudd, Waihi and Waihi Beach sales consultant for Tall Poppy Real Estate Katikati, said Katikati was a sought-after area

and prices had been growing rapidly.

“Properties we appraised at the end of last year are well out of date now. Everything is just jumping up in price.”

Rudd said house prices were “flying through the roof”. “We always thought they were at a high price prior and now they’re extraordinarily high, which is great for vendors. Obviously people are seeing the benefit of moving to the Bay and see Katikati

as a desirable area.”

Buyers were coming from all sectors and price ranges, she said. “We listed a property a couple of weeks ago and it went to multioffer and it sold within three days at an extremely high price. “That was probably the highest price you’ve got in Katikati town and it sold within just a few days in the market. We’re getting some really good results without taking properties to auction.”

Article as published in the Katikati Advertiser 8 April 2021. Read full article here.

First Home Buyers in the Market

Posted: April 2nd, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

It’s been an interesting week of speculation on what the market will do with the government announcements last week regarding the bright-line test going out to 10 years from 27 March and also the inability to claim interest against rental income on investment properties. It is hoped this will free up more property for first home buyers whilst not denting the number of rental properties available.

Last week we saw a number of first home buyers completing their purchase in the auction room and each time the audience gave an ovation for those purchases. It is the highlight of our auctions when this happens and we look forward to seeing many more first home buyers enter the market. 

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Posted: March 26th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The Government announcement 'tilting' the market to first home buyers falls well short of fixing the immediate issue of housing for those people currently renting and trying to save for their first home, and those people thinking of renting. 

Firstly investors have dropped off in numbers, partially because of the Ministry adopting changes to the Act which effectively take the landlord’s control over their investment property, and tilt it towards the tenant. The increase from 45 days notice to 90 days notice of termination, the introduction of rental increases annually, and tenants being able to make 'minor changes to a property'. These investors are predominantly Mum and Dad investors who buy property as a retirement fund so they only ever really own one or two properties and they are happy to do that. But now, not only are these people unable to sell without incurring what is effectively a capital gains tax for 10 years from purchase, they also cannot offset the interest on borrowed monies against the income for the property. Those people will not see residential property as a great investment which seems in the governments opinion, a great way to slow the market down. The flip side to that though is we still have a real shortage of properties for rent. This will certainly make things worse.

Our auction rooms are seeing far fewer investors than normal. This new policy will not assist the market in any way shape of form. It will not slow the market down. Supply and demand does that and right now we just don’t have enough properties for those returning from overseas and those new to the market.

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12 Months On

Posted: March 19th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty


What a 12 months it has been – 12 months since our first COVID lockdown. Who would have predicted what would happen to the economy, to the real estate market, to our mental health, to our future? It has been an emotional rollercoaster. There are numerous businesses where the full extent of COVID is only just becoming evident now, such as tourism, hospitality and accommodation, camping grounds, motor homes and retailers who depended on cruise ships and tourists. 

Other industries have thrived because of the extra money kiwis have as a result of not travelling internationally. Real estate is clearly one of those industries. I am humbled by the whole experience, grateful for my health and that of my friends, family and colleagues and I pray for recovery – fast and plentiful for all those industries who are suffering. 

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.


Our Guide to a Healthy Home

Posted: March 16th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

2021 has bought with it the roll out of the new Healthy Homes standards, which will ensure that all rental properties must comply with the new standards for heating, ventilation, moisture, drainage and draught-stopping by 1st July 2021. 

As such, many investment properties are already undergoing the improvements required to make homes warmer, drier and healthier during the colder months. This is actually a timely reminder for everyone that the best time to prepare for the pitfalls of winter is during the autumn months, before cold and miserable weather sets in and while we still have some daylight hours in the evening. 

Here are some top tips for making your home a healthy one: 

Get your chimney cleaned

If your home is fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of a wood burner, now is the time to get your chimney cleaned. Chimneys should be checked and cleaned annually to ensure there are no unsafe blockages or build-ups, as well as providing an opportunity to check for any structural damage or decay.

Check your smoke alarms 

Colder months means more time spent indoors. Whether its huddling around the fire, using space heaters or cooking up some warm winter meals, checking smoke alarms should be a fundamental part of property upkeep. Ensure that you have smoke alarms positioned in every hallway, living area and within three metres of every bedroom door. 

Change or clean the filters in your rangehood

This is another general task of home upkeep that, like checking smoke alarms, should be done frequently throughout the year. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact it is prudent to double check your rangehood filter before the colder months set in. Once compacted with grease, rangehoods lose functionality which can increase condensation in the home. 

Clean your gutters 

Throughout the year gutters can become clogged with leaves, debris and bird nests. It pays to have your gutters cleaned twice a year, both in autumn and spring. This allows your guttering to perform at maximum capacity in the wet weather months and can prevent costly repairs from over-burdened gutters in the future.

Clean your heat pump filters

Keeping your heat pump filter clean not only ensures the best performance from the machine but can also help prevent unnecessary power consumption. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean the filter of dust and debris on a regular basis, to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible. 

Have your dryer exhaust vent cleaned 

Dryer exhaust vents should be cleaned at least annually, maybe even more often depending on how frequently you use it. A clean dryer exhaust means your dryer will work more efficiently, potentially reducing unnecessary power consumption, and (more importantly) reduces the risk of dryer fires. Dryers tend to be used more frequently in winter so it’s important to keep them running as safely and effectively as possible. 

Check the seals, hinges and catches around your windows 

Give your windows the once over and check for any loose or missing seals, as well as stiff or damaged hinges and latches. There are many reasons to keep your windows well-maintained. Loose or missing seals can create condensation, while stiff or damaged hinges and catches can let out warm air, let in a draught and in some instances, even compromise the security of your home.

Adding Value

Posted: March 12th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Over the weekend I was looking at the marketing of real estate companies who are offering a significant discount in fees.  At EVES we do not focus on saving you money through discounted fees. We focus on making you money through good real estate practices. It matters where your property is marketed and how many qualified buyers see it. It matters that we offer good advice on the presentation of your home and great feedback from the market, so you make informed decisions.

The method we use to sell your property depends on your own circumstances and our vast experience in the marketplace. It is critical that once we find the right buyers, we manage them well to get you the best price the market has to offer. The lady who got $590K more than the price she was expecting in the auction room a couple of weeks ago agrees, as do the hundreds of others who sold through us in the last 12 months.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Hard To Come to the Market

Posted: March 5th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Our EVES salespeople appraised over 400 properties this last month and if all those came to the market it would most definitely slow the market down and the prices would stabilise. More stock means buyers would have more to choose from. More stock means supply and demand kicks in and prices stabilise. So what is stopping a seller from coming to the market? Right now it is a lack of choice of property to buy. It is a circle. I see people who have sold in a high paced market sit and wait for the right property to come up only to realise there is every likelihood they could not afford to buy their own property back again.  It is very frustrating for buyers, no question but it is the market we are in.

We are always looking at creative ways to assist both our sellers and our buyers and this never stops. We get it!

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

We Are COVID Ready, Are You?

Posted: February 19th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

If you are selling your home or thinking of selling, then you most certainly need to be COVID ready for the market. COVID ready means that all information you can provide to assist you in getting the best price possible, should be available electronically. Consider getting video footage of your home, floor plans, drone photography etc and have it all available in case a purchaser is not able to physically inspect your property.  We are doing online auctions which are growing in popularity and the information you provide assists us in getting buyers to bid.

As a company we are encouraging our sellers to get COVID ready and this past week proves how quickly things can change. We are certainly more ready now for a greater degree of lockdown, heaven forbid, but make sure you are too. Stay safe!

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Working from home: How to make it the new normal

Posted: February 17th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

Many businesses have used the events of the past year as an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they operate and for many of their staff, Working from Home (WFH) will be the new norm, at least for the time being while COVID-19 is around and there is still the possibility of moving between Alert Levels. For many, this is something that takes some getting used to. We’re used to being in a busy office surrounded by people, with the phone constantly ringing. Now, you need to drown out new noises - kids, dogs, partners, lawnmowers, Netflix – and take it day by day, always adjusting to the WFH way of life.

Here are our top tips to help maintain productivity and sanity while working from home until things return to our old normal.

Go to work

Not literally, mentally. Instead of staying in your PJ’s or dressing gown, get up and go through part of your usual morning routine – shower, get dressed, have breakfast and get yourself mentally ready to work. We’re not saying put on make-up and heels if that’s what you’d do on a normal day before going in to the office, just do enough to make it feel like a work day and not a weekend day that you’re having to work.

Get some space

In an ideal world, we would all have spare rooms and offices where we could shut ourselves away from distractions but sometimes a desk in the corner of the lounge or bedroom is the best we can do. Even if you have a small home, you should set up your workspace in a dedicated area. Don’t just move yourself and your laptop from couch to bed and back again, create a space where work is to be done. Take over a table or desk that has adequate lighting and find a supportive, comfy chair. Make it familiar – if you normally have plants or photos on your desk, do that. 

Do anything that is going to help you create a great working environment.

Take some time

Although we all need to get a certain number of hours of work in per day, most workplaces understand that this isn’t necessarily going to be the usual 9-5. This will especially be the case if you have kids at home that need wrangling! You need to be prepared to put in the time required but work out what this may look like. If you do have kids at home, will you have a two hours on/two hours off schedule with your partner so that you can share parenting? Will you work earlier or later so that you can fit in exercise? Taking time for yourself to walk the dog, take the kids for a bike around the block or to do some lunchtime yoga is important. It’s also important to stretch and rest your eyes from looking at the screen non-stop for the entire day. You would do this naturally when working from the office because you would walk to the printer, chat to someone for five minutes in the staff room or run errands at lunchtime. When WFH, you have to consciously make an effort. 

If you find the urge to work 24/7 is too hard to fight, set yourself some boundaries on how much work is too much. Turn your computer off when you are done for the day, don’t answer emails from your phone. It’s not bad to put in overtime but remember you still have a life outside of work, even if you’re stuck inside.

Stay connected

Although you might be working alone right now, it doesn’t mean you have to be isolated. We are so fortunate in this day and age to be able to connect with others in so many ways from the safety and comfort of our own homes. Keep in touch with your colleagues via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or email. Whether you’re contacting them for work purposes or just to see how they’re coping, all of the digital contact we have from others goes a long way to helping us feel connected and not so alone. Have a virtual happy hour or give your online meetings a dress up theme. 

Find something that can bring you together while you’re apart.

If after all is said and done you just can't make it work in your space, get in touch with one of our salespeople to help you find the perfect place for you to work from home.

Government Control Over Speculation

Posted: February 12th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Grant Robertson has announced the government is looking to impose some reasonably severe criteria around property speculation in the next few months, in the hope it may slow the market somewhat and allow more first home buyers in. There is no doubt tilting the balance more towards first home buyers is what we would all love to see. More affordable homes built would ease the market for first home buyers. 

In the auction room we are still seeing people achieve their first home dream and what a pleasure that is. Parents are there in support, buyers are well informed and decisions are being made. Our Lifetime financial services team can help, so if you are looking at entering the property market ask any of our EVES team for a referral to the people that make dreams a reality. 

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Growing Your Property Portfolio

Posted: February 5th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

It is a well known fact that the value of real estate here in the Bay of Plenty has well and truly increased over the past few years. That means that if you do own property, your equity has also grown. It might be time to look at your personal situation and see if there is an opportunity to stretch out in the real estate market and buy an investment property for your financial future. It does beg the question ‘is now a good time to buy’ and the answer would be ‘It’s always a good time to buy.’  Historically residential property has seen great capital growth and providing you are thinking longer term, then consider it as a great investment. Talk to us about getting you some well-balanced advice on your financial future.

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Investors – Now Is a Great Time To sell

Posted: January 29th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

There are many of you who have bought properties as a retirement fund and I have no doubt they have done well for you from a capital growth point of view and hopefully for a return on investment. But in my long career in real estate I have never seen a market like this current one – no listings mean premium prices. This was really evident in our auction room last week where we had 18 vendors who sold their properties under the hammer and of those 15 flew past either the pre-auction offer level or over the reserve price. There were plenty of tears from sellers absolutely ecstatic at the sale price.

So if you happen to have a spare property, sell it now! 

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

In the Spotlight - EVES Papamoa

Posted: January 27th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

The EVES Papamoa branch is superbly located on the outer edge of the Papamoa Plaza, with great visibility and parking. This central position means they are approximately halfway between the Mount and the end of the proposed Papamoa East developments. Also, being near Domain Road, the roadways to Te Puke and the highway east and west are very close.

EVES was one of the foundation businesses in the original Plaza and over the years, the office has been altered twice and we were temporarily relocated once during renovations. Despite those upheavals, they keep kicking goals and retain a dominant market share in the area.

Papamoa East continues to grow at an astonishing rate but with no major shopping centre located there so far, the Papamoa Plaza enjoys a significant amount of shopping from those East residents.

Some of their fellow retailers are also well known in the community, Doug the Butcher and Bobby’s Fish and Chip shop, both being either side of our branch, and proving very tempting! The iconic Pap Tav (now called The Island) is also a short walk away. 

The branch residential sales team numbers around 20, with a further 5 licensed support staff assisting in 5 different sub teams. Also, the Property Management team here is comprised of 4 property managers, and support and admin. When you come into the branch, you will be met at the residential reception by Tracey and Cat, and at the rental reception by Taliyah.

Experience, expertise and a sense of urgency, words that are often thrown around loosely, but these are definitely evident among the residential sales team and property management division. In a real estate market that demands action, accuracy, and sound advice, EVES Papamoa offers the all round package for buying and selling property plus all aspects of property management.

EVES Papamoa is managed by Trevor Hansen (027 2849399), who has real estate sales experience in Tauranga, and has held management roles in Rotorua, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa. Trevor hopes that one of the team can be of great service to you soon. 

Sellers - Stay Strong

Posted: January 22nd, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

At our weekly team meeting we discuss buyer interest in properties currently on the market with our 130 salespeople. It will come as no surprise that most of those properties have multiple buyers interested in purchasing them. 

What is interesting now is that frustrated buyers are trying to dictate to sellers the terms under which they will buy. The sort of thing I am talking about is ‘tell the owner that they either accept this now or we won’t be at auction’ or ‘tell the owner they are not allowed to call any other interest or I will withdraw my offer’ or ‘the owner takes this offer without bringing the auction forward’ meaning no one else can compete for the property.

What we are saying to our vendors is ‘stay strong.’ Let the selling process gain momentum to maximise the outcome for you. The more exposure we can give your property, the better. Remember, the first buyer may not be the best buyer!

EVES – Here to do the best by you!  Exceptional. Every day.

Keep Being Market Ready

Posted: January 15th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Speaking with our EVES salespeople who are looking at their businesses for 2021, their main concern is the shortage of properties available to sell. This is backed up strongly by realestate.co.nz coming out and reporting a 46% drop in stock listed on their site, compared to December 2019. This explains why we are seeing significant increases of average sale prices in our region. But I personally think there is a bigger threat and it isn’t going away. That is the risk of our borders being breached by new strains of Coronavirus. We are prepared. We are being vigilant with our tracing and tracking. We are still focussed on keeping our clients safe. We are still doing online auctions and we are ensuring technology allows properties to be showcased well and buyers to have the best access to listings. If you are thinking of selling then give us a call today.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Advice for First Home Buyers

Posted: January 12th, 2021 / By EVES Realty

When starting out on your journey to buy your first home, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. It’s a big thing and something you’ve never done before – you’re nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. 

Along the way, there are a few things that you need to be sure to remember, especially if you want to avoid any surprises.

Get pre-approved

Before you start dreaming of the home you want to buy, it’s a good idea to get pre-approved for your mortgage. This may also be the time that you confirm how much of your Kiwisaver fund will be available for you to use. By doing this before visiting open homes, you will know what or where you can purchase and how much you can spend. It will also help you to avoid the disappointment when you find the perfect home but realise that it’s out of your price range. 

Get in touch with a financial advisor.

Know the costs

Aside from the obvious cost of the home, there will always be other things that you will need to pay for. These aren’t hidden costs, just some that you might not think of. Before you go unconditional (confirm that you are buying the home and pay your deposit) on a home, you will need to provide your mortgage provider with various reports that they request of you as a first home buyer which may include a valuation, building or LIM (Land Information Memorandum) report. You will also need to hire a solicitor. These things all cost money but they’re unavoidable costs when purchasing a property. They also make sure that you can sleep soundly knowing you have done thorough checks.

You may end up needing to outlay costs for multiple properties if you are not successful in buying the first one you make an offer on so just keep this in mind.

Be realistic

We’re not saying that you have to buy the first home you see, you will just need to be realistic when it comes to your must-have list. Make lists of non-negotiable features that you do or don’t want in a home, then a list of the features that would neither make nor break a deal. Like, if you think that your first home must have four bedrooms with three bathrooms and a pool, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for. But, if you’re more realistic and your must haves are things like a dishwasher or a separate toilet, you’ll have more chance of getting what you want. It’s about needs vs wants.

Gaze into the future

When you are looking for a home, look beyond the ugly curtains or torn carpet and see what could be there with a little work and some great ideas. See the potential in the home you’re buying but also remember that renovations and cosmetic work around the home do cost time and money so make sure you don’t over commit!

Also think about how long you might want to be in the home – will it still be perfect when you buy a dog, have a baby? This will help you to decide whether this is the perfect home or the perfect right now home and how much effort and money you are willing to part with in order to bring it to a standard you’re happy with.

Get a team together

There are a lot of people involved in buying a home, not just you and the current owners. You will need to surround yourself with the right, helpful people to make the journey as smooth as possible. On top of your financial advisor, your building inspector and your solicitor, it’s a great idea to get in touch with a real estate salesperson. This person doesn’t necessarily have to be the one selling the home you are looking at, they just need to be one that will listen to your needs and wants to assist you in finding you your very first home. Finding your first home should be fun and exciting and with the right team around you, it can be.

Find an EVES salesperson here.

Crystal Ball Gazing in 2021

Posted: January 8th, 2021 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

With interest rates set to remain low or even drop through 2021, there is still growth to be had in the housing market. Economists are forecasting house prices to further increase by another 16% in some cases even though lending restrictions will tighten for investors from March. It is not great news for those people already locked out of the market due to the rapid increase in house prices during 2021. On the plus side for those people who are thinking of selling, interest in property remained strong through the festive season and our company continued to auction property, selling everything that came through the auction room at prices higher than the owners expectations. If you are thinking of selling, give us a call today and we will talk you through your options for making sure you absolutely capitalise on the value of your property. EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Posted: December 18th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The festive season is upon us and this year, more than any other, it is time to celebrate so many things. Our health, our friends and family, our community, this country we live in and the gorgeous area we call home. Many visitors will be on the beaches, enjoying cafes and bars, in parks and reserves with family - and we are grateful. Grateful because it could have been an entirely different picture but for the steps put in place to keep our little island at the bottom of the world safe.

No one knows what is in store for us but on behalf of our EVES family, I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support and wish you a very happy holiday season. To our visitors, enjoy our little piece of paradise, spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the many attractions in the area.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

EVES. Exceptional.  Every day – but not without your help!

It’s December

Posted: December 11th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

December marks the start of most people thinking Christmas, shopping, planning family gatherings or holidays and starting to enjoy the thought of winding down. I look around at people in shops, in the street and in my own environment and everyone is tired. In this unusual year of COVID, we stopped for a number of weeks or worked from home, we worried about our family, friends and others and then we worked, full of uncertainty and some concern as to how long until things get back to ‘normal.’  We worked so hard and in a typical year when we might all have taken breaks, we didn’t. Now is the time. Plan your time off and recover.

The real estate market is still pumping along with record average sale price, inflated sales numbers and plenty in store to show a promising 2021. If you are thinking of selling in the New Year give EVES a call. 

EVES. Exceptional. Everyday.

Real Estate as a Career

Posted: December 4th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The Christmas period and the time for New Year resolutions is fast approaching and this is often the time, people reflect on their lives and on what’s making them happy or not.

Just like people taking up gym memberships in the new year because they don’t like the shape they are in, people also start to look for new career opportunities because they don’t like what they’re doing day to day.

This makes it the prefect time to think about the exciting industry of real estate as a career and we have a number of positions available in our very busy offices. Pop in and chat with your local EVES manager, or if you know someone already in the industry, have a chat with them. Our training is second to none, our results of success speak for themselves and right now our scholarship is open for application and will close off in the New Year.

Stick to the Plan

Posted: November 27th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We are seeing some incredibly strong action in the auction room currently and some amazing results for our sellers. In amongst this frenzy of activity, we are seeing offers being made very early in an auction campaign that may meet or exceed our sellers expectation for price. The auction is then brought forward and other bidding is taking place. One of the reasons we take your property to auction is to flush out the best buyer for your property by exposing it to the wider market. Sticking to the original plan of wide marketing, strong interest and eventually a great sale is our goal for you. Think about your options when you are faced with that initial offer, ask for the professional opinion of the manager presenting the pre-auction offer and stand your ground on taking the property the full distance to ensure you do get the best price. 

Volunteers are not paid...

Posted: November 25th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

...Not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.

At EVES we love being involved in our community and we are fortunate to meet many vibrant, hardworking people who generously volunteer their time. Many ‘not for profit’ organisations rely on the goodwill of volunteers and it has been said ‘there is nothing strong than the heart of a volunteer’.

Money does make the world go round but one of the greatest gifts you can give is your time. Volunteering as coach or manager to sports teams, breakfast in schools program and offering business skills to a board or community trust are just some of the ways to give back.  

At EVES, we receive many, many sponsorship requests and whilst we cannot always support everyone financially, we certainly do our best to assist a cross section of our community. Sometimes that is with marketing or sponsorship advice; helping groups to understand the difference between sponsorship and donations.  A donation is given from the heart without any real requirement for receiving anything in return; sponsorship on the other hand comes with an expectation that the business will be promoted through websites, newsletters, signage and personal contact etc. Approaching a business for sponsorship is very different to approaching a Trust or Community funding organisation.

As we head into the festive season our EVES team will be thinking about how a couple of cans added to the family shop for Foodbank, a wee wrapped gift to the Salvation Army or a donation to those in need will make a difference to others.

Rotorua Market Update

Posted: November 24th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

A quick stop into Kmart on the weekend and I hear background music playing – Christmas carols! Throw more into the mix of this crazy year and it’s now time for Christmas shopping too! I like many of you, would like to leave this year behind, I certainly do not want to wish time away but it sure has been a heck of a year. 

Rotorua’s Property market has like many other parts of New Zealand has been riding that same rollercoaster, we have a real shortage of listings and plenty of buyers out there, an awful lot of first home buyers and they are competing with the investors and we seem to be seeing some of those investors from various other regions of the central north island. 

With this competition happening this I feel is a strong reason property prices are on the rise as there is an arm wrestle between buyers to secure them, seeing a lot going into multi offer and higher than anticipated prices paid. Rotorua has yet again another record high median house price of $580,000 - a whopping $100,000 more than the same time last year but seeing the biggest growth over the last 3-4 months.

EVES Auctioneer, Grant Child in BOP Times

Posted: November 23rd, 2020 / By EVES Realty

To celebrate Grant Child calling his 9,000th auction last week, Zoe Hunter from the Bay of Plenty Times sat down with Grant to find out what he loves so much about auctions.

Article below:

You could cut the tension with a knife.

"Can we make it over $1 million?"

Bayleys and Eves auctioneer Grant Child has full control of the packed auction room.

There's standing room only. Real estate agents are sprinkled throughout the room, phones held tight to their ears. Buyers, couples mostly, whisper nervously and shift in their seats or from foot to foot.

Bidding is moving - and fast.

A Mount Maunganui property has been called and a bidding war has begun.

A woman at the back of the room raises her hand, bidding in the $1000s.

To the left of the room, a gentleman has raised his hand confidently bidding $500,000.

But a couple sitting a few rows back from the front of the room has their eyes on this one.

"You're going to have to change your strategy there ma'am," he says to the woman bidding in the single digits.

Another woman raises her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear.

"Is that a bid there ma'am? You've got to be careful here or you'll walk away with a property," he quips.

The bidding war continues between the two couples before one reaches his budget.

"Going once."

The woman at the back of the room shrugs her shoulders.

"Going twice."

Couple on the left shakes their heads. Couple in the front whispers to one another.

"Third and final call."

It's like the whole room has been holding its breath.


The hammer hits down and the winning bidders gasp, kiss and hug while the crowd claps and cheers.

Just minutes after bidding started the newly-renovated three-bedroom home sells for just under $1m.

Another 14 out of 17 are sold - millions of dollars worth of property gone under the hammer within a couple of hours.

Calling 9,000 auctions

Grant Child says there's usually a story from the auction room every week.

"You get the emotion of the estate sale. It's been the family home, the kids have grown up there and mum and dad have gone now it's time for the family home to be sold. That brings tears into the auction room.

"The one I absolutely love is seeing first-home buyers securing their first home.

That gives me a real buzz, a real kick."

Child has been an auctioneer for 20 years and this week celebrated calling more than 9000 auctions across the North Island.

He's also celebrating more than a decade with the Realty Group, which operates Eves and Bayleys.

"Getting to 10,000 is the goal and I'm not going anywhere until I achieve it. There are plenty more auctions in me yet."

From army to auctions

Prior to real estate, Child served 20 years in the New Zealand Army.

"I started from the bottom and worked my way up to warrant officer class 1 when I retired as senior transport instructor after 20 years' service."

After the army, Child opted for an "all care, no responsibility" job as a logging truck driver after years of working in a strict, high-pressure environment.

But it didn't take long before Child tired of waking up in the early hours of the morning to go to work. So, in 1995, he moved to real estate.

"My first boss said to me, 'If you want to get some profile go out and get an auction'. So I did. It took me a couple of weeks but I got there.

"I went back into the office and said I have done it and he rang the bell. In those days when a new listing came into the office they used to ring the bell and everybody cheered.

"So he announced to the team I had just listed my first auction. When everything quietened down I asked what I do now and he said, 'Sell it'."

So he did.

He watched an auctioneer from Rotorua sell the home under the hammer and thought, "I can do that".

"But I wasn't that naive to think I could just become an auctioneer. So I set myself a goal of five years as a salesperson, specialising in auction marketing before I went to become an auctioneer."

In 2000, Child enrolled in an auctioneers course in Auckland and "the rest is history".

Since then, Child has called more than 9000 auctions as far south as Foxton and as far north as Coromandel.

It was in Coromandel where he sold his biggest sale under the hammer - an orchard for above $7m.

The first auction

Child said auctions had become more popular over the years, and more accepted as a method of sale.

The first time Child banged down the hammer was at a training auction in Parnell, Auckland, outside a busy school.

"There was a little concrete wall that we had to stand on and call the auction.

"It was right at the peak of the day when everybody was out to lunch and there were school kids around. It was quite daunting."

Since then, Child has been involved in many charity auctions including for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter's quiz night fundraiser and the Ladies' Long Lunch.

"Charity auctions are a lot of fun. It's great to be able to put something back into the community."

Child said there were two auctioneers he modelled himself on - local auctioneer Gil Beadle and Roger Dawson of Christchurch.

"I admired them and I watched them a lot and I thought if I could be as half as good of an auctioneer as those two guys, I would be a good auctioneer."

Child gets "a real kick" out of being an auctioneer.

"Buying and selling real estate is one of the most important things that we do in life. They are also one of the most stressful. I love helping people transition from one phase of their life to the next."

Auctioneering 'a bit like acting'

Child said there was a bit of theatre involved in auctioneering.

"Being an auctioneer is a bit like being an actor... It can be quite entertaining."

Being able to read body language was one of the things Child said made a good auctioneer.

"It's knowing when to encourage somebody and knowing when to back off."

There's also a bit of comedy involved.

"The hardest part is keeping the salespeople entertained because they come week after week and they don't want to be hearing the same old one-liners.

"You've also got to be able to think on your feet."

Being able to count is also a good thing to have.

"Confidence is another one. Being confident standing up in front of people and being confident in yourself and in your own ability."

Presentation is also key, Child says, smoothing his well-ironed suit and tie.

"There's a number of factors that come into it and when you combine all of those things together, you create a bit of theatre.

"I just love it."


Article as published in the Bay of Plenty Times, Saturday 21 November.

View the full article online here.

Auction Action

Posted: November 20th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

As buyer activity remains strong in a market that no one predicted post lockdown, the auction method of sale has cemented as the preferred method for a large number of property owners. When the selection of properties available for sale is limited, buyers have to make buying decisions quicker or run the risk of the property of their choice being sold, which in turn creates multiple interest. The auction method of sale allows owners to be fair to all buyers and give them all the opportunity to purchase through the open transparency of the calling of the auction. The upside of this for owners is they get peace of mind in knowing they have achieved the best price the market is prepared to pay, so a win win situation is created for both parties involved in the transaction. Visit www.eves.co.nz to view our live auctions every Thursday commencing at 1.00pm.

Economic Update - November 2020

Posted: November 19th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

Global financial markets continue to operate in a market of considerable uncertainty, and thus volatility. COVID-19 is still having significant impact on global economic activity, which when added to political challenges, USA, China, UK, Brexit, and Europe - all the powerhouses of any potential economic recovery, and are now all clearly facing recessionary rescue. Despite negative media in NZ, we are considered to be a whole lot better off than many, and our own business activity and confidence appears to be held in high regard, despite the rigid controls on our boarders.  

Banks remain cautious however, and with record low interest rates fuelling the attraction for borrowing, and many expats deciding to settle/remain in NZ, property has been the growth industry attracting the most attention of late. Of course, when you have very low investment rates, and uncertainty in the equity markets, the age old consideration by New Zealanders for investing in property has taken hold, with record sales activity, considerable appreciation in property values as demand outstrips supply, and the Banks are all inundated with record volumes of lending applications. The Reserve Bank has come under some heat from media and politicians calling for the brakes to come on, and indeed, the Banks have decided to apply the brakes anyway. 

The assessment of lending proposals has included a thorough consideration of the ability to continue to generate income to be able to afford any existing borrowing/s over the term of the loan, in conjunction with any new requests. Now more than ever before, it is critical to be very well prepared early, with the information required to support any new lending proposal seeking bank support, including latest income and financial detail, and an impact statement, providing commentary on the impact of COVID-19 on incomes and employment, and business operations. Assessment of income is now critical to the ability to secure finance, particularly now, when COVID-19 appears to have ravaged the northern hemisphere at a greater rate than the earlier impact in March and April. LVR limits are now strictly imposed by all the banks, particularly to those considering lending for investment property purchase.

Home loan rates continue at record lows, offering borrowers the opportunity to seriously review their strategies for repayments, and reducing debt levels where possible. Please know that the experts are here to assist with the right lending strategies to match your needs and circumstances and you should consult with them before making any financial decisions.

Hamilton Market Update

Posted: November 17th, 2020 / By Sean Foster - General Manager, Waikato

A red hot market right now in Hamilton, with 405 sales in September this is 9% up on last month and 66% up on the same time last year.

Many buyers are encountering multi offer situations and feeling despondent when missing out time and time again. Vendors are elated with prices achieved.  The surge is due to the lack of stock and buyers coming back into NZ to reside permanently. As of September the median sale price is $676,000 compared with $597,000 in September 2019.  24% of the sales in September were in the $500 - $600K price bracket.

Get in touch with our Victoria Street team today to see how EVES can help you buy or sell your home.

Consider Your Objective

Posted: November 13th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Whilst the auction room was still very busy and we are still achieving great results, we are starting to see some vendors expectations creeping up. Is it any wonder considering how well the market has performed these past six months?

I have to send a word of caution to sellers though. Buyers are starting to feel the pinch and are firming up on how much they are prepared to pay. In the auction room, the negotiators work hard to get the parties to reach agreement. Currently we are achieving that but as we move through the normal cycle and things get tougher, both buyers and sellers dig their toes in and we tend to see less deals transacting and a greater chance of parties not reaching agreement.

Always keep your objective in mind. If it is to sell and move, then consider all offers very carefully. If it is to test the market for a premium price, you may be less likely to consider the offers presented if they don’t meet your expectation.

In the Spotlight - EVES The Lakes

Posted: November 10th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

Happy 4th birthday EVES the Lakes!  

EVES The Lakes is the newest EVES office in the Bay of Plenty and the team have seen Tauranga Crossing go from tumble weeds blowing over an almost deserted car park, to the bustling hive of activity generated by a superior shopping centre in a popular place to live. 

As the neighborhood has grown, so has EVES. It’s thanks to those new to Tauranga, or those relocating from other parts of the city they’ve become a popular port of call for those looking to sell or buy in the Lakes, Pyes Pa and surrounds; also, an informal information point for those seeking local directions! In true EVES style it really is a case of "EVES. Exceptional. Every Day" even if you’re only looking for a helping hand to find your way around the shopping complex.

Specialising in residential homes, sections and lifestyle properties on the city fringe, both sellers and buyers love all the properties on offer in their expansive window display – check them out today, or call in and say hi you’ll always be greeted with a friendly smile from their wonderful adminsitrator Chloe - even if it’s only to ask for directions to streets not yet on Google Maps!


Overseas Enquiry Increases

Posted: November 6th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Boris Johnson has announced a second lockdown for the whole of England from last Thursday, for a four week period. This has resulted in online enquiry increasing for property in New Zealand.  We most certainly have already seen enquiry spike during our Level 3 and 4 lockdown, in particular from ex pats realising that New Zealand’s ‘conservative approach’ to COVID might be a blessing when countries in which they were residing took a less pragmatic approach. Interestingly, current stats from realestate.co.nz show Australia as being the country the strongest enquiry is currently coming from with the USA a very close second and the UK in third place.  We can expect those numbers to change and increase in the next few weeks. We continue to list and sell properties doing some incredibly good work for our vendors in the auction room in particular. If you are thinking of selling, talk to us about the results we are achieving across the board!

Across All Media

Posted: October 30th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The Young Person in Real Estate Conference held in Auckland last week focused a lot on promoting property in digital media, in order to get in front of those people looking for property. It stands to reason that in this day and age, that is how the majority of buyers search for their new home or investment. However, statistics presented to us and executed by an independent research company absolutely endorse the need to be across all media platforms including print. How often do you go into a cafe and see people reading papers and magazines in a leisurely manner on a weekend?  These people are what we call passive buyers and are integral to a marketing campaign.  These are the guys who commonly don’t let price become a barrier when they want to own a specific property. We cover all the bases in our assessment of your property and where to find the best buyer. Call us to discuss how we can get the best price for your property.  EVES. Exceptional. Everyday.

Welcome to our visitors

Posted: October 23rd, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

I am sure that for many, this is the first trip away from home since COVID lock down and what better place to come than the beautiful Bay of Plenty.  And this weekend once again it is living up to its name with plenty of activities for all our visitors.  If you are here Friday night, the night market at the Historic Village is well worth a visit. A feast of food will satisfy all and the amazing market stalls are worth strolling around. Our gorgeous beaches and many cool bars and restaurants are worth a visit and if you want to venture further afield Rotorua is a 60 minute drive and Hobbiton about the same.

We have a huge number of properties open over the weekend as well so if you are thinking of a move or investing then check out eves.co.nz or look for the open home page in this magazine.  Thank you for choosing to visit the Bay of Plenty! We certainly appreciate having you here.


Communities come in all sizes

Posted: October 19th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

There are school communities, the communities that we live in and the groups that we are part of.  

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Our EVES Realty team has a real sense of community and we absolutely believe in doing what we can to enhance our patch.  

Our EVES auctioneers enjoy charity auctions – nights where the community comes together to organise the night and sell tickets. The business community provides vouchers and services to be auctioned and willing bidders wave enthusiastically to ‘win’ that unique experiences on offer. 

Without a doubt ‘the bigger the event; the bigger the prize’ but there are many other ways to help organisations and enjoy a sense of community. A few hours a month can help keep the gardens nice at the local Hospice, a few extra items in the grocery trolley will make a world of difference to the Foodbank. Tidy, clean and fresh kids clothes are so welcome at the Women’s Refuge homes. 

It is well documented that sport and fresh air are wonderful for our mental and physical health – many of our team play golf, cricket, tennis and other sports; each with their own sense of community. Coaching or managing school sports teams is a fun way to engage with other parents and like-minded humans; it takes a bit of courage to put your hand up but usually when someone steps forward the ‘community’ of other parents will also offer to assist.  


Local Buyers

Posted: October 16th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Traditionally we would be at the Auckland Home Show taking our vendors properties to Auckland, but all the research we are doing shows that most of the people purchasing property at the moment are local buyers. As the old saying goes ‘you fish where the fish are.’ This weekend we will be at the Tauranga Home Show with a special publication packed with some of the best properties on offer currently.  There is a full range of property from investment and first homes to retirement and out of town property also for investment or lifestyle.  Make sure you pop by and see us on stand 205 at the Tauranga Home Show.  And if you don’t make the show and want to receive the Home Show book then call into any one of our EVES offices. EVES – putting your property in front of more buyers!  


Why Cheap Isn't Always Best

Posted: October 15th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

In most financial situations, spending the least amount of money on fees and charges is probably your highest priority. When it comes to our taxes, we aim to minimise our obligations and account for all our deductible expenses.

In fact, some of the only times we think twice when it comes to fees and charges is for products and services. For example, none of us wants the kettle that breaks the first time it's boiled and an accountant with higher qualifications might just be worth the price.

The fees and charges for real estate agents are tied up in some of the most significant transactions of our lives – buying and selling property. That’s why real estate fees are one of those circumstances where you should think twice about choosing the lowest price.

Being wary about real estate agency prices doesn’t mean you should automatically choose the most expensive agent. It’s also important to have an honest conversation about the fees and charges you can expect when selling through an estate agent.

A trustworthy New Zealand real estate agent will be happy to have this conversation, which will – at the very least – give you an indication of the quality of your estate agent.

Generally speaking, real estate fees for vendors will include:

• a small percentage of the sale price as commission 

• a one-off administration fee


While you shouldn't be shy about having the conversation around fees, enlisting the services of the company with the lowest fees isn't always the best idea. The quality of your service could be dependent on the price you pay and when it comes to real estate, while in the short term it seems like a great idea, poor services could hurt you in the long run.

Here are a few things that may go wrong with the lowest price estate agents:

• Marketing mayhem: actively and accurately marketing your property is the key to sales success. A low-price real estate agent may charge extra, sometimes exorbitant hidden costs for these services, and that's the best-case scenario. In the worst case, marketing will either be underfunded, poorly focused or even non-existent. This could seriously hurt your final sales figure, making the higher-priced agents seem like a bargain. To sell your home well, you need a comprehensive and well thought out marketing package.

• Inexperienced and under committed: while real estate agents are regulated by the REAA, levels of service will still vary across the industry and extra-low prices can sometimes be the first warning sign. Sometimes poor service will simply be the result of inexperience while at other times it might be a sign of an overworked agency. The important thing to remember when comparing prices is to find an experienced real estate agent who can offer personalised service for you. 

Equally, that experience should be local to your area. If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Rotorua, they should be up to date with all things Rotorua and the market in the area.

If you’re looking for professional real estate agents with a transparent and competitive fee structure, look no further than EVES. We put our clients at the centre of everything we do to achieve results that exceed industry averages. To buy or sell property in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato or Northland, contact your nearest EVES office today.

Whangarei Market Update

Posted: October 13th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

The Whangarei real estate market has been hectic since the lockdown, as has been the trend throughout the country. I don’t think anyone predicted a buoyant market and most pundits expected a slow and cautious market through the winter and early spring.

The demand from first home buyers, families and investors has been strong, resulting in record median prices. The supply of new listing stock (down 30% on the same period last year) has not kept up with demand resulting in strong and competitive bidding at auctions and multi offers on most new listings. 

With the overall shortage of new spring listings throughout the Whangarei District there is a strong possibility the demand will continue to outstrip supply.

Buyers will need to be prepared to compete for their favoured property and should, if possible, have their finance pre-approved, do as much homework as possible and know their buying capability. 

With summer just around the corner there are likely to be more buyers coming in to the market as Whangarei offers an attractive lifestyle to those looking to move north.

If you are a seller, now is a great time to get your home on the market - you may be surprised at the price you can achieve. 

Give us a call at EVES Whangarei for a no obligation appraisal.


Sale Ready

Posted: October 9th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

If you are selling your home, get the property sale ready.  Sale ready means getting reports that buyers will need to put themselves in an unconditional position. Those reports are typically LIM report and builders report.  You provide yourself with the best opportunity to sell well in this extremely busy market.

Imagine if by spending the money for these two reports of approximately $1,000, you put more bidders into the auction room, or create a multiple offer amongst parties. I have a classic example of a person who did not get a builder’s report for their home because they felt it was modern and not an “at risk” property. This excluded a buyer who was not prepared to take the risk at auction from paying $40,000 more than the eventual buyer. The vendors needed a cash unconditional contract to complete their new purchase and made the decision to take what was on hand. Invest, get the property market ready and then go for it!

Tauranga Home Show

Posted: October 2nd, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

For the past 10 years EVES have been at the Auckland Home Show to ensure we are getting in front of people wishing to relocate out of the Auckland market and into the regions. We track where buyers are coming from consistently to ensure when you list your property with EVES, you are guaranteed a reach of marketing not designed to just get you sold, but designed to get you the best buyer in the market. 

This year we have determined that our buyers are predominately local so we will be where they are, at the Tauranga Home Show. On 16 - 18th October our team will be at the Home Show and we are putting together a magazine featuring properties from our region.  If you want to put your property in front of more buyers, then you need to be a part of this great publication. Call your EVES salesperson today.

Buying Local

Posted: September 25th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Some strong research over this past weekend has revealed that the majority of people buying property in our city at the moment are local people moving house, parents buying properties for their kids and the investors investing in property rather than leaving money in the bank or buying shares. That has been a typical response over the past few months. When you analyze that it probably comes as no surprise. People unable to travel are looking at upgrading their own properties and either renovating or trading. More of our kids who were overseas have come home needing somewhere to live and investors like the returns they get on property. No wonder it is such a strong market currently. If you are thinking of selling, call us now! We have buyers!

Losing Money on Your Investment?

Posted: September 18th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Property management or the managing of a rental investment forms a large part of what we do at EVES. We have an experienced group of Property Managers who are serious about looking after and protecting the investment of our many landlords. That protection comes in many ways, from maintenance upkeep, negotiation of rental increases, screening of tenants and managing rental arrears that sometimes occur. All these things are managed professionally by the expert Property Managers at EVES. And alongside these things, they are assisting their landlords through the compliance obligations needing to be carried out over the next few years. Keeping our landlords safe and keeping our tenants happy. If you are thinking of investing, or you currently have an investment property and you want to ensure the value of that property is being maximised call EVES today.


Whangarei Market Update

Posted: September 15th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

August was a repeat of July with sales numbers well above expectation and the city median sale price at $565,000. The demand for all price ranges is strong. Rental investment property in Whangarei is in hot demand from local and off shore Kiwi buyers.

The listing stock levels dropped by 30% on the same month last year and we are hoping for a surge in new listings over the spring to meet the unprecedented demand.

Whangarei is going through a growth period and even with COVID levels restricting some real estate activity , we are seeing a constant flow of new buyers in to our region.

Right now is a great time to be listing your property for sale. We have had so many multiple offers on listings resulting in prices well above expectations. 

Give one of our sales team a call to have your home appraised and discuss the opportunities to maximise the value with our smart successful marketing strategies.


Buying Your First Home?

Posted: September 11th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

If you are a first homeowner saving to buy a property, don’t give up. There are many forms of support to assist getting you into a position to do just that. Parents or grandparents are often in a nice financial position to be able to assist young people in to their first home. They don’t physically have to hand over cash. They can guarantee the loan against their own home. They can hold funds in an account, in their own names which also guarantees the loan and they can buy the property in their own names, rent it back to the kids who pay the outgoings and wait to form the deposit, at which point it gets transferred into the kids names. 

The people who know all the ways to get into a home are mortgage brokers. We are really lucky to work alongside some of the best.  If you want to know more about this talk to Clive Martin (022 123 4270) or Greg Kerr  (027 230 7991) from Lifetime to start your home ownership journey.

In the Spotlight - EVES Bethlehem

Posted: September 8th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

Our Bethlehem office, strategically positioned in the Bethlehem Town Centre next to the famous pie shop, has continued to be a hive of activity all through the ‘dark days’ of the Covid-19 pandemic. With early predictions of a cliff face fall in prices and activity, the reality has proven to be far different, and our team has been kept on their toes trying to satisfy the demand for both residential and lifestyle properties. Whilst we have seen a slight uptick in enquiry from abroad, and Auckland, Wellington and the Waikato are well represented amongst the buyers we encounter, it is fair to say that demand from local buyers is particularly strong. Anyone observing our auction room on a Thursday (you can watch live here) cannot fail to be impressed at the results we are seeing, with – for now – no indication of weakness in the market ahead. 

What used to be a small EVES Bethlehem team some years back has grown into a team of 20 experienced salespeople with diverse backgrounds, a formidable combined skill set and a sprinkling of assorted accents. On the team we have power couples and solo flyers, agents with decades of real estate experience and others who still have a few years to go before they’re invited to the 10 year lunch. But whoever you encounter, you can be sure that you are dealing with someone who shares EVES commitment to be Exceptional. Every day.    

Anyone popping into the branch will have been met with a smile and a cheery greeting from one of our super star admin ladies, Kate and Niki. Ora is the friendly face who handles all our property rentals, making sure that both tenants and landlords are kept happy. Keeping tabs on the crew and making sure that everything runs smoothly is our branch manager (and EVES principal), Craig Hilton.  

And about that pie shop – we like to think of it as our secret weapon! More than one happy pie muncher idling on the pavement has had their attention piqued by a property in our window… and the rest, as they say, is history!

Achieving Premium Prices

Posted: September 4th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Speaking with our salespeople during the week and the message is the same from them all – we haven’t got enough properties to sell. I did some research and as a company we have got very similar numbers of available properties as we did this time last year. What has changed though is the number of people wanting to buy here in the Bay of Plenty and we are turning property over quickly. One open home last weekend had 19 groups through on Saturday, 19 groups through on Sunday and another eight private viewings. Great marketing means enquiry is rampant and results are exceptional.

We have a real estate “bubble” going on. Seriously, if you are thinking of selling it is a great time to do so. Speak to any of our salespeople about our free marketing campaigns, our bespoke marketing campaigns and the results we are achieving for our sellers. 

No change in alert levels

Posted: August 28th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Earlier in the week the Government announced that we would remain in Alert Level 2 for the time being. That means nothing changes for us in the meantime. 

We will still take great care to keep you, the public and each other safe. It means we will scan you at the doors of properties you visit including our offices. It means we will sanitise as much as we can and it means business continues. 

I have had a lot of feedback saying potential sellers are waiting to sell, waiting to come to the market, waiting for spring, waiting for confidence to grow. This market we are in is the new normal and it is great!  

That supply and demand dictates prices and right now supply is low and demand is great. Spring is around the corner, interest rates are incredible and there are plenty of buyers and a shortage of homes available. This is the best time to sell! Call us today and let us get maximum dollar for your home. 


Charities and the new normal

Posted: August 25th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

August is synonymise with Daffodil Day; the big fundraiser for the Cancer Society and a welcome sign that spring is on its way. In these uncertain times organisations like the Cancer Society are having to challenge their normal revenue streams and be innovative with their ideas. 

We have all seen the very willing volunteers on our city street corners selling daffodil flowers, crocheted brooches and other merchandise – it really is part of our social conscious to support the collectors if we can. Now we might need to make a bit more of an effort make that annual donation – digital daffodil, donation online or any ANZ Branch and who could resist a bid on the Trade Me auction for lunch with Dr Ashley Bloomfield.  

Just as many businesses are needing to ‘pivot’; congratulations to those organisations who are also thinking outside the square – as reported recently on TV1 news – Women’s Refuge has created an online initiative ‘Gift a Safe Night’ and KidsCan were overwhelmed with their appeal asking people to donate $19.

We at EVES love our communities and respect the many volunteers who are working even harder to keep those in need; fed, clothed and safe – thank you.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

Keeping you safe

Posted: August 21st, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The current COVID situation was probably no great surprise to most of us, but the thought we may go back into lock down was a timely reminder that we need to be diligent in every aspect of our lives right now.  

We have moved into Level 2 at the time of writing this and as such our salespeople are well versed with everything they need to do to keep you safe when buying or selling real estate, not just from a health point of view but legally in any contract you enter into as well. They are aware of the things that need to be considered going forward on the off chance there is another change in alert levels. For example, if you are buying a property and we go into Level 4 and you are not able to physically move into that property, there is a clause that will go into any sales and purchase agreement that protects you both as the buyer and the seller. 

We are professionals, we know what to do and we know how to protect you. Make sure you use us for all of your real estate needs. 

Hamilton Market Update

Posted: August 19th, 2020 / By Sean Foster - General Manager, Waikato

Hamilton’s residential property market gathered further momentum during July with 314 completed sales up from 260 completed sales during June 2020. 

New homes to the market are seeing buyer activity consistent with a continued lack of available homes for sale which has now declined 13 months in succession and a large number of unsatisfied buyers which is resulting  in multi offers and sellers using auctions to take advantage of the current market conditions.

Open homes continue to see an array of buyers from first home buyers, families looking to upsize and investors with motivation remaining extremely high with current lending rates at record lows.

New homes to the market continues to be challenging with homes sold in excess of new listings which will continue to put pressure on the median house price and  days to sell which reduced 25 days further to 33 days to sell in July, this is much lower than the 10-year average of 44. 

The current market indicators for the residential property market is further strengthening the market as a sellers’ market and this is likely to continue heading into the warmer months of spring.


Whangarei Market Update

Posted: August 17th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

The Whangarei real estate market has seen a big upswing in sales numbers in July. The number of house sales in the city is up 20% on June numbers and up 10% on July 2019. The median house price within the city has remained above $500,000, up 16% on July 2019. 

The number of listings is as low as we have seen for a decade, but the buyer enquiry has been well above expectation given the current circumstances. We have experienced strong demand for property across all the price ranges and expect this to continue into the spring while the stock numbers remain low. 

There is a heightened demand from investors looking to secure blocks of flats or multiple units within the Whangarei District.

 It is difficult to measure the impact the elections may have on the market, however the increasing bank of buyers looking to secure Whangarei property should see the market stay strong and prices remain steady.

We have been able to avoid a Level 3 lockdown in the North and hopefully we will see Auckland back on track soon. Auckland has been a source of buyers for our market for some time and we welcome their safe return once the lockdown is over. 

Spring is close and now is a great time to consider marketing your property given the strong demand. Traditionally spring brings out more buyers and more activity in the real estate market.

Give one of our salespeople a call and arrange a no obligation appraisal if you are considering a move. We are always happy to help with advice and market information.

Widespread Marketing

Posted: August 14th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The stats from Realestate.co.nz tell us where buyer enquiry is coming from and it won’t be a surprise to anyone to know that a large chunk of enquiry is coming from Australia. We have had plenty of enquires from people returning home from abroad and plenty from people still wanting to get home. 

When we take a property to the market, one of the first things we look at is who is the most likely buyer for the property and what mediums are those buyers using to find a home. Does it need to be a high profile digital campaign? In print media? Are the buyers going to be local, national or international? Once we have determined all of those things, then and only then can we look at tailor making a marketing campaign to ensure 100% of the buyers looking for that type of home will see it.  

If you are thinking of selling, make sure you talk with our salespeople who know marketing, know how to target the right audience and also how to find those people. 

Call EVES today.

Things are hotting up

Posted: August 7th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

When you combine an election year with lesser winter activity and you throw a pandemic into the mix, there really is no logic as to why a real estate market should remain strong and yet that is exactly what is happening. The market is strong. 

July saw record sales in most of our Bay of Plenty branches. New properties listed for sale were also strong and where a vendor either took the property to auction or priced it well, these properties sold quickly and for good money. Buyers are desperate to get the right property and many sellers won’t come to the market with their own home until they have found the next move for themselves.

It has never been a better time to sell. Get one of our very experienced salespeople in now, get an appraisal, a great marketing plan and let’s get your property sold, right now, today. There are buyers out there wanting to buy and you could have the home that is perfect for them.

At EVES we are well known for exceptional service and exceptional results so give us a call.

In the Spotlight - EVES Rotorua

Posted: August 5th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

August already and inching toward spring! Whilst we have had a good winter post-COVID we are all smiles knowing spring is just around the corner, but we are all feeling a little waterlogged after the last few weeks of heavy rain. 

We have a very big first home buyer market here in Rotorua who directly compete with our investors. With high demand for rental properties and landlords getting a good return on their investment, demand is outstripping supply. In our market it is proven that the nicely presented homes priced right move very quickly with numerous properties having multiple offers presented on them. Although multi-offers are not ideal for our first home buyers, most of them are not in a position to be cash unconditional buyers at Auction either so this is potentially a better option for them.

We have new salespeople starting at EVES Rotorua in the coming weeks, and this will add to our already exceptional team to work with vendors out there who are looking to transition to their second home upping the supply for the first home buyers. All this being said and with COVID still looming, three weeks of winter left and an election just around the corner Rotorua’s property market is still looking very strong.

Buyer Interest High - Vendors Reluctant to Sell

Posted: July 31st, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Reports sent weekly from surveys conducted within our industry are consistent with what we as a company are seeing in the marketplace. Market Commentator and Economist Tony Alexander talks about the volume of buyers available within our region who are cashed up ready to go but there is a serious shortage of new stock to the market. 

Last week I spoke about sellers thinking that spring (September) is the right time to come to the market - when your property is looking at its absolute best and the survey comments back up my thoughts. Now is the right time to come to the market if you are thinking of selling! It’s that old supply and demand thing – when the supply is low but the demand is high, you are more likely to get the best price.

Our auction room last week saw great results for 10 of 19 sellers who sold on the day with a couple of other properties receiving conditional contracts immediately after the auctions. The first home buyer market is also firing along – low interest rates and fewer restrictions on LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) mean buyers are active. The investor market has also seen a fair amount of action with some lenders changing the LVR requirement allowing a much smaller deposit.

So spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and despite many predicting the real estate market would take a tumble, but at the moment, the opposite seems to be true. Let us assist you on your next move.

A Little of Anything Goes a Long Way

Posted: July 28th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

It has been great to see communities come together over recent times and certainly we are going to need to continue to watch out for our neighbours and to support our local business community as much as we can. There are numerous reports of charitable organisations coming to the realisation that their normal funding streams are going to be somewhat reduced.  

Here at EVES, we love being involved in our community and whilst we are maintaining our normal levels of support throughout our area, it has been nice to see some different types of initiatives with people thinking a little outside the square. Hospice shops rely, generally, on the retired work force and therefore older people who may be immune compromised find themselves unable to volunteer in the various roles, sorting, selling, maintenance etc so the call has gone out; do you have a couple of hours a week to assist your local not for profit shops? 

Even the supply of donated goods seems to have reduced – some of our people have been putting their creative skills at work with knitting beanies to donate to sell along with making aprons and crocheted items. Many lower decile schools opt to assist their young charges with warm clothing and so delicious hand knitted scarves are being whipped up and donated -  a nice rewarding way to spend a winters evening. Even adding a couple of tins or packets to your own grocery trolley and donating these to a Foodbank; many families find themselves in situations they have never been in before so whatever can be donated is greatly appreciated.


Winter Blues? Not at all!

Posted: July 24th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

In the middle of winter we often experience homeowners deciding to put the sale of their property on hold until the weather gets better, the gardens come into flower again and the days are longer. Yet what we see in the statistics often proves that those brave people who do take their properties to the market now, compete against fewer sellers. 

Fewer homes on the market but with the same number of buyers wanting to buy is where prices can exceed a seller’s expectation. 

Last week in the auction room we had nine properties up for sale. Six of those sold under the hammer and another property sold immediately after the auction with multiple offers coming in on it. 

This week we have another lot coming up for auction and there is still strong interest from the marketplace.

Do not sit back and wait for spring when every other person will be thinking of selling.  Call us now to view your property, give you professional recommendations about how you can maximise the value of your home and let us get on with selling it, because that is what we are good at.

Hamilton Market Update

Posted: July 22nd, 2020 / By Sean Foster - General Manager, Waikato

Hamilton house prices and sales volumes have continued to surpass predictions for how the residential property market would perform post-COVID with Hamilton’s market achieving 260 sales for June and a new record median sale price of $660,000 up 18.9% on June 2019.

Many new homes to the market are selling within days of being advertised whilst buyers in competition resulting in multi offers is becoming the new normal.

Open homes continue to see an array of buyers from first home buyers to investors with motivation to purchase high with current lending rates at record lows.

Bringing new homes to the market continues to be challenging with the number of homes sold above the number of new listings which will continue to put pressure on the median house price and days to sell which reduced further during June to 31.

The current market indicators for the residential property market is for the current momentum post-COVID to continue with the market once again swinging towards a sellers’ market again heading towards spring.

Step Inside the Life of a Real Estate Salesperson

Posted: July 20th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

The life of a real estate salesperson can be varied but it is exciting, challenging and worthwhile. Despite being mostly associated with property, a great real estate salesperson will focus primarily on people, working in a role that can span irregular hours, take you to wonderful locations, introduce you to a variety of people and see you finish your day back at your desk, tired but with a smile on your face. And that’s just one day in the life of a real estate salesperson.

A Job That Starts and Ends with People

The week of a real estate salesperson very rarely, if ever, starts with a property itself. A salesperson’s job is to help people buy and sell their property, meaning the first thing you need is people to help.

A salesperson’s week might start by talking to a prospective buyer, understanding their needs and searching for the perfect property to assist them. 

At other times, a client may be looking to sell their property which can involve everything from researching a home to calculating its potential value based on market trends. A salesperson is also responsible for organising a marketing campaign, as well as arranging open homes and potentially organising building inspections.

The ultimate goal for a real estate salesperson is to help both a buyer and a seller reach their property dreams. They are also responsible for negotiating sales and contracts in order to get a deal over the line.

In and out of the office

As a real estate salesperson, you will most likely work in the office but because the work can take you to several kinds of locations, including local homes, sections of land and lifestyle properties for sale, being able to work on the go and remotely is key. Sometimes you will find yourself with a vendor signing up a listing or looking over an offer from an iPad in a café or on the bonnet of your car. The ability to be flexible and innovative is an important skill to have if you are wanting to be successful in this industry.

Training Never Stops

Most weeks in a real estate salesperson’s career will involve some level of training. Continued education is compulsory when it comes to renewing your Real Estate License but it’s also important to keep learning because there’s so much practical information you will need to use. From desk work to market knowledge, some of the things you will need to know include:

• the housing market in your local area or areas, including the different types of housing, demographics, price ranges and trends in buying and selling

• wider market trends and property values across New Zealand

• the art of the sale

• finance, accounting, contracts and more

• information about property law

At EVES, we want our people to be constantly in the know and continuing to upskill so we offer world class training and coaching support to make sure that our people are able to do their job with the confidence that they have the best knowledge base in the industry. This helps them to do the best job they can for their clients and achieve the best results possible.

Is this the life for you?

Whether you’re new to the industry or wanting to take your career to the next level with a market leading real estate agency now is the time to act!

From our innovative marketing and world-class systems, to our industry leading training, coaching and development programmes, EVES continues to create opportunities for success and growth.

With 50 years of experience behind us, our local connections and vast networks, you can rest assured you’ll be armed with the skills and expertise to maximise your earning potential.

If you are interested in joining a real estate leader that’s New Zealand owned and committed to the success of its people, talk to us today or visit eves.co.nz/careers-at-eves

Historical Evidence

Posted: July 17th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The public is craving for information on what the property market will do as a result of COVID-19 and there is certainly plenty of commentary around it. After all homeownership in New Zealand sits at around 64% of the population (source: 2018 census data).

REINZ records show that during the Asian financial crisis of the late 90s, the volume of sales transacted decreased significantly and then steadily built back up peaking in 2004. Prices during that same period flatlined and the average price in the Bay of Plenty was around $175,000. By 2008 and the next global financial crisis, property prices had risen to an average of $350,000 in the BOP and once again flatlined through to around 2014 when again they started to rise and reached just a little under $700,000 at the time of COVID-19.

In the past two months we have seen the market recover strongly in the Bay of Plenty after falling off a cliff in April. We have seen good volumes of properties coming to the market and sale prices have remained reasonably strong. Our auction stats are comparable with the rest of New Zealand with over 50% of properties selling either before auction or on auction day and many more under contract within 48 hours.

Property is a great investment and the Bay of Plenty is a sought after place to live. We are extremely blessed.

EVES Whangarei Market Update

Posted: July 15th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

June sales volumes showed a gradual increase over April and May. 

The sales numbers in the first three months of this financial year within Whangarei city is down approximately 50% on the same period last year. 

The listing numbers in the Whangarei District are well down on last year and this is causing strong demand amongst a larger than expected  bank of buyers .

The accumulated effect of low listing numbers and plenty of buyers is the prices remaining strong with the median sitting well above $500,000 where it has been since the start of 2020 .

First home buyers are plentiful but having to compete with investors, both local and out of town, who have come back in to the market and are wanting quality stock across the price ranges.    

While mortgage rates remain attractive the buyer bank will remain strong and continue to push prices until we see a lift in stock numbers or a change in market conditions towards the spring and the election.

Right now the mood in our market is one of confidence and demand is high.

If you are thinking of selling, now is a great time to talk to one of our sales people. They are keen to help with market information, appraisals, and discussing the marketing of your property.

Real Estate as a Career

Posted: July 10th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

As a result of COVID-19, a number of people are considering their future careers, either through personal choice or because the businesses they are a part of have had to make some adjustments and put off good people in order to survive.  

We are looking for new people to join our strong EVES business. If you have ever considered a career in selling property, then we would like to talk to you. 

We are a large, local company which has been in the real estate business for over 50 years. More than 100 people in our company have been with us on that journey for over 10 years and a large number are more than 20 years with our company. 

It is an exciting industry, one where we make a difference in people’s lives during what can be a stressful time. We are all things; salespeople, marketers, counsellors and many more things and we are passionate about what we do. 

If this appeals to you, give me a call for a chat on 027 545 2736. You do not have to have had real estate experience, but you do need to have the right attitude and a willingness to succeed and grow with our business.

In the Spotlight - EVES Gate Pa

Posted: July 7th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

June was a very strong sales month for Eves Gate Pa. There is plenty of activity amongst first home buyers and investors with mortgage rates being at an all-time low.  

With a number of younger team members coming into the Gate Pa office it seemed an ideal opportunity for the office to specialise in helping those in the first home market given many of these young people have recently been through the experience of buying a first home themselves. Using online technology and social media as their main forms of communication, this new breed of salesperson is able to connect with a target market specifically looking for their first home. They are in touch with experts in the finance and insurance industries who also specialise in first home buyers, in the building industry for property inspections and with lawyers, who again specialise in first home purchases.  

Each salesperson in the office is trained fully on the many aspects of buying and owning a home but some team members have their own specialist area as well. Owen Phelps, for example, has a huge following of clients who have worked with him over his time in the industry but in addition he specialises in the marketing of subdivisions. His most recent subdivision is Quail Ridge Estate in Ohauiti. Stages 1 and 2 saw 73 sections come to the market, with now only 10 remaining available. Stage 3 is scheduled to be released in March 2021.

The Gate Pa office are also keeping a close eye on the councils proposed changes to the Te Papa peninsula. The Te Papa peninsula stretches from Greerton through to the city centre. The plan is intended to address the residential development capacity constraints, reduce pressure on urban expansion, and enable more intensification of existing urban areas. If this plan goes ahead it will provide added value to the residential homeowners of Greerton, Gate Pa and the Avenues with properties that meet the development criteria. 

With a large part of this area falling within the Gate Pa office catchment area they will be in a position to assist homeowners understand the value this change may add to their property. For further information on the proposed changes or to discuss buying or selling a home – not just your first, be sure to get in touch with the team at Gate Pa.

Back to Normal....Almost

Posted: July 3rd, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Reports this week that real estate prices have remained strong through the Bay of Plenty reassures all property owners that investment in property in this region is a good one, and gives comfort that we can go forward and plan with some certainty for future investment if we choose. 

This news ties in well with what we are seeing here at EVES. Whilst our volume of sales has not quite returned to normal in some parts of the region, it most certainly has in other parts. In fact, in some areas of the Bay, we have exceeded our number of sales from the same time last year. And with interest rates low and the requirement for a set deposit figure all but removed, the market is fuelled to continue growth.  

Who knows if it will continue at the current level but as long as we keep moving at the pace we are in new property to the market and in sales then we will be breaking more new records in no time. 

It just affirms what we all know – the Bay of Plenty is a great place to live, work and invest! 

Giving back to the community

Posted: June 30th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

It is so good to see community sport getting underway – nothing like getting out in the fresh air and using up the energy that has been stored over these past few months.

It is well publicised that many community organisations who provide food, clothing, shelter and palliative care in our regions are struggling. There are many ways to give by donating goods, money or time and a little does go a long way.

We are also joining the chorus to support local businesses and encouraging our people to spend ‘what we can, where we can’ to invest back in our local community. We love our regions and a vast number of the business owners and their employees are already EVES clients so giving back just seems natural.

Investment in Marketing Pays Dividends

Posted: June 26th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Last week I talked about the fact that often the reason for a ‘non-sale’ is not necessarily about the price but about marketing or more to the point, the lack of marketing. 

A number of sellers take up the option of speaking with expert agents from EVES who put together a personalised campaign to ensure their property is seen by 100% of the eyeballs currently looking. The result of that target marketing is phenomenal. This is demonstrated very clearly week after week in our auction rooms. 

At EVES we offer a free, generic campaign to get your property sold. But in addition to that, we also offer you the opportunity to extend that reach to cover the market, targeting local, national and international buyers.

I can demonstrate many instances where an investment of two to three thousand dollars has given a seller a return of $20,000 plus and in recent times, as much as $62,000 above what they were prepared to take for their property or more than their reserve price. 

Don’t limit your chances by just selling your property. Make sure you expose it to the widest possible market and let the market dictate the eventual sale price. Talk to your EVES marketing experts now. 

EVES Hamilton Market Update

Posted: June 24th, 2020 / By Sean Foster - General Manager, Waikato

Hamilton’s residential property market is starting to feel a bit more like it did pre-COVID.

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand’s latest residential market statistics shows Hamilton’s median house price has skyrocketed to $645,000 from $636,100 in April and $580,000 in May 2019. The number of house sales in the city was 184 for May, compared to just 34 in April which also points to signs of market recovery. However, sales were a far cry from May 2019 when 336 homes were sold in the city.

While total sales across Hamilton were severely diminished during April and early May, sellers have been fast to list homes over the past month and sales are increasing week by week.  

Buyers are fluid with a sense of urgency. In particular, first home buyers are flooding to open homes and we are seeing a lot of multiple offers from all types of buyer.

The strong activity in the residential property market is a signal that Hamilton and Waikato is in a strong position to weather the economic impact of COVID-19 and could potentially bounce back faster than other urban centres.

It's Not Always About the Price

Posted: June 19th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Over many years in the industry I have seen sellers question why their property has not sold in a short period of time, particularly in a harder market. 

There are only ever two reasons a property does not sell. One is of course the price - if a seller wants more than the market is prepared to pay then clearly the property will not sell. But the second reason is often overlooked by sellers because it may cost them money.  

The second reason a property doesn’t sell is marketing. If a buyer does not know a property is for sale then clearly they cannot enquire, visit or make an offer on it. They don’t know it’s there. So Mr or Mrs Vendor thinks that their property is too highly priced, reduce it by $10,000-$15,000 when an investment of say $500 could have put it in front of many more eyes.

As a company, we offer free marketing packages but we also look at each property individually and determine who the target market is and then make a recommendation as to how a seller can reach that target market. This is no different than retailers selling a new product or a motor company launching a new vehicle to the market. 

If you want to know more about our bespoke marketing campaigns that will get your property sold, talk to your EVES salesperson now.


EVES Whangarei Market Update

Posted: June 17th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

Six months in to 2020 and despite the hiccup with COVID-19 and the lockdown period, we are seeing the market in Whangarei stay strong. Sales numbers are down by 55% in May but the prices have remained consistent after a sustained period of increases over 2020.

The listing numbers in the Whangarei District are as low as we have seen for a number of years but the number of genuine buyers looking for property right now outstrips the supply.

The demand is right across the price ranges and property types. First home buyers are active but are having to compete with an increasing number of out of town investors. Mortgage rates are very attractive with opportunities to borrow fixed term at below 3% and likely to remain low for some time, however the banks are showing caution with lending decisions. 

We expect the real estate market in Whangarei to continue to build for the remainder of the year. The supply of listings will have an influence over sales numbers. While the prices remain steady now is a great time to list.

There is some uncertainty as to what may happen with prices once the effects of the lockdown periods kick in, particularly when the subsidies come off, mortgage holidays finish and the employment opportunities diminish but arranging an appraisal on your property is a worthwhile exercise in this environment. Give one of our sales team a call for a no obligation appraisal.

All Systems Go

Posted: June 12th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The announcement this week that we are back to Alert Level 1 came as a very positive move to all of us involved in real estate, be that salespeople, vendors or purchasers. We have done well!

And now it is “business as usual” with the auction room returning to back to back auctions, salespeople showing properties to buyers with only vendor imposed restrictions and buyers free to view open homes at their leisure.  

For all those restrictions that were imposed on us we have continued to turn over a large volume of property at EVES. We have continued to list properties to sell, we have a stream of multiple buyers for property resulting in either multiple offers or pre-auction offers and we have continued to get premium prices for sellers. These are all great signs and against many market trends.

People have reset their lives during the imposed periods and I am sure we will all be better off for that in the long run!

Stay well and enjoy life. And if you are thinking of buying or selling real estate then please talk to us.


Go Local With EVES

Posted: June 9th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

EVES was born in the Bay of Plenty and although we’ve moved into different regions over the years, we’re still as local as can be. Like you’d expect from a true local, we understand the importance of keeping in touch with our community and supporting them the best we can, because we know that it is the support of our local community that has kept us in business for the past 50 years and will keep supporting us for the next 50. 

For weeks, social distancing has been the name of the game and local businesses in our communities that depend on in-person foot traffic for their revenue were seriously hurting! Now it’s time for us all to get back out there and support our favourite shops, cafes, restaurants, retail stores and enjoy everything these businesses have to offer. 

For some businesses, this support could be the little things that make the biggest difference – a follow or review on social media, a visit to their website, a recommendation to a friend. For others it will be spending more money with them, or choosing them over their national or multi-national counterparts.

Below are some of the ways that we, and you, can help support our local businesses. 


Give them a review

Good online reviews on Google or Facebook can impact other customers decisions to shop or visit. It can also help the business show up better in search engines. And, since consumers trust online reviews as much as personal reviews, your rating can go a long way.

Word of mouth

The upside of living in our beautiful little regions is that word of mouth still goes a long way. If, right now, you can't purchase something from a small business you love, you can still tell all your friends about it, sing its praises or share their page on social media, or share their website. 

Gift Cards

If you cant visit a local business right now or have no need to spend money with them right now – buy a gift card! This can help keep their cash flow steady, while you have something to look forward to later. It could even be a gift for someone special.  

Try Something New

Take time to explore unique local shops, book into restaurants and cafes you haven’t eaten at before, or even make it a fun day out with friends going to activity places you haven’t tried yet – rock climbing, trampolining, or escape rooms. 

Fix the lockdown DIY disasters

For some of us lockdown was a prime time to do all the odd jobs around the house we had been meaning to get to. And for some, that ended in disaster. So get in touch with your local plumbers, electricians, painters, etc, who need to come in and make the final fixes. 


AT EVES, we pride ourselves on our long history of giving back to, and supporting, the local community. We are looking forward to getting out there now and supporting the people who have supported us.

Live, work, play and shop local, with EVES.


Auctions - 61% Sold

Posted: June 5th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

EVES auctions last week defied everything that economists and reporters are talking about which is creating instability in some people’s decision-making process when it comes to making a real estate transaction. 

With 18 auctions scheduled for the week, one was sold prior and a further 10 sold under the hammer on auction day. The auction was brought forward on two properties due to buyers entering into an early contract with the sellers and the competitive nature of the auction process kicked into gear seeing buyers competing fiercely with the confidence that they were buying a good property given someone else also wanted it at the same time. Other owners were delighted with their results which have allowed them to move on with the confidence of an unconditional sale generated by the auction rather than pushing the pause button and having to wait to see if a conditional sale proceeds. 

Despite what happens in life, it’s important to remember that the reasons people buy and sell property never change and the real estate market never comes to a complete stand still. It just keeps on turning and when a buyer finds a property that suits their needs they should act immediately to secure the home of their choice as it may not be available in days or weeks ahead. This is particularly applicable to those waiting for interest rates to fall, the home of your choice is likely to be someone else’s home when the banks finally act.

EVES Cherrywood Comes Out On Top

Posted: June 3rd, 2020 / By EVES Realty

In December 2014 EVES Cherrywood opened its doors after a successful acquisition of Tozer Real Estate, who had operated from this site for many years and were well known and established in the community. Members of the Tozer sales team were amalgamated with the EVES Realty team from Willow Street to form EVES Cherrywood. 

This amalgamation has proven to be very successful and EVES Cherrywood was acclaimed as the highest performing office in the EVES Group of 13 offices covering the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland through the financial year of 2019/2020. This is the third time the office has won the award since moving to their new location. 

The team would like to acknowledge the support they have received from the local Matua and Otumoetai communities. Without this, this achievement wouldn’t have been possible.

The EVES Cherrywood office provides a service to the whole of Matua, Otumoetai and surrounding suburbs when people are making a decision to either buy or sell. Pop into the office next to the public carpark for a friendly chat, some good advice and a cup of tea, they would love to meet you.

Celebrating the Best in Our Business

Posted: May 29th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Our awards night on Friday was at the very least different, and at the very most, fantastic! The one in 100 year circumstances that are COVID-19 had us thinking how we could best celebrate the amazing achievements of those who we are lucky enough to work with, so through technology and a bit of kiwi ingenuity we manged to celebrate the best we have, through Zoom, podcast and video link.

Acknowledging the performance of the EVES 2019/20 Salesperson of the Year Danielle Hayes from EVES Mount, this is the seventh year in a row Danielle has won this prestigious title. This is an incredible performance, heading off a host of other great salespeople in the EVES business. Nicholas Meloni from EVES The Lakes had the Greatest Number of Deals in that same calendar year as well as taking the award for the Greatest Individual Growth. Our Rookie of the Year for his first full year in real estate was Kale Kirk from EVES Gate Pa and Katy Laidlaw from EVES Papamoa was the Property Manager of the Year. There were other great people recognised and the delivery of these results were, as I said different, but it took nothing away from the incredible achievements of these professional individuals.  

Thank you to all those truly amazing people working in the EVES Realty brand and here is to another great year ahead.  

Leading Performers Acknowledged in Annual Awards

Posted: May 23rd, 2020 / By EVES Realty

EVES Real Estate held its annual Awards evening last night, where it celebrated the top performing individuals and offices for the 2019/2020 financial year.

Due to the current COVID-19 environment the annual awards evening was cancelled and instead the fantastic achievements were celebrated virtually utilising online webinar technology. 

EVES are market leaders with a proven track record and this last financial year the company celebrated 50 years in business. The agency is made up of a total staff in excess of 260 people from 14 offices across the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Whangarei. 

Heath Young, EVES Chief Executive Officer said, “Our awards are a memorable occasion where we have the chance to recognise the successes of our people and although this year we were not able to physically come together as a company, we are proud to still be able to celebrate another year of exceptional performance.”

The big win of the night, EVES Top Salesperson of the Year, was won by Danielle Hayes from the EVES Mount office.

Danielle also won the Top Auction Achiever Award. 

Top Office of the Year was taken out by EVES Cherrywood. 

Kale Kirk from EVES Bethlehem took out the award for Rookie of the Year, recognising an excellent first year in real estate.

The Marketing Campaign of The Year was awarded to Charlotte Gardener of EVES Mount.

Nicholas Meloni won the award for Greatest Number of Deals Settled, as well as the award for Greatest Individual Growth Year on Year. 

EVES Property Manager of the Year was taken out by Katy Laidlaw of EVES Papamoa. The EVES Property Excellence Award was given to Kylie Parker of EVES Hamilton.

EVES Administrator of the Year went to Chloe Adams-O'Riley from EVES The Lakes.

EVES Realty would like to congratulate all of the award winners and wish the entire group all the best for the 2020/2021 financial year.

Lockdown Decisions

Posted: May 22nd, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We are now operating safely under the new laws which has got the market going again and we are truly thankful for that. 

We are seeing a good number of enquires for people wishing to buy, particularly if they had gone under contract before lockdown and have now sold. 

We are also seeing a number of properties coming to the market where, during the lockdown period, owners have made decisions to change their lifestyles for various reasons. Some have decided to go and live in the country, some have discovered they cannot operate from home comfortably, and have made the decision to continue to do so, thereby needing a larger home. Some have realised that unfortunately they cannot afford their mortgage due to changed circumstances, some are really not prepared to continue with a mortgage and some just want a change of scenery. No matter what the reason, we are seeing good stock coming to the market.  

If you have had a change of direction or circumstances during lock down come and talk to a local company doing great things. Come and talk to EVES today.


EVES Hamilton Market Update

Posted: May 20th, 2020 / By Sean Foster - General Manager, Waikato

While sales numbers for April were down, which was to be expected due to not being able to physically view property and uncertainty surrounding job security and the like, buyer enquiry is still strong in Hamilton. Properties that are listed and well-priced have been receiving excellent enquiry through all Levels of COVID. 

We are finding that people have continued to conduct their due diligence on properties during lockdown and we have been presenting vendors with multiple offers on their homes. Last week, we presented an owner with six offers in competition, this resulted in a contract for sale almost $50,000 over asking price! 

As we continue to move forward towards through to the post-COVID market, it is important to we want to make sure that our vendors feel confident marketing their homes. We will continue to strictly adhere to all government guidelines around property viewings and open homes. Rest assured we are available and looking forward to achieving the best possible results for you.


EVES Whangarei Market Update

Posted: May 18th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

The sales statistics for April suggest a significant drop in the number of sales completed in April throughout the Whangarei District, however through the lockdown period we still had a steady level of enquiry from purchasers looking for property. Enquiry by buyers from other regions has been strong particularly for investment and coastal property.

Interesting the number of buyers who are confident in their ability to borrow and are wanting to ensure they get into the market as soon as possible. This has lead to multi offers on well-priced property. There has been no noticeable drop in prices so far.

The lock down period seemed to be a perfect opportunity for people to reassess their position and think seriously about their next move. In May, we have had viewings on many of our listings and negotiated a good number of sales.

Our team are all back at work full time and eager to take your call, whether it be to list or appraise your home or just for some sound advice about the market.

All Guns Blazing...But With Care!

Posted: May 15th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Moving into Alert Level 2 for most businesses on Thursday will have had us all heaving a huge sigh of relief. Retailers, restaurants, tourist attractions, real estate agencies and many other businesses have been able to get back to ‘normal’ business under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.  

Like all businesses, we take three main points very seriously: 1: Social distancing – keeping that 1–2 metres apart is important to all sectors; 2: Contact tracking and tracing – the requirement to register when entering a premises where you will be spending time and 3: Hygiene – hand sanitising, hand washing, being careful about coughing and sneezing into your arm – all things we will be practicing as we go about conducting the business of listing and selling real estate. 

We are excited to be back and there are many sellers and buyers pleased to see us back. We will keep you safe as best as we can, and we trust you will do the same. We welcome your call or visit to our open homes.

Getting your home ready for sale in winter

Posted: May 12th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

While we’re in the midst of Autumn and all confined to our homes for most or all of the time, it is a great time to start thinking of how we can get our homes ready for winter. Especially if you are looking to put your home on the market.

Here are some easy tips to help you ensure that you are ready to showcase the best features of your home when it comes time to start those open homes.

Shine a light

A sunny home is something everyone craves. It not only helps to keep the home warm and dry; it also gives people a great feeling when they walk into a sunny room. Trim trees around your property that could be hindering natural light flowing in, clean windows inside and out to make sure that there is nothing to stop what little light there is during these autumn and winter months getting in. On the inside, make sure you have adequate lighting to ensure your spaces are well lit. This could mean changing the type of lightbulbs you use, purchasing lamps or just moving them around the room to help brighten it up.

Clean it up

The exterior of the home will be the first impression for buyers. Washing the exterior of your home is something that we know we should do once a year, but it often doesn’t happen! If you have a multi-story home you may want to enlist the help of a professional for safety reasons, otherwise you can give this a go yourself. Your local Bunnings or Mitre 10 will have exterior house wash detergent that you can use in conjunction with a water blaster or hose and telescopic brush. If you’re wanting to be more environmentally friendly, a quick Google search for some concoctions containing white vinegar or biodegradable dish soap are readily available. Either way, having a clean and shiny exterior will be worth the money or time you invest, not to mention it helps to lengthen the life of your paintwork by removing grime and gunge. 

In these colder months, many of us find the paths around our home can become mossy or mouldy and potentially dangerous to walk on. While you’re giving the house a good wash, get stuck into these too. Again, there are detergents available from your local hardware store or you can use other non-toxic methods but either way, you will need to have a good hard bristled broom or brush and be prepared to do a little scrubbing. In the end, these will look great and it will save you from having to tread carefully when putting out the washing or walking out into the garden so it’s well worth the effort.

While you’re out there, clean any leaves or dirt from guttering. It will look great, extend the life of your gutters and allow them to do what they’ve been designed for when you get a big downpour.

Fix it up

Take a look around your home and look for anything like cracks in your plaster or holes in your spouting. If you notice any, get these fixed. You’ll most likely need to get in a tradie but it will be well worth it. Even if you aren’t intending to sell right now, these small things could become big issues if they aren’t tended to right away. Once water starts to enter your home through cracks in plaster, leaky spouting or windows, it’s hard to get rid of and a lot of the time, you won’t notice the damage until it’s too late. Fixing small things now could save cost and heartache in the long run.

As well as the big things, fix up anything cosmetic that you see around the home. Most of these things can be done by any home handyperson with a few simple power tools or a paint brush. Reattach any cupboard doors or drawer handles that might need it, tighten any leaky taps and get some CRC on those squeaky door hinges. With a few screws or nails, these small fixes can go a long way in the overall presentation of your home.

Up your garden game

Whether you’re an avid gardener or not, everyone can do a little to make their front or backyard look a little nicer. Pull weeds, mow lawns, trim trees and bushes, replenish bark or stones if need be. If you want to get more involved, plant winter friendly flowers, shrubs or trees in spaces that could do with a little more life in them. When choosing where to plant trees, make sure you think about the size that they will be in the future – don’t plant too close to fences or paths and make sure they won’t block sun into the home when they grow bigger. Your local garden centre will be able to help you to choose the best plants for the season and your space.

Head indoors

While it might not be as much work as the outside, the interior of your home will also need a little attention. Think of it as a spring clean in autumn.

Wipe clean ceilings and walls in all rooms. In particular, the kitchen and bathroom where mould could have built up. A simple mixture of dish soap, white vinegar and water in a spray bottle can help easily remove any dirt while also killing mould producing bacteria. 

Give the carpets a good vacuum. We’re talking getting down on all fours if you can and get behind doors and any hard to reach places that wouldn’t usually be tended to. Try and get rid of any obvious stains with carpet shampoo. Vacuum up any cobwebs in the corners of the rooms that you might find. If you want to, enlist the help of a professional, but remember this time of year may not be the best for drying carpet – make sure to discuss this when you give them a call.

Make like Marie Kondo

We’ve all got things in our homes that we probably don’t need. It’s time to decide what those are. We’re not saying you should hire a skip bin but decluttering your home doesn’t just make your home look better but it can be a great feeling to just get rid of ‘stuff’ and it will be more presentable in photos when it comes time for them to be taken. Clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen, the old magazines piled on the shelf that you’ll never read again. It could just be moving things into a better space, think about moving the items on the top of the vanity in the bathroom into a basket under the sink or well organised in drawers. You’ll be thankful when it’s time to move that you’ve rid yourself of some unnecessary things that you would have otherwise just carted from house to house.

Helping Each Other, Helping Recovery

Posted: May 8th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Congratulations to all New Zealanders on the tremendous response to COVID-19 and for staying at home. At the time of writing this, we have just had our first day of “no new cases” and long may that continue! And the recovery of our community is the next phase.  

At EVES our community is important to us. We are proud supporters of many not for profit and charitable organisations. In these unsettled and unprecedented times are very proud of the work that, in particular, the Tauranga Women’s Refuge, Tauranga Foodbank and TECT helicopter are doing for our community. We have been loyal sponsors of these three for a number of years and will continue to back them.

And it is, now more than ever, critical that we support our local businesses as well. As a local business we understand and appreciate the support we get. Order your dinner from local cafes, buy your clothes from local retailers (currently online only) and support your local tradies. Because with your help we can recover.  

Keep up the great work Tauranga! You are amazing!

Welcoming EVES into Waihi

Posted: May 6th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

After many years of serving the needs of Waihi property owners from the EVES Katikati office, we have recently opened an office at 42 Seddon Street. This commitment has immediately enabled us to grow our team and focus on the Waihi property market. We are looking forward bringing energy, commitment and the highest level of service to local property owners and buyers.

The EVES Waihi team of local experts consists of four salespeople - a fantastic team covering Waihi, Waihi Beach, Athenree and everywhere in between! Whether you’re looking to buy, sell have someone manage your investment - this team have you covered.

Stretching from the Hauraki Plains to the sea, Waihi and Waihi Beach offer countless options for those interested in tramping, fishing, swimming and recreational boating. This friendly, iconic town is well worth a visit if you are looking for artistic expression, great shopping, and an historical experience along the Pacific Coast Highway of New Zealand.

The EVES Waihi team including support staff, property managers and the sales team put clients first and work together with knowledge and integrity to provide the best possible service to everyone who requires assistance with their particular property requirements. Being supported by the wider EVES network means our team is provided the highest level of training, knowledge and skill in all areas. This support assists and qualifies EVES Waihi to be the first choice for many property owners and buyers both local and further afield.

EVES in our Community

Posted: April 28th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

Our community is very important to us at EVES and we are proud supporters of many not for profit and charitable organisations across our region. 

In these unsettled and unprecedented times are very proud of the work that, in particular, the Tauranga Women’s Refuge, Tauranga Foodbank and TECT helicopter are doing for our community.  We have been loyal sponsors of these three for a number of years and will continue to back them.   

Our thoughts are with Mandy and Liam Ryan and the Tauranga Jazz Festival Committee who put so much work into this year’s festival which was obviously cancelled.

Our community is blessed with so many people who volunteer their time across sport, health and wellbeing, the arts and our young people – we salute you all.

Bay of Plenty Market Update

Posted: April 24th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Click here to view this update on YouTube.

If you had told me six months ago that the real estate world—and in fact the world in general—was going to be turned upside down, have a huge shakedown and then rebuild, doing things differently… well, I probably wouldn't have believed you! But that is exactly what has happened and, through the adversity of COVID-19, it has been heartening to see a strengthening of humanity in terms of kindness, family times, business development and more, all of which I believe will make us better and stronger human beings. 

We can all feel proud of what every individual in this country has done to minimise risk and I, like many of you, thank our frontline people for their commitment in keeping our wonderful country safe. My thoughts go out to those people who have been adversely affected by this terrible disease, whether through illness, the loss of a family member or a friend, or the loss of a business and income from trading. 

But now we have turned the corner and, no matter what your political belief, Jacinda Ardern and her team of advisers have done their best for all of us. Only time—and our commitment to see this through—will tell if their best was good enough.

In the last 48 hours, the New Zealand Government has announced a change from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3. So, what does this mean in the world of real estate?

The speed at which the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented took most people by surprise, leaving us uncertain about what we could and couldn’t do under the different levels. Properties were transacted right up until Wednesday 25 March, when Alert Level 4 came into effect. Vendors and purchasers were left questioning how to fulfil conditions in contracts (such as building reports); how to carry out a pre-settlement inspection on a property they had purchased and were about to settle on; and how they could physically move into their new property and out of their old one.

As from midnight on Monday 27 April, we will find ourselves under Alert Level 3, and all of these things will be able to happen. Building inspectors will be able carry out reports on property (whilst observing strict hygiene criteria, social distancing, and all of the other stipulations to keep everyone safe). Purchasers will be able to do pre-settlement inspections and will finally be able to move into their properties, again abiding by the strict protocols laid out by the Ministry of Health around these activities.

During the lockdown, our marketing team has been diligently working to ensure that, under the new guidelines, purchasers will be able to view properties online through very advanced technology. This gives viewers a good “feel” for a home without physically inspecting it. 

One of the most important factors about the purchasing of a home—the critical part: making sure it is a home and not just a house—is the ability to become emotionally involved. This is achieved, of course, through a physical inspection to get the “feel” of the home. Subject to strict hygiene criteria, social distancing and traceability processes being observed, buyers will, under Level 3, be able to physically inspect a property—albeit for a limited time-span of 15 minutes—giving them the opportunity to experience the emotional impact which is such an important part of the home-buying process. 

Over the past four weeks, many people have been contemplating options regarding their real estate needs. In some cases, people may have discovered that working from home is perfect for them, and therefore they would like a property that allows them to do that; or in some cases people will have considered down-sizing to realise some equity from their homes to reduce debt or to use for other priorities. No matter what a seller needs, our salespeople have the tools to help: great marketing ideas, using excellent technology, and the ability to do a personalised marketing plan for every property in order to target the correct market segment with maximum exposure. Our aim is not simply to find “a” buyer … we actively look for “the” buyer—the one who will pay the most for your home.

Our EVES salespeople are ready and willing to embrace the next stage of this journey. Whilst our offices will be open to admin staff only, with strictly limited access for salespeople and no public access, our salespeople will  continue to work from home, with all the necessary technology and connectivity to list and market property for their clients. They have spent the last four weeks looking at their own individual real estate businesses, discussing and working on strategies for operating in the “new normal” and, in many cases, even continuing to list and sell property under Level 4! 

We are ready for the new normal, ready to assist you in your real estate decisions and ready for all that is in front of us. 

I look forward to coming back to you again in two weeks to keep you up to date with what the next phase of real estate will look like.

From the entire EVES team to you, we wish you the very best in successfully getting through Alert Level 3. Stay safe, stay in your “waiting room”, and thank you for choosing EVES to assist you in your real estate transactions.

Hamilton - March update

Posted: April 22nd, 2020 / By Sean Foster - General Manager, Waikato

A few busy months have shown that real estate activity has not slowed down around Hamilton City. 

From the REINZ statistics that were issued on April 14, we know that the median price in the area was $620,000 for the month, up over 8% on the same time last year. The number of sales for March decreased by just 2 when compared to last year however we could probably attribute this in part to how quickly we entered Alert Level 4 and the lockdown that came with it.

Of the sales achieved for the month, 17% were $500,000 or less and nearly 5% of the sales made were properties over $1,000,000. This shows the varying types of property we have around the city and that there is something for everyone whether they are first home buyers, investors, downsizers or upsizers.

Although we’ve had some great record-breaking months in our city, we are now headed into a time of uncertainty and we cannot be sure how the real estate market will react to the COVID-19 lockdown. Even though we may not be able to meet you face to face for some time, there are other ways for us to do business with you, just not in the ways that you’re used to. 

So, if you’ve fallen in love with a property and want to make sure that you get in with an offer before anyone else does, let us know. If you’ve decided that you need to put your home on the market so you can be closer to family or in a smaller home, let us know. Most of our transactions can be done by electronic means and our people are on board to help you out. We’re in this with you for the long haul and if we can do anything at all to help you during this strange and unprecedented time, we will.

Whangarei - March Market Update

Posted: April 20th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

What an amazing end to March and of course the financial year. The word unprecedented has been used a lot lately. It doesn’t really describe much other than to reflect the fact we have not experienced these circumstances in our lifetimes. Still we had a good month and are happy with the results for the 2019/20 year.

In our first full year of trading as EVES Whangarei, the market in the Whangarei District has been very strong all year with the median price rising to $530,000 - an increase of 6% from March 2019 to March 2020. The number of sales in the area have also increased 11% from 101 in February to 112 in March, and we’re hoping this will continue post-lockdown as we know that there is increasing demand for properties in our region.

We are open for business with our whole team working remotely from home. If you looking for information about properties or wanting some market advice please just call one of the team. They would love to hear from you.

Stay safe and healthy. 

COVID-19 and what it could mean for your mortgage

Posted: April 17th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

COVID-19. It’s all we seem to be talking and hearing about these days. But not everything out there is useless information. At EVES, we know that financial certainty is important to our clients and during times like these, you want to know that you have options should you land yourself in a little hot water. This is why we’ve teamed up with Lifetime to give you some sound advice that could really help you out if you need it.

There is no doubt that the outbreak of COVID-19 was something that nobody planned for, and the subsequent actions of the Government and health authorities to keep New Zealand safe will impact in different ways for many people. Some significant contributors to New Zealand’s economic performance will suffer for some considerable time to come, particularly those involved in tourism and hospitality, but also many small businesses undertaking a wide range of activity in various alert levels.

The banks have been asked to step up with assistance, in conjunction with the available Government assistance packages and subsidies. Many New Zealanders own property, either for their own occupation, or for tenancy, occupation by others, and many of these will be subject to borrowing from lenders, commonly referred to as mortgages. The banks have scrambled to put together relief packages for borrowers, and have been receiving thousands of enquiries as people seek assistance to help them through this challenging period, particularly from those whose incomes have been affected, or those who have lost their jobs.

It is important to seek advice early, from a specialist financial, or mortgage adviser, or directly from the bank, and be prepared to make changes as required.

Everyone will have their own different circumstances, loan amounts, financial situations, family needs and so on, and relief needs to be tailored to best match the needs and longer-term objectives of each borrower. 

The packages offered by the banks are aimed at helping to free up cash flow from available disposable incomes, and it is important to select the right package for the circumstances, to ensure that any decision is made with good advice. The bank packages can be summarised as follows:

Interest Only

The loan is restructured to have the cost of interest paid by the client each month, with no principle being paid to reduce the loan balance, for an agreed period of time, such as three to twelve months.

Interest Rate Adjustment

It is possible that the bank may offer a lower interest rate than currently applying to the loan, which may enable the repayment to be reduced, or the interest only amount to be reduced. There is likely a cost involved to break out of an existing fixed rate contract, and it will be appropriate to calculate the cost benefit of making this change.

Temporary Facility

It may be possible for the bank to consider offering a temporary overdraft facility, a top-up to the existing loan, or a flexible type facility to provide assistance when needed. This will need to be repaid in time and can be consolidated with existing lending when circumstances allow.

Mortgage Repayment Deferment (Holiday)  

This option has received considerable media attention and requires careful consideration. A deferment can be for a period of between three and six months, where the bank will suspend loan repayments but will continue calculating interest which will be added back to the loan balance monthly. At the end of the agreed period, the loan balance will be higher. New loan repayments will then need to be calculated and are likely to be higher to maintain the existing overall loan term.

Extend Loan Term

Banks may be able to consider extending the existing loan term out to the maximum available loan term of 30 years, depending on meeting other terms and conditions to enable this. This option can also have the effect of reducing regular loan repayments.

It is important to have a robust discussion with your adviser and the bank, to ensure that the right decisions are made to ensure that any assistance is appropriately matched to circumstances. Consideration must be given to the longer-term implications given the challenges of this unprecedented event.  

There are many other ways to improve your cashflow at this difficult time such as with your KiwiSaver and insurances. Again, speaking to a financial adviser should be your first port of call. If you have any questions about your finances, visit the Lifetime website or give one of their advisors a call.

EVES Papamoa story on the front page of the BOP Times

Posted: April 13th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

EVES Papamoa salesperson Vince Heuberger's recent sale has been featured on the front page of the BOP Times - "Couple buys home - without even seeing it".

This one of the first signs of the real estate market adapting to a new way of selling and buying homes in Covid-19 lockdown.

Article below:

Beryl and Peter Lloyd sold their home of 17 years in Whakamarama before the country moved into alert level 4 and “had to get out” so they bought a three bedroom brick house on a 763sqm section in Savannah Place, Papamoa. But, because the country is in lockdown, the couple do not know what the house they will be moving into next month looks like in real life.

“I haven’t even seen the house yet,” Beryl said. “It is hilariously funny. I wasn’t scared in the slightest.”

Now in their 70s, the Lloyds put their large home on Wainui South Road on the market after Peter injured his eye in an accident.

“We knew it was time to go back to the city,” Beryl said. “We needed something smaller.”

Their son spotted a home in Savannah Place that was close to where their daughter lived and was near the shops. Beryl did not have a computer to search online to see what the house looked like, so she phoned her neighbour who had internet access and was able to print out a few photos. “I have two shots of the lounge from two different angles,” Beryl said. “But she started to print out the next page and she ran out of ink.” So Beryl phoned her real estate agent for more information. “I had him describing the house, telling me what colour it is and what it looks like. I sent him back a couple of times. I kept asking how many cupboards are there and the height of the fridge. My son was doing it too.”

Beryl also had some friends do a drive-by. “They said it looks all right from the outside.”

So based on the information they had, the couple bought the home and move in on May 13.

Beryl said she enjoyed the journey of buying during lockdown but it was difficult without a computer. “My family is used to me doing crazy things.”

EVES Papamoa agent Vince Heuberger, who sold the home, said Beryl did not even have email. Heuberger said her son sent images and property details to Beryl’s neighbour, who printed them out and left them at a safe social distance for her to pick up. “There was no floor plan, no video. I just talked it through with her on the phone for over an hour, answering questions about the flooring, the rooms, every little thing. It was quite fun.”

The vendor did not want open homes anyway, and was happy to measure the parking area to ensure the buyer’s campervan would fit, he said.

Heuberger said Beryl knew the area well, liked the size of the section and knew it was his third sale on the street since November, so didn’t want to miss out.

“The seller is delighted. The price is what she’d hoped for from the planned auction.”

The chief executive officer of Bayleys and EVES Realty Waikato Bay of Plenty and Taranaki, Heath Young, said it was a great outcome for both parties in such restricted times. Young said deals were still converting during lockdown but were well down on typical volumes for this time of year. “Many deals are now conditional on final viewings and market activity is building for the eventual lifting of alert level 4.”

Owen Vaughan, editor of NZME-owned property listings site OneRoof.co.nz, said it was encouraging to see Kiwis’ can-do spirit shining through. “Buyers and sellers are still managing to do deals, with virtual walk-throughs taking the place of open homes and agencies running auctions online.

“Some of the sales made in the past two weeks have resulted in above-CV prices, while cashed-up, financially secure buyers are making offers on properties without having physically set foot in them.”

Vaughan said it was likely that when the lockdown lifted there would be a rush to the market by those who were already well advanced in their buying plans before the restrictions came in.


Article as published in the Bay of Plenty Times, Saturday 11 April.

View the full article online here.

EVES featured in UNO Magazine: Give me 5

Posted: April 11th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

In a competitive housing market flooded with real estate agents, it can be difficult to sort the best from the rest. To give you the inside track, UNO Magazine asked our Bay of Plenty GM Karen Worley what kind of agent can get you the ultimate result.

When it comes to making your choice and maximising your success, there’s more to consider than just fees and commission. Read her top five reasons to opt for an established professional, as featured in the UNO magazine here https://www.unomagazine.co.nz/2020/04/07/give-me-five/ 

A Message for Our Valued Clients

Posted: March 26th, 2020 / By Heath Young - Chief Operating Officer

At the heart of everything we do here at EVES, it is people that are always our focus. Not just our amazing salespeople, property managers and administration staff, but you, our valued clients and the community we all live and work within.

Moving to Alert Level 4 to respond to COVID-19 in New Zealand happened quickly and we have all been impacted by this incredibly unusual global situation. Naturally we feel worried and uncertain about how it could affect us, our families, our colleagues, our clients and our friends.

How New Zealand’s lockdown will affect the property market is still unknown, things are changing day by day across all sectors of business. But we are continuing to work hard to get deals across the line and we still have active buyers and sellers.

This message is to reassure you that EVES continues to operate, harnessing our world class systems, infrastructure and communication tools. These enable our salespeople and property managers to continue to provide the highest levels of service to clients while working from home. Some things will be different, but critical things like reporting and client care remain exactly the same.

You will be able to reach out to us as usual via a range of media to stay connected, be heard and feel reassured that you are well-informed - phone calls, texts, emails, online meetings or social media.

Feel free to make contact with us if there is anything we can do to help you during this unprecedented time. We’re all in this together and we remain committed to staying strong yet vigilant to get through this and support you with your property requirements both now and when the alert levels reduce.

For now, look after your health, both physical and mental and embrace the good that you can find in every day. It might be a walk, a phone call with your children or grandchildren, a blue sky or a great movie. Stay positive through this challenging time as we all look towards a brighter, safer future for New Zealand.

Ever Changing Landscape

Posted: March 20th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We are taking the news of COVID-19 very seriously and we are changing the way we do business to ensure we keep the spread of this virus to an absolute minimum. But business still goes on, the wheels continue to turn and people still need to buy and sell property.

At the time of writing this, the reduction in the latest OCR has already reduced floating interest rates and we are expecting fixed rates to follow. This is absolutely encouraging for sellers, as investors who seem to have been very active in the market place at the moment, are definitely buying and more so given the volatility of the share market. They are flocking back into property which will be great news to renters in particular, hopefully easing the shortage of property available to rent. The numbers of first home buyers are also strong and they are appearing in the auction room as well as making offers on priced property. I have no doubt they welcome the reduced interest rates. And that movement in the bottom to middle part of the market then filtrates through to sales in the middle to high end so the flow on effects continue.  

It may not be business as usual in some respects, but it is still business going ahead in many areas too. We just find a different way of doing things. Watch this space and stay vigilant.

COVID-19 and our commitment to our people, clients and community

Posted: March 20th, 2020 / By Heath Young - Chief Operating Officer

The COVID-19 situation here in New Zealand continues to evolve daily with learnings from around the world being widely adopted.

We wanted to let you know that at the heart of our business, as it has always been, are our people. This is at the forefront of our mind as we work to ensure the health and wellbeing for all who are part of our company; be that members of staff, salespeople, property managers and ultimately the people we are acting on behalf of – you, our clients.

We want to reassure you that we are following all advice and complying with the Ministry of Health (MOH) recommendations and taking guidance from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) as to how we continue to operate.

Business Continuity

We have initiated a Business Continuity Plan and our Executive Leadership Group is committed to taking all necessary steps to keep our people safe while supporting New Zealand’s strategies to contain the spread of COVID-19.

We continue to operate and have world class systems, infrastructure and communication tools to enable our salespeople and property managers to continue to provide high levels of service to our clients in these uncertain times.

Please find below some specific guidelines and protocols that we are adhering to:


• We have signage positioned at the entryway of all our auction venues which advises attendees to not attend if they are feeling unwell, if they

have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and to get in touch if 14 days after attending if they feel unwell.

• Hand sanitiser is also available.

• We often experience a large number of people attending our auctions so we have reduced the number of auctions in each session that we schedule; this means we are able to reduce the number of people in the room at one time, but not reduce the number of people attending for each property. We are also extending the space between our chairs to that there is a greater physical distance between attendees.

• Our auction venues are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each auction day.

• If one of our vendors or buyers is reluctant to attend in person, then participation by phone is an option. Buyers can bid by phone or another person can be approved to bid on their behalf. Our salespeople have the necessary forms to ensure this is done in accordance with the REA Act 2008.

• We are keeping a register of attendees, in order to have a record of attendance so that if required, we can identify who was in the room at a certain time.

Open Homes

• At present open homes can be held, but your salesperson will discuss directly with you as to whether you would like to continue to have open homes or if you would prefer to move to private viewings by appointment.

• Salespeople will have hand sanitiser available for attendees and they are also taking care to have high standards of personal hygiene.

• A register of all attendees will be maintained, again this is in order to have a record of attendance so that if required, we can identify who attended an open home.

• Signage will be displayed and included in purchaser packs; it will ask attendees not to attend if they are feeling unwell, if they have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and to get in touch if 14 days after attending if they feel unwell. If private viewings are arranged, then this information will be emailed in advance.


We will continue to monitor the situation and will be constantly refining our Business Continuity Plan as well as communicating any changes to the above that will have an impact on the marketing or sale of your property.

Booming Marvellous

Posted: March 13th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Sitting at various sales meetings over the past two weeks, I am being exposed first hand to the strength of the real estate market. An increasing number of sellers are choosing auction as the preferred method of marketing their property. And selling they most definitely are! Not just selling but in many cases, selling well beyond vendors’ expectations. 

This last week alone, seven properties received pre-auction offers (meaning the vendor is prepared to sell at an agreed price), the auction brought forward and the property sold, some with further bidding. Those seven excluded another chunk of properties that also went up for auction on our normal Thursday auction day. And the results this process of selling under the EVES brand is generating are phenomenal. 239 Bay of Plenty auctions were called by our EVES Auctioneer during October/November/December and 85% of them sold, 24 are still being marketed of which nine are under contract. 

And things have certainly not slowed down – quite the contrary in fact. As a company, in 7 out of the 11 months of this financial year 2019/20 we have achieved record sales numbers. This means that people who are listing with us are seeing great results, selling and moving on to the next stage of their lives.

Stay safe, stay well and have a fantastic week.

Welcome Back!

Posted: March 6th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

First home buyers and investors are playing a large part in the market currently and it’s absolutely fantastic to see. Naturally with this sort of activity we can expect to see a slight reduction in the average sale price due to more volume in the lower end of the market. Having them back and buying is interesting though because they are not necessarily using the traditional methods of getting their deposit together. We are increasingly seeing creative ways to come up with deposits outside the normal ‘save it’ or ‘borrow it from Mum and Dad’.  

What we are now seeing is two or three and sometimes more parties, all with a desire to get into the property market, working together to make this possible. Some are reporting organising groups who invest, hold the property for more than 5 years to avoid the Brightline clause of having to pay capital gains tax and hoping at the end of their tenure of ownership, they have created a tidy amount from the property.  

I say, if it brings more people into their own home then bring it on. Our auction room is full of determined young buyers and this results in many people emotionally engaged in hoping they secure a property. I know mortgage brokers have been busy and that is a great thing for our kids and grandkids!

Watch this space for more on what we are doing to assist people into property.

The Market is Strong

Posted: February 28th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

EVES sold more homes in January than in any other January in the company’s history. This is backed up by statistical information coming through from REINZ. In January, the average sale price in Tauranga was $680,000 and in Mt Maunganui and Papamoa it was $769,000. Sales numbers were up between the two areas year on year. 

The worrying part of the equation is the amount of homes for sale. It is the supply and demand that determines the sale price. Plenty of choice of property for buyers generally equals lower sales prices. Shortage of choice pushes the demand and prices up. As a company, we are seeing multiple offers come in on many of our properties and competitive bidding in the auction room indicating that the shortage of stock is very real.

Buyers frustrated at this lack of choice need to be ready to buy and make informed decisions quickly. Have your finance organised, know what you can afford to go to comfortably and don’t hold back when the perfect property comes to the market. Specialist reports are often required so again, contact these people at the earliest opportunity if the required report is not provided by the seller (NB: buyers are encouraged to get their own specialist reports). Act quickly and make the offer to the vendor as strong as you can given the limits you have. Also be sure to register with an EVES salesperson so they can give you a heads up on properties coming to the market.


It’s All About the People We Know

Posted: February 21st, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Real estate people have a huge network of people they know, people who know them or people they have done business with. The old saying “it’s word of mouth” is very true in this industry and many, many properties are listed and sold because of connections people have.

When a property is listed, it is invaluable to communicate that to as wide a network as possible and the extensive databases our people build up are critical to exposing a property to the market early and attracting great momentum for the sale of that property.

At EVES we have salespeople very active in the community as well, building great networks of people and this also allows them to market directly to their contacts, again creating that momentum to get the best possible price the market has to offer.

Make sure you capitalise on the networks of our people. If you are thinking of selling let our salespeople talk to you about how they can get you sold and get you moving on with the minimum of stress.

Strategic Marketing for Maximum Exposure

Posted: February 14th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Selling a home is not just about putting a sign outside, running a few open homes and having people make offers. Selling a property is about a strategic approach to marketing that property, all its features and benefits, to the best possible buyers in the market. It requires a comprehensive plan including who the likely buyers are and where they might be looking for a property e.g. are they online shopping, looking in print media or are they cruising the neighbourhood? Are they national or international buyers or is the buyer for your home actually not even looking for a property yet, but when they see the marketing on it, they are tempted to make a move.  

We take all these things into consideration to come up with a bespoke marketing strategy for your property – not the same old plan that the property round the corner had, but one that is specific to you. 

What is the benefit? Well, that marketing will give us more qualified buyers and therefore more likelihood of selling in a shorter timeframe for a premium price, if there is one in the marketplace at that time. That is one of the many reasons people choose EVES to sell through. At EVES, your property is our priority! 

Use The Best People

Posted: February 7th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

During the buying process your real estate salesperson is a great person to talk to about making sure you are using the people most likely to help you on your home owning journey.  

An article in New Zealand Herald this week talked about using mortgage brokers to assist you through the process of financing your purchase. I personally have used Brokers not just for mortgages but for insurance as well. The Broker makes it their job to do the hard yards for you, coming up with the most suitable arrangement to fit your situation.  It is not a one size fits all situation and you don’t want it treated like that. Your purchase is a big deal so make sure you talk to your salesperson about getting the best people working for you throughout the whole transaction.  

And of course choosing the best salespeople to assist you in selling is also critical. Let us talk to you about a bespoke marketing programme to make sure you get maximum dollar for what is generally your biggest asset.

EVES Whangarei January Wrap Up

Posted: February 5th, 2020 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

Northland has experienced a wonderful sunny January, the holiday makers have been here in droves enjoying the boating, fishing, swimming and experiencing the Northland coastline at its best.

The real estate market in the Whangarei district remained active and strong right through December 2019 and in to January.

Our team experienced the busiest December in years and we have a large bank of buyers waiting for new listing stock to come on in the new year.

We are expecting prices to remain firm and with the growing confidence in the Whangarei District  the region is experiencing an  increase in business opportunities and a corresponding influx of new families .

We have moved in to fresh new premises at 96 Walton Street, Whangarei. It is a great location with plenty of client parking so if you are in town, call in.

It's all about the team work

Posted: January 31st, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

It is a wonderful sight when a home crowd is cheering their support of the local or national team. This Sunday at Bay Oval we will see the Black Caps play India and the White Ferns play South Africa. What an outstanding day that double header will be! Make sure you get along and become one of the 10,000 people who enjoy Bay Oval, the facilities it offers and of course, the cricket played by our national teams. Our Company is proud to have been associated with Bay Oval over the years.

As a group of over 300 dedicated salespeople, experienced property managers, efficient administrators and passionate auctioneering team supported by world class IT, marketing, finance, HR and sponsorship teams we strive to work together to assist you to maximise the value of your real estate asset.  A well considered team approach is what is needed to achieve great results. You will see real proof of that this weekend at Bay Oval.


EVES Whangarei has Moved!

Posted: January 30th, 2020 / By EVES Realty

EVES Whangarei has a new home in a completely refurbished office at 96 Walton Street on the site of the old ASB. 

Manager Paul Beazley says the new premises ticks the box for a high profile location and has the added bonus of plenty of car parking, which is at a premium in the central city. 

EVES was opened in Whangarei in August 2018. Paul says with 30 staff, the busy office covers real estate sales and property management. 

He says there is a lot of confidence in Northland, which has a steadily growing population. 

Over the past few years sales have been consistent all year round, which is the sign of a buoyant market. 

“This means there is no need to hesitate or worry about when to start marketing a property. The market is strong enough to sell at any time,’’ he says. 

Paul says Northland’s lifestyle is attracting interest from all over the world, and marketing is a huge part of the business. 

“The team experienced the busiest December in years and we have a large bank of buyers waiting for new listing stock to come on in 2020,’’ he says. 

“We are expecting prices to remain firm and with the growing confidence in the Whangarei district, the region is experiencing an increase in business opportunities and a corresponding influx of new families.” 

He welcomes visitors to pop in to the new office where they will find a warm welcome.

It's Heating Up

Posted: January 24th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We have been enjoying some fantastic weather the past two weeks now the wind has dropped off and that is evidenced by the numbers I see frolicking in the water near my home. Kids are enjoying the last days of their summer holidays before they head back to school and I suspect most parents will be willing that time to pass quickly!

We have seen a nice lift in the market with good levels of attendance at open homes and a high level of interest in the first home and investors’ market.

Our auction rooms have fired into action again and it’s great to see properties receiving multiple offers on them and a good number of buyers registering for auctions. So, we are off to a steady start here at EVES.

If we can assist you with anything property - be it wanting to sell, to buy, to rent or to have your investment property managed, please call into any one of our 10 offices throughout the region.

What is 2020 going to bring?

Posted: January 17th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Predicting what the real estate market is going to do this year is always crystal ball stuff but there are definitely a number of factors that contribute to the state of the market. 

Reports out of the Auckland market show property prices on the increase again and strengthening. Tauranga generally follows that trend and I see no reason at the moment why that won’t continue to be the case. 

There is plenty of visitor interest coming into the region and strong sales activity over the holiday period shows that people are still craving the Bay of Plenty lifestyle. 

Combine that with the continued strength with exciting projects happening within our region and it is easy to get excited about the year ahead.

It is certainly full steam ahead at EVES so to keep up to date with what is happening, check out eves.co.nz, our Facebook page, through Instagram or even better - talk to any one of the EVES team.

Preparing for Retirement

Posted: January 10th, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

It was interesting to read the article in the New Zealand Herald on who actually owns residential property in New Zealand. Around 1/3 of all residential property is owned by owner occupiers - people who live in the property they have purchased. Another 13% is owned by people who have two homes – so this would include those who have a holiday home or one investment property. A further 6% are owned by people who have three properties, therefore you can make the assumption that some people in this group are planning for their retirement by investing in property.

There are great opportunities for increasing your wealth through property. Two popular ways of doing this are:

1.  Improve the value of your current property. Upgrade, add an extra bedroom or living, modify and invest in your own property for greater value.

2.  Use the equity in the property you own to purchase a second property as an investment reducing the mortgage over a few years, allow for capital gain with the view of then using the equity to purchase more properties and increase wealth.

If you would like to discuss these options, please feel free to call any one of our experienced salespeople. They deal in property, they work with people who can assist you and they can get you on your way to greater wealth through property ownership.

Welcome to 2020

Posted: January 3rd, 2020 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The start of a new decade, the hopes and aspirations for a wonderful year ahead and plenty of New Year resolutions have been set…and hopefully haven’t been broken just yet!

We all look back on 2019 and feel the pain for the people of Christchurch and those affected by the events of White Island, their families and friends and pray that this year will be a better one for them, for the country and for all of us. We move forward though, not forgetting but full of optimism for a better year, a better decade and we hold onto hope for our beautiful country.

The signs are strong for another great year in real estate – low interest rates, low unemployment, increased numbers into the region, short supply of property and strong buyers. I am pretty sure that there will have been many New Year’s resolutions made around real estate so if that is the case and we can assist you through the selling or buying process then we would be delighted to assist. We wish you a great year ahead and look forward to working with you this year. 

Happy Festive Season

Posted: December 20th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

If you are a visitor to the Bay of Plenty then a very warm welcome to our patch of paradise and may your stay be a happy one. Enjoy all the area has to offer and stay safe!

It has been another strong year in real estate and I am fortunate to work with a group of professionals who are committed to make the selling and buying process a good one for those they deal with. Property values have increased in our regions, sales numbers remain strong and the economy is looking good going forward. 

I want to take this time to acknowledge all those people who have chosen to do business with us this year! Your loyalty and support are much appreciated as are the referrals we have had from many sources. Thank you to you all.

Christmas means different things for different people and on behalf of all of us at EVES, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2020. Remember to look after those nearest and dearest to you and take the time to think of those less fortunate or who may no longer be with you.

Proudly Supporting the TECT Rescue Helicopter

Posted: December 13th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

It is always a proud moment for us when presenting a cheque to Liam Brett-Kelly and the TECT Rescue Helicopter team. The fantastic work Liam and his team does is quite overwhelming.  

The rescue helicopter can literally be airborne in 10 minutes, with a crew of three on board including a trauma trained medic.  The situations these people attend are often in isolated areas or a distance from the nearest hospital. Time is absolutely of the essence to get the patient Into care to increase the chances of survival and recovery. The sooner treatment begins, the higher the chance of survival.

The White Island eruption this week was a prime example where these guys end up, assisting those people badly burnt, seriously injured and often unable to help themselves.

Our EVES team members, from management through to admin and salespeople respect the work this committed group of people do and contribute to this worthy cause. The company matches whatever is contributed dollar for dollar. It is a long standing commitment we have made to assist our community, to bring people home safely and it is probably typical of how we feel as a company to giving back and paying things forward.

Have a fantastic weekend and please, stay safe.

The State of Play

Posted: December 6th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

So many things have happened in the New Zealand property market over 2019 – plans for capital gains tax were scrapped, tax breaks cancelled for investors, cuts to the OCR and legislation passed to create healthier homes.

In the Tauranga area, the median value of homes is up 4.7% on last year to $670,000 but growth has been slower in the last quarter with values up just 0.7%. 

Sales volumes in Tauranga are down compared to the same period last year, but the good news is that investors are returning to the market after being virtually shut out for the last two years. 

Investors with a small portfolio of two or three properties took out 16.23% of new mortgages in the last quarter -  up 0.68% from the same time last year. Its great to see that first home buyers continue to be the most common buyer, accounting for 24.53% of new mortgages over the last quarter. 

Tauranga’s top performing suburbs are Gate Pa, Maungatapu, Parkvale, Poike, Tauriko and Welcome Bay - all up between 6% and 8% over the last 12 months. With the exception of Tauriko, the appeal of these suburbs lies in their relatively affordable price points - all have median values below $650,000 (Tauriko’s median value is $1.33 million), attracting both first home buyers and investors.

I’m pleased to report that our company continues to dominate the Tauranga market which should give anybody who is thinking of selling confidence that when they list with us, they will achieve exceptional results.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Source: One Roof Property Report, December 2019

Why Wait? Act Now.

Posted: November 22nd, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

When I review the constant flow of data that comes across my desk I’m heartened by the continued growth and confidence in the Bay of Plenty. 

The Bay continues to perform well against other centres and that vibrancy can be seen in new subdivisions, the number of building consents, retail and commercial developments and the job market. And if you need any more proof that our area is growing then simply try to drive anywhere at peak times. 

What does that mean for you? It means that you too can take heart and have confidence if you are thinking of buying or selling right now.

The next decision you may face is, “Who can I trust to look after me?” Rest assured that our people are trained and tuned to the current market conditions and what’s working best for our clients and customers. They will guide you through the processes relevant to your situation so that you can achieve what’s important to you.

So when you want to know for sure that you are in good hands, call any one of our EVES salespeople and let them show you how they will take care of you.

Frazzle Dazzle Market

Posted: November 15th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

There has been great activity in the real estate world in the past few months and it is interesting to see the first home buyers and investors re-entering the market.  We attribute this to a number of things:

1. Interest rates are as low as I ever recall and that excites people, particularly investors who are receiving a higher yield than they are in interest from banks

2. There is a good supply of property for sale in both markets – first home and investors

3. Investors have seen their wealth grow through increasing values of property giving them more equity to borrow against for further investment.

The OCR is rumoured to change (at time of writing this there has been no announcement) which will further fuel buyers into action.  The only area of concern is with the banks.  They are taking a much more cautious approach as far as security on lending goes and rightly so if history is anything to go by.

All in all, a busy time for everyone leading into Christmas.

Count Down to Christmas

Posted: November 8th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

There are just seven weeks to go until Christmas, in case you need reminding! 

If you are thinking of making a move, there is still time to sell your current property and be in your new home before Christmas. 

There are plenty of opportunities to buy larger homes, homes with pools, smaller homes – whatever it is that you need - in this week’s EVES Property.  

And the market is still strong. We have buyers desperate to be in their new home by Christmas. 

Sell while the sun is shining, your gardens are looking fantastic and buy while interest rates are low and there is good stock available to choose from. 

Then all you need to do is get on and enjoy Christmas and the summer in your new home with family and friends. 



Doing Things Better

Posted: November 1st, 2019 / By Gabriella Troutbeck - Group Marketing Manager

As market leaders, EVES are always ensuring we do things better for our clients – and recently we launched brand new Facebook Property Campaigns, one of the most effective digital tools available for marketing properties. 

Through our new listing-integrated platform, and powered by our innovation partner Listing Logic, these campaigns will ensure maximum exposure of properties - to the right audiences. Combining unique machine learning intelligence and Facebook’s targeting to ensure our Vendors properties are put in front of more qualified and engaged buyers, all in a highly cost-effective model, and with real time reporting!

When compared to standard Facebook advertising, EVES integrated campaigns produce far superior results. Early testing shows our incredible click through rates will ensure more traffic is being driven to your property listing and our low cost per click/action ensure the most effective use of your investment.

EVES also have a number of other exceptional digital tools to promote properties, including Google Display Network advertising, bespoke property websites, premium promotion across property listing websites, video and pre-roll advertising options. All designed to promote your property to more buyers.

So if you are looking to sell and want the best digital tools included in your property marketing, talk to EVES today.

Happy Holidays!

Posted: October 25th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The haul from Queen’s birthday through to Christmas feels so long, particularly given we go through the winter period but thank goodness, right in the middle of those six months comes Labour Weekend. 

At the time of writing this I have no clue as to what the weather is going to do, what the rugby results are nor do I know what activities are on this weekend. What I do know is that the break is always welcome and there is plenty to do in the Bay for all age groups. That is why we see our motels, backpackers and book-a-bach homes full and why we see more cars than normal on our roads.

What I do want to say to you though, is be more careful than ever when you are swimming, driving or just enjoying all we have to offer here. Enjoy this mini break in the lead up to Christmas and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Oh, and if you are looking for a property, it would be remiss of me not to point out the number of homes that are open for inspection this weekend with EVES.

Have a great weekend!

The Spring Market is Strong!

Posted: October 18th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

There is no doubt that we are in a bubble of frantic buying and selling of property right now. We are seeing good properties come to the market, we have plenty of cash buyers in the auction room looking to buy the right property and we have numerous buyers still needing to arrange finance or with houses to sell, who are keen to pop a contract on a property they have chosen.  

Last week saw 70% of the properties in the auction room sell to cash buyers and further conditional offers came after the auction on some of the remaining properties. A property we priced two weeks ago had a flurry of activity and ended up selling to an ecstatic purchaser for considerably more than the asking price because of the stiff competition wanting to own the property. And there are certainly more multiple offers on properties now in the spring than we have seen for some time.

If you want some assistance to either buy or sell your property, talk to the people who know how to market them to achieve the absolute best result! Talk to EVES today!

Bravo to the Hosts!

Posted: October 11th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

As we finish the last round of the pool play of the Rugby World Cup, without doubt the absolute highlight for me has been the host team Japan’s performance. Every time they get onto that field, they give their heart and soul and thus far have come out with the win! They study the competition, they strategise, formulate a game plan and implement it. Where there needs to be some changes to the plan - in other words they did not predict something the opposition has thrown at them, they amend their plan and get up and go again!  

This approach is so true in everything we do in real estate. When listing a property, we look at what competition is on the market, we think about the target audience, we tailor-make a marketing plan, we look at and allow for market conditions and implement the plan. If something unforeseen happens, or we have had a change in the market then we amend the plan and get up and go again.

Bravo Japan! We are proud that one of our own is head coach and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next round.

Enjoy the spectacle everyone.

The Truth About EVES Auctions

Posted: October 4th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Results speak for themselves and those who understand the EVES auction process understand the big picture and recognise that auctions are a very effective method of sale. 

Over 70% of our owners who employ this method of sale enjoy the celebrations of a successful sale within a 90 day period. Don’t be misled into thinking that all this happens under the hammer at the auction and don’t be misled or misinformed that when a property doesn’t sell at auction that the auction is a failure. 

The reality is that the calling of an auction is simply to allow cash, unconditional buyers and owners the first opportunity to work together and those wanting builders’ reports, LIM reports and valuations etc. have to wait to see if the property is still available after the auction is called. 

When a property hasn’t received a bid at auction there is often a lot of behind the scenes interest and activity that comes to a head very quickly with buyers who see it before the auction. We call these buyers conditional buyers so talk to your favourite EVES salesperson about the benefits of auctions, they are a very effective method of sale.


The Rugby World Cup

Posted: September 27th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Buckle in, this Rugby World Cup is already something special. The first time the cup has been held in Asia and the All Blacks looking for an unprecedented three victories in a row after a strong start against our old foes, the Springboks.

The All Blacks have a very structured approach, rather than luck, to every game and they will look to analyse every oppositions’ strengths and weaknesses and come up with a plan to counter or take advantage of these.

At EVES we also have a structured approach where we like to understand our vendors individual needs and what the features or benefits of the property are. We then work together with our vendors to tailor a solution that will maximise the sale price of their property allowing them to move on to their next venture.

We leave no stone unturned to find the very best buyer for our vendors. Call your EVES salesperson today if you would like to understand more about how we take luck and hassle out of the selling of your home.

Go the AB’s.

Overcoming the Fear of Auctions

Posted: September 20th, 2019 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Found that dream property you're desparate to buy but nervous about the auction coming up? 

Buyers can have a fear of auctions for a variety of reasons; some feel the process is stressful, others have a fear of paying too much and some are afraid of being tricked into paying more than they want to. 

Overcoming this fear is simple when you understand how an auction is conducted and how to go about bidding. 

Vendors will set a confidential reserve price which is a figure at which the Auctioneer is authorised to sell the property - unless this price is reached during the auction the property cannot be sold without further consultation with the vendor. 

Buying at auction can be stress-free when buyers bid with a three figure strategy which is predetermined prior to attending the auction:

  • the first is a price you would like to pay for the property;
  • the second is a price you would still be happy to pay; and
  • the third is a walk away price. 

As long as you don’t exceed your walk away price, the fear of buying at auction is eliminated. 

EVES has a comprehensive buying at auction video outlining how to buy at auction in depth so contact your favourite EVES salesperson and they will provide this for you.

5 Reasons to Move to Hamilton

Posted: September 17th, 2019 / By EVES Realty

Close to everywhere, Hamilton has become a hub for business and job opportunities. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and close to rivers and lakes, the Hamilton area has become a town for everyone - offering a wide variety of family friendly activities, great schools, parks and walks, sports arenas, clubs and more. As part of the Golden Triangle represented by regional growth in Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga, many find moving to Hamilton a great option.


Our friends over at Crown Relocations have put together 5 top reasons why you should move to Hamilton - read it here https://www.crownrelo.co.nz/5-reasons-to-move-to-hamilton/

Heart Warming Enthusiasm in Cold Weather

Posted: September 13th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The city burst with intermediate aged kids this week when thousands arrived for the annual Anchor AIMS Games hosted in and around Tauranga. The event is estimated to have brought around $3 million into our local economy.

From small beginnings in 2004 - when there were 14 sports and only 760 competitors from 17 schools - to this year where 11,500 athletes from more than 365 schools from all around New Zealand and the Pacific competed in 23 sports. This year also marked the third time that para-athletes were included in the games with 20 disabled students attending the event.

I saw first hand the families enjoying the many facilities around the region - from the movie theatres to the hot pools, to ten pin bowling and in fact I would venture to suggest that most of the local entertainment facilities were well patronised.  

This event is absolutely amazing and the organisation and logistics are phenomenal. Congratulations to all involved and thank you for keeping this amazing sporting event in our region through your hard work and organisation.  

Many of the EVES families competed and enjoyed the experience. Long may it last.

First Home Buyers are Back

Posted: September 6th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

First home buyers are back in the market in droves. Interest rates are low, confidence is high and employment rates are strong so the platform is perfect for first home ownership. 

A number of lenders are allowing qualified buyers into homes with less than 20% deposit and first home buyers are capitalising on this to get into their new abode. It is a pleasure to see. For those of us who are lucky enough to already own our own home, we all still remember our first. 

We know this journey can be daunting, there are so many things to consider when buying your first house; location, price, type of home, local schools, transport and amenities, type of street, number of bedrooms, the list goes on. Then there is securing a loan, doing due diligence and the auction process to understand. 

The dreams and hopes of owning your first home can be realised now. Seek advice from your preferred lender and then come and see us at EVES and let us assist you into your first home.

Signs of Spring

Posted: August 30th, 2019 / By Heath Young - Chief Operating Officer

We are increasingly seeing signs of typical spring activity in the market. While July and August listing and selling activity has been solid throughout our EVES branches we are increasingly fielding requests for appraisals and responding to general buyer enquiry right across the market.

We are seeing excellent auction clearance rates in our EVES Auction room. While the pre-auction and under the hammer activity has reduced, we are picking up the sales process in the two weeks post auction; successfully selling and still achieving a success rate of over 70% when listing a property for auction with EVES. 

The median house prices for the Bay of Plenty (Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, Papamoa) are showing on average 5% growth year on year when compared to this time last year. This is reflective of demand still outpacing supply as people continue to view the Bay of Plenty as a viable option to either relocate to or invest in.

Contact your favourite EVES salesperson or branch today if you are thinking of selling in the near future or just want an update on what’s happening in your area and most importantly, enjoy the last few moments of winter as we look forward to some warmer weather through spring!

The Days are Longer and the Market is Stronger!

Posted: August 23rd, 2019 / By EVES Realty

Everyone is talking about what the latest decrease in the OCR means to them. For banks it has meant that they have been able to offer lower lending rates, which for many purchasers means that their level of affordability just got better (subject to bank criteria). The reality is that the Bay of Plenty real estate market has been and still is very strong. Certainly, sellers need to be much more aware of the conditions because some price ranges are experiencing more buyer activity than others and most buyers require more guidance in the decision making process. But that’s what we do.

As a seller it’s important that you understand what’s happening in terms of how buyers are shopping, what they are buying, what stops them from making offers, what is the best way to attract them to your front door and how your agent can coach both parties to a mutually successful outcome. That means the match between you as the seller, the salesperson and agency you entrust your property with is even more critical. 

At EVES we invest heavily in time, energy and money in research and resources that provide our customers with a very tangible edge when they want to sell their property. We do that with 50 years of experience behind us, great systems, vast networks, employing high quality multimedia marketing mixes and great people who believe in good old fashioned listening to our customers.

Thinking of selling? Call EVES. 

Exceptional. Every day.


Market Value Versus Rateable Value

Posted: August 16th, 2019 / By EVES Realty

There is often confusion among buyers and sellers regarding the difference between market value and Rateable Value (formerly known as Government Valuation) or RV. RV is a valuation that is reviewed every three years and is derived from statistical data which then determines the value of your property that our rates are based on for the forthcoming period.

Owners and buyers basing their buying and selling decisions on the RV should exercise caution due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, market conditions and influences can fluctuate on a regular basis depending on the ever changing economic situations. RVs are often out of date before they are confirmed after objections have been reviewed. Secondly, statistical data doesn’t always reflect on the ground influences of value i.e. two properties selling in the same street may not be comparable when one may have been renovated and another not. Prudent buyers and sellers should survey the market and carefully consider recent sales in the area and make their own investigations and judgements on value.

Market value is determined by the conclusion of the negotiation process between a willing buyer and a willing seller reaching agreement on value. EVES can assist you with this information.

Life Changing Conference

Posted: August 9th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Being exceptional, every day, was the theme of the inaugural EVES Conference held in Tauranga last week. 200 of our salespeople, personal assistants, property managers and our management teams from three different regions got together to enjoy one of the industry’s best, Tom Panos and an extremely inspiring, entertaining and motivational Lisa O’Neill delivering their “exceptional best”. 

What an event! I looked on very proudly as our teams were engaged, inspired and excited by the delivery of great information, plenty of pearls of wisdom and lots of ‘take home’ ideas to improve and grow their businesses and their personal lives.

Over my many years in the industry I have heard any number of speakers and what never ceases to amaze, is that there is always something to be gained by attending these conferences and trainings and there are always different and better ways of doing things. Professional and personal growth never stops thankfully!  

Have a great week and remember – be your exceptional self, every day!

Celebrating 50 Years in the Bay

Posted: August 2nd, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Plenty of trends have come and gone since we opened our doors in 1969, but our dedication to market-leading real estate hasn’t changed a bit. That’s why we’re still here. And will be for the next 50 years.

Over the years, EVES has witnessed first hand the Bay of Plenty region’s rapid expansion, seeing former rural boundaries become suburbs, and some suburbs become small townships. 

As a company, EVES has grown along with the region, from 1969 when Alwyn Coxhead and Max Eves opened the first office on Cameron Road, to today, with 12 real estate sales offices and seven property management teams serving communities not just in the Bay of Plenty but also in Northland and the Waikato.

What hasn’t changed throughout the years is the personal relationships that our EVES salespeople build with every single person they come across. It is through these relationships that EVES salespeople build trust with people and their families - we really get to know you in order to understand your needs. 

Being the longest serving real estate business in the Bay makes EVES exceptionally best placed to help you buy and sell property. Being in the market for such a long time gives us an advantage as our salespeople really know this region like no other, meaning they can really seek out the best solutions for you.


Auckland Home Show

Posted: July 26th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We are constantly assessing where our buyers are coming from and it is no surprise to see that 30% of our enquiry is still coming from the Auckland market. Our research shows there is a significant amount of interest in what is happening to property in the Bay of Plenty, with many people from out of town looking at relocating. So again, no surprise, we make sure properties listed with our company get in front of that market.

This year, once again, we are going to be at the Auckland Home Show with our special EVES Property publication and we would suggest that if you are thinking of selling, you should speak to one of our salespeople about showcasing your property in this excellent publication.  

Over 45,000 people visit the home show and we have experienced how popular the Bay of Plenty is to many Aucklanders, as they collect this magazine and ask questions about employment and lifestyle.

Our very experienced managers will be there to support the properties in the magazine and further promote our region as a great place to live, work and play.

Snooze You Lose

Posted: July 19th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

If you’ve heard the old cliché of ‘if you snooze you lose’ - it’s a time of the year when this can become reality if you are thinking of selling. Whilst many are thinking let’s wait until spring when things get a bit brighter, buyers are still active in the market place which has clearly been witnessed in our auction room over recent weeks. 

The reasons that we buy and sell real estate are not governed by the time of the year, they are governed by our changing personal needs and circumstances along with all the things that happen in life. Your buyer may just be in search of your home as you read this article. 

More importantly, the best way to force those buyers to act is by utilising the auction method of sale where the benefits are stacked in favour of both buyers and sellers. In the current market buyers have limited choices but still need somewhere to live which enhances the opportunity of creating a competitive bidding environment on auction day. Waiting until spring provides buyers more options therefore creating more competition for you as the property owner.

Managing Your Investment

Posted: July 12th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Over the last year in particular, there have been many changes to the regulations imposed on rental properties that have become law. These regulations include working smoke alarms or detectors, with new ones required to have long life batteries or be hard wired into the home, along with rules around where they are placed. From 1 July, landlords must also have insulated their rental homes in the ceiling and under the floor and be prepared to provide a certificate of insulation.

Our Property Managers have worked hard to keep our landlords informed of all regulations, giving plenty of warning to ensure obligations are met. And there are more to come with Healthy Homes commitments due to take effect in 2021.

If you own an investment property make sure you talk to our Property Management team about managing the property to help protect you and your investment.  And if you are thinking of buying an investment property, talk to our salespeople to ensure it complies with current regulations.

Stay warm and dry out there!


Halfway Through 2019

Posted: July 5th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The days are certainly getting colder and we know that these will continue for some time yet, however, it does not seem to have deterred active buyers in the market place still out looking at and purchasing property. The market is still strong!  

Winter is a great time to buy. It can reveal many things about homes that buyers typically would not see due to the forgiving spring and summer months. Cold weather, moisture and wind will test the ability of the home to insulate and for warmth, something you want to know about if you are going to buy and something you need to remember if you are selling. Visiting a home during a rainy period can uncover issues around drainage on sections as well. Winter also tests the amount of natural light a property is receiving.

Remember, if you are selling, a warm home is exceptionally appealing on a cold winter’s day and buyers will feel instantly comfortable out of the cold. Make your home light and bright and welcoming.

Speak to any of our salespeople about how you can get your property sold and in to a new home before summer comes.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

So Much to See in so Little Time: What to do at an Open Home

Posted: June 24th, 2019 / By EVES Realty

When most open homes are only 30 minutes long, you need to know what to do in order to make sure that you make the most of your visit. 

Leading up to the open home:

• Browse the EVES website and make a list of all of the open homes in the area you would like to visit. 

• Ask around. People are always happy to let you know about their experiences and what they’ve learned from buying homes in the past.

• Check out the open home checklist at Settled.govt.nz for anything else that you might not have thought of.

On the way to the property:

• Take in the sights of the neighbourhood. What are the other homes in the street like? Are there schools and shops nearby that could make life easier?

• Check out the driveway. Are you happy to have a shared driveway?

When you’re at the property:

Aside from the number of rooms and the size of the backyard that first grabbed your attention, there are other things that you need to check out.

• Make sure you ask the salesperson questions about the home such as whether there is double glazing, or if the house is insulated. When it’s potentially the biggest purchase of your life, no question is a bad one.

• Check for the obvious signs that there could be something wrong – mold, peeling paint, stained carpet, and ceilings.

• How much storage is there? Some houses have minimal in-built cupboards

• Look for light switches and powerpoints. Are there enough?

• Imagine how your furniture will look and how it may fit into the rooms.

• Use your senses. Can you hear any sounds? Is it overly warm or cold? Are there any smells? 

On your way out:

What’s your gut feeling about the home? Do you need to see it again or have you struck it off your list?

If you’ve fallen head over heels then you should book a private viewing with the agent, then it might be time to start some serious due diligence and call a professional to inspect it properly.


Browse our open homes:

Check out our open homes in the Bay of Plenty this weekend: HERE

What is the Market Doing?

Posted: June 21st, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Not what it normally does at this time of the year that’s for sure!  

There are more properties for sale right now than we have seen for some time – in fact I believe stock is up by around 8% compared to the same time last year. Furthermore, there are buyers out there looking to buy now and the open homes are busy. This goes against previous years where we have seen a ‘hibernation’ mentality take place – sellers decide winter is not the time to move, buyers snuggle down and start their hunt in the spring. It is a really pleasant change and great to see property moving.

Our auction results are out for the last financial year as well. Of the 873 properties we took to auction in the Tauranga/Mount/Papamoa area, 8 out of 10 sold within the auction marketing period! That is 8 owners out of every 10 who came to the market, moved on with their lives. That is a great result and it reinforces why this method of marketing is so popular when run properly and when the salespeople are skilled enough to get the best results for their sellers.

Have a great week, stay warm on the shortest day and remember when buying or selling, call EVES first!


Marketing that Works!

Posted: June 14th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We are in a really interesting period of time in real estate with regard to print versus digital media, with people challenging “where do people actually search for property?” At EVES, we are able to measure where our enquiry comes from through unique codes in our marketing – enabling us to continually use the most targeted and effective methods for selling our clients property.

Print media still has a strong presence in our marketing plans and that is deliberate. Although we understand that one of the first places potential buyers go when looking for a home is online, we still see many target markets that still favour print, and we know that when you combine both print and digital marketing in a cohesive campaign, it boosts the effectiveness of both!

You just have to look around in cafés to see the number of people browsing through a copy of our very own EVES Property Magazine –  It has to be one of the most read publications in a café! By combining our effective print, digital and social channels all in one campaign, we ensure you reach any and all possible buyers for your property. 

If you want marketing that works, speak to us at EVES today about how we can provide a solution for you.

Kiwis Match the Aussies

Posted: June 7th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The annual Australasian Real Estate Conference (AREC) was held last weekend on the Gold Coast. It’s always a great way for me to measure how we stack up as a company against other top performers in the industry and I’d have to say we are exceptional at real estate! 

It was fantastic to witness some of the best salespeople the industry speak and what insights they have to offer. There were also entrepreneurs from other industries who had strong messages that relate to everything we do.

As a company we invest in our people, in technology and marketing and we continue to make advances in the way we do things, whilst at all times keeping in mind our objective which is to list properties, market them well to achieve the best possible price in the market place at that time. I am immensely proud of our team and their commitment to do just that!

A Good, Steady Market

Posted: May 31st, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

We may have lost our beautiful sunny days and this weekend we are officially into winter, but it is great to see the real estate market is still strong.  

I attribute this to a number of factors - low interest rates (remember 1982 and interest rates of 26%?) and plenty of confidence in the economy, particularly in employment certainly play a major role in adding to the strength of the real estate market. 

We are seeing plenty of new stock in and good sales occurring. We have 18% of the sales going to first home buyers, up from 12% and we are seeing good action through the auction process.

We still offer fantastic free marketing campaigns and we have a group of dedicated professionals who are able to guide you through the buying and selling process.

Stay warm and remember if you are needing anything real estate pop in or call one of our nine EVES offices throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Did you know, that all agents, regardless of real estate company, all have access to the same information sources?

So don’t be fooled if a non-EVES sales agent tells you you’ll get more if you list your home with them.

The 5 factors you must ignore when determining a price:

1. Historic price of this home

  • What you paid for it 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 6 months ago, last week has no bearing on your market value today

2. What you have spent on your next home

  • Will not determine what the value of your current home is - the market does that

3. Your emotional connection to this house

  • The memories you’ve formed here, the emotional connections you have to your home, your personal favourite aspects are important and valuable to you. 
  • This is called emotional value - not market value

4. The rateable value

  • Is simply a mechanism for local councils to calculate your contribution to the running costs of your suburb and city
  • Rateable value is not market value

5. Recovering costs of repairs and maintenance

  • You’ve done some renovations, you’ve kept up with the maintenance, great! 
  • These actual costs may not add value unless you are adding on bedrooms or upgrading bathrooms and kitchens. 

The ONLY 3 factors that will set the price for your home are:

  1. What are the recent sale prices for similar homes in this suburb and neighbouring suburbs?
  2. What is your home competing against in the market at this point in time?
  3. What is the current supply and demand for homes with the same number of bedrooms as yours?

Interested in a valuation for your home? Reach out to your favourite EVES agent or your nearest EVES office.

Definitely a Time to Sell

Posted: May 24th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Statistics from Realestate.co.nz and REINZ last month just reinforce that it is a great time to sell.  

Sales were up from the previous month on the Mount side and slightly down on the Tauranga side. The number of days to sell a property are also trending down. This fits in with the fact that the number of properties for sale is lower this month than in April.

People get this ‘thing’ about not selling in autumn and winter and yet some of our very best results are during that time.  

The auction room continues to fly along after slowing a little during April. Last week saw an incredibly good sale where the vendor originally marketed her property privately, had no interest and so listed with EVES. She ended up selling for over $100k more in the auction room than she had been advertising her home privately for. 

Once again this just proves that good marketing and a process that maximises opportunities equals great results!  

Give us a call to discuss any and all of your property needs.

Celebrating with the Best

Posted: May 17th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Last week we held our annual awards evening celebrating the achievements of our salespeople, managers, administrators and all of those people behind the scenes who assist our people to be their best. It was a fantastic night of glitz and glamour and a real celebration of the hard work and commitment of this group of professionals.  

Overall salesperson of the year for the 6th year in a row was Danielle Hayes, EVES Mount. The EVES Mount team won top office for 2018/2019. This is always fiercely contested between a number of our branches. Rookie of the Year, for her first full year in real estate, was Dynasty Holtz from EVES Katikati. There were plenty more winners to celebrate.

There were new milestones made during the year for many salespeople and they too were well recognised. All in all a great night of celebration and a great opportunity to once again thank all of you for your ongoing support of our business.

First Home Buyers and Auctions

Posted: May 10th, 2019 / By EVES Realty

Some advisers are saying first home buyers shouldn’t consider a property going to auction however this means you could potentially miss out on purchasing the home of your dreams.  

Whilst it is understandable that completing your due diligence requirements can be an expensive process, there is actually no need to outlay this expenditure prior to the auction being called if you don’t have a surplus of funds to do so. You only have to do this if you wish to participate and secure the property at auction. 

Remembering that the calling of an auction is only to give cash unconditional buyers the first opportunity to work with the owner and secure the property. 

As we see first home buyer activity increasing in the current market we are also seeing less investor activity which means there is increased possibility of your preferred home still being available after the auction is called.  

There is clearly an increased number of first home buyers presenting offers conditional upon satisfaction of their due diligence in the auction room immediately after auction and achieving their goals.

Talk to your EVES Salesperson and view our video on first home buyers and auctions.

Autumn Activity

Posted: May 3rd, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

It is interesting to note that the number of properties coming to the market this month have increased in comparison to the normal trend during the autumn months. 

As a rule of thumb, people withhold coming to the market during autumn because their home is not as picturesque as it is in the spring and summer and because the weather is cooling down. 

But not this month. Numbers are significantly up giving buyers a great selection of homes to choose from.  

I myself have come to the market and I find the experience from “the other side” really interesting and have a new appreciation for what a seller goes through to get their home market ready. 

I appreciate the high level of service my salesperson is giving me and take comfort knowing that our EVES people know what is important to our sellers in terms of market feedback and consideration during what is a reasonably stressful process.  

Enjoy the selection of great properties we have on offer and have a fantastic week.

1. You may not know the current market

  • We’ve seen clients underselling their own property in a buoyant market
  • You may risk not selling your property if you haven’t priced it for the current conditions
  • The longer it takes to sell, the more pressure you will feel to reduce your asking price

2. You don’t know where to spend your marketing budget

  • Every dollar you spend on marketing hurts, so your budget may be smaller than what you need to get exposure to potential buyers
  • Good marketing packages (like the one we provide for FREE here at EVES) increases the number of potential buyers exposed to your property, which drives up demand, which drives up your price

3. You won’t have a pool of buyers

  • Your marketing budget is all you have to attract buyers
  • Whereas, agents in large companies like EVES have huge numbers of potential buyers in your category, browsing one home after another to find one that suits

4. Buyers may withhold their feedback (both negative and positive)

  • Buyers are happy to point out shortcomings or poor presentation to a salesperson, but not to you, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings
  • Therefore you don’t get that chance to take corrective action which might increase your sell price

5. Your emotional involvement may inhibit the negotiation

  • You are scared of losing a buyer so this reduces your negotiation power and may cause you to settle for a lower price
  • It feels like the buyer trying to knock off $1000 is a personal insult to the memories you’ve formed in this home, and the choices you’ve made to decorate and maintain its appearance

6. The buyer thinks the commission you’ve saved is all theirs!

  • You can’t add the commission onto the value. The value is the value. The buyer thinks that fee should be deducted off the price anyway

So why not leave the selling of your home to your EVES sales professional?

  1. We know the current market
  2. We know where to spend the marketing budget
  3. We have a pool of buyers
  4. We use buyer feedback to increase the value of your property
  5. We are negotiation professionals
  6. Our commission is our reward for a job well done

If you are thinking of selling your home, reach out to your favourite EVES agent or your nearest EVES office.

What's Happening in Whangarei?

Posted: May 1st, 2019 / By Paul Beazley - Branch Manager, Whangarei

A long and pleasant summer has been and gone and another financial year is complete.

The Whangarei real estate market has experienced a number of record months particularly with the median sale price on a gradual climb over the past year. The city median peaked at $482,000 in February 2019, up from $405,000 in February 2018.

First home buyers are a big part of our market. Most are looking in the $350,000 to $400,000 bracket to meet the Kiwisaver/Homestart threshold but many have resources to buy in the higher price brackets.

The Anti Money Laundering (AML) legislation is creating some extra paperwork and we have put systems in place to ensure our clients have met their obligations under the Act without any undue stress. It takes a bit of time but will become a normal part of the sales process. We have all this information available and our sales people are happy to take you through the process. So call the EVES team today.

Whangarei has enjoyed a wonderful summer and projects like the Hundertwasser Art Centre are well underway, creating a vibrant inner city and an attraction that will bring more visitors to experience the local environment. And there are dozens of world class beaches and holiday destinations within the district This is a great area to live - the real estate is affordable, and there is plenty going on to attract new people to the area.


A Time to Reflect and Relax

Posted: April 19th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Easter is looking like it will be a fantastic weekend weather wise in the sunny Bay of Plenty. Thousands will flock here for the weekend and of course with ANZAC Day thrown in on Thursday, chances are people will be here for the week.  

It is always an exciting place to be over Easter and into the School Holidays. The annual Jazz Festival is on over the weekend so make sure you get down to The Strand and to the Historic Village on 17th Avenue. 

There are also tons of activities on around the area for kids including canvas painting classes, swimming and surfing for those prepared to brave the slightly cooler waters.  

And of course there are people who are thinking of moving to this wonderful piece of terra firma and they will be out and about looking for their perfect home.  

Whatever Easter means to you, have a fabulous weekend, enjoy friends and family and reflect on our very good fortune living in this beautiful country.

You already know that photos make a huge contribution to the price you’ll get for your home, right?

In over 40 years selling homes here at EVES, we ensure our photographers know not to make these 5 common mistakes:

Mistake #1: Ignoring the ideal buyer for the home before we start taking photos

  • Is it a young couple? An older couple? A small family? A large family?
  • Making a selection has a huge impact on the photos taken

Mistake #2: Not featuring your ideal buyer in 1 or 2 photos

  • For example, if your home is best suited to a retired couple, we could assist you to arrange for people who match that description to pose in photos at sunset clinking 2 glasses of wine together.  
  • For another example, if your home best suits a family, feature kids in the pool or playing in the yard. People in photos always attract more attention

Mistake #3: Not staging the home for the target market

  • Houses with furnishings that don’t match the target market are less attractive to the target audience
  • We can sell your home quicker and for more money by making suggestions on the furniture and placement of that furniture with your target market
  • Did you know we can arrange the short term hire of the right furnishings from home furnishing specialists for the photo shoot (and open homes)?

Mistake #4: Taking photos of empty rooms

  • Photos of empty rooms make the house feel much smaller. They lack ambiance and warmth
  • Potential buyers will be wondering “will my bed and dresser fit in here?”, “will our couch fit over there?”
  • If we can show them example layouts in the photos, these questions don’t occur to them

Mistake #5: Featuring your pets in the photos

  • One third of people have their own cat, but two-thirds don’t care for them
  • One third have their own dog, but two-thirds do not
  • We don’t want any potential buyers turned away by any concern about animals having resided in the property along with their human owners

Example of the difference great photos can make

“Recently, we listed a home that had had a fire. It had been rebuilt and refurbished and was therefore like new.  It was empty of furniture. We had it appraised and decided to spend $1600 on hiring furniture via House Couture for the photos. The photos made such an impact that we think it added over $50k on to the sale price because of the feel of the home and the interest it created, simply because the buyers could visualise themselves in the property” - Karen Worley, EVES Realty



This is yet another example of EVES people maximising the value of your home by paying real attention to detail that appeals to the market.

If you are thinking of selling your home, reach out to your favourite EVES agent or your nearest EVES office>.

Shop, Eat and Play in the Bay

Posted: April 12th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Last week we saw 45 stores and eateries, including the likes of retail giant H&M and an Event Cinema complex, have their grand opening at Tauranga Crossing. The anticipation from local shoppers had been high in the lead up to the big day for this $150 million development.

Prior to this in December last year, Stage One of the new Bayfair development opened with the final stage to be opened later in 2019. Once completed, this will have cost around $115 million.

These new developments wouldn’t be possible or profitable if we didn’t have the fifth largest and fastest growing local economy in the country. 

It’s fantastic to see that developers and investors can see value like us locals do, and are continuing to look to Tauranga as a great place to invest. This increases the number of jobs and puts money back in to our local economy.

It’s great that there is the foresight to complete these projects now so that we are set up for years to come.

A Balanced Argument

Posted: April 5th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

A few weeks ago I wrote about the potential introduction of capital gains tax across KiwiSaver, property investment and so forth and then yesterday I arrived home to my tax bill in the mail. 

My husband waved it at me and grunted and my reply was, “well, you’ve got to earn it to pay it!” And then I reflected on property investment and the fact people are saying that if capital gains tax is introduced then property investment is no longer attractive.

The counter to that is “well, you’ve got to earn the profit to pay the tax.” 

I think back to what I paid for my first home in 1986 - $26,500, what the value of that same property is now and I realise that property is actually one of the best and safest investments available. 

Before you think about increasing your KiwiSaver as has been allowed this week, think about leveraging off your existing property to buy an investment. I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Backing Winners

Posted: March 29th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

At EVES, we are proud of our sponsorship of many sporting individuals and teams and in supporting them their success becomes our success. 

This is most definitely the case when EVES Greerton Cricket team represents Northern Districts at the National Club Champs in Auckland this week. 

The EVES Greerton team has competed all summer to win the right to compete in a round robin competition to determine the national club champion for the 2018 – 2019 season. We wish them well and will be following with interest.

The market is still strong with good numbers of buyers coming through open homes.  We are still seeing a large number of retirees selling in Auckland and moving down to the Bay of Plenty where their dollars go so much further. 

If you are thinking of selling we need to be talking to you now.  

Call any of our EVES offices and speak with any one of our EVES salespeople.   

Tauranga is a City of Active Retirees!

Posted: March 22nd, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

I see them everywhere, in their lycra on their e-bikes, in and on the water – everywhere. 

Which is exactly why Tauranga is the perfect city to hold an Active Seniors and Retirees Expo. 

This year’s expo is on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March – open from 10am until 3pm, and is being held at Trustpower Baypark Stadium.

There you will find over 50 exhibits, including retirement village insights, travel offers, clubs to join and there will even be wine tasting. The best part? It’s free! 

If you are going to come down, make sure you come and see the team from EVES, we are on Stand 31.

If you visit our stand, don’t forget to test out your putting skills and if you manage to get a hole in one, there’s a chance to win a luxury hamper! 

We will have some great housing solutions for you, as well as an exclusive offer to help you with your next move that will only be available if you attend the expo. 

Just quietly, I am looking forward to going. I hope to see you there.  


AML - Two Months On

Posted: March 15th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

In 33 years in the real estate industry I have seen a lot. There have been a lot of changes but none as great as the new AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy imposed on our industry by the Department of Internal Affairs from 1 January, 2019.  

For those people selling property, the questions salespeople have to ask now can most certainly feel personal and invasive. Having to ask questions of the vendors’ wealth and how they paid for their property (where a property is in a trust) is a really uncomfortable situation for salespeople as well. 

However, two months down the track and upon reflection, it would have been far easier had there been more education available to all parties. This is what we are trying to do now. 

We have created an excellent video, to prepare you for the questions that may be asked of you and what evidence you may have to provide.

More often than not, it’s more straight forward than it seems – it’s just knowing what and why.

If you are considering selling, view the video at eves.co.nz/AML or get in touch with one of our salespeople so you’re well informed when it comes time to list your property. 

To Auction or Not To Auction

Posted: March 8th, 2019 / By EVES Realty

Auctions are designed to flush out any cash buyers for a property - this is the ultimate for a vendor selling their home - to get a cash unconditional sale at a level acceptable to allow them to move on with their lives.  

During the auction process, conditional buyers will view the property as well – these are people with things to arrange like finance, or they have a home to sell themselves. Immediately after a property is passed in at auction those buyers identified as potential conditional purchasers for the property are dealt with. On average, over 20% of the properties we take to auction go under contract within 14 days of the property being passed in.

Auctions are still the strongest method of selling residential property and our passionate EVES auction department and our salespeople do auctions really, really well. 

If you are considering selling give us a call and let us talk you through this method - it works!  

Capital Gains Tax

Posted: March 1st, 2019 / By EVES Realty

Wow! The government possibly did not expect the reaction and back lash to the announcement of a pretty general capital gains tax being imposed on one of New Zealander’s favourite investments - property! Or maybe they did. 

It seems that this is a topic very dear to our hearts, particularly in the case of Baby Boomers who recognised years ago the Superannuation was not going to “cut the mustard” when retirement time came. Many have planned for retirement by investing in a rental property which gets paid off with taxed income and rent returns. Many invest into Kiwi Saver in the belief that the medium risk investment will show a profit when it is time to retire. In other words many New Zealanders are trying to be fiscally responsible. 

The reaction to the announcement was huge; property in particular has always been seen as a “safe” option for investment and literally hundreds of thousands of us own maybe one or two properties that we will cash up and reinvest the funds so we can continue to live a moderate lifestyle. It’s not about getting rich. It’s about enriching our retirement years. 

Maybe more questions need to be asked about how CGT will affect us all. 

Watch this space!

Steady As She Goes

Posted: February 22nd, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

The local economy continues to benefit from out of towners travelling here not just for tourism but for work. 3000 vacancies were advertised last week for pickers required for the upcoming kiwifruit season. Friends recently told me they started coming here to pick fruit and having loved the area and the people so much, they decided to move here. All these factors help our economy to flourish as do the numerous cruise ships and tourists coming to visit.

Further signs of our flourishing economy would have to be the number of commercial buildings either currently under construction or where building permits have been applied for through the council.

On the housing front, the number of homes sold across the city was up 22% on January 2018 and prices remained steady moving up 3.3% on the previous year. All of these things are showing a good, solid market and a good option for those people thinking of buying or upgrading their home.  

If we can assist with either of these, make sure you call into any one of our eight offices throughout the Bay of Plenty.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Your Home is a Precious Place!

Posted: February 15th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

At the time of writing this, it looks like the amazing firefighters have finally got the fires in the Tasman area under control. The brave men and women have fought for days and nights on end. The evacuation of homes close to the fires has meant our defence force is also involved. They’ve taken an all-out, all hands on deck approach which hopefully means the fires will stay under control. 

It must be heart breaking watching everything you have ever worked for, and no doubt still owe money for, put at risk. The absolute grief on the faces of those who have lost their homes, their personal possessions and their memories makes me value and appreciate my own home and my belongings all the more.

Your home is your castle. It’s a special place and important to you and your family. It is, in most cases, your largest investment. At EVES we know all these things. That’s why we treat every sales transaction with professionalism, care and concern. 

If you are thinking of selling, let us help you with the process. We get it!

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Keeping You Safe

Posted: February 8th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

At the time of writing this, I have not seen the figures for new properties coming to the market in January, but I suspect that they will be low. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws that came in to effect on 1 January force a greater level of due diligence by the real estate provider, slowing the listing process right down.

Initial reactions to this have been varied and in hindsight I would love to have seen more promotion around these new laws however as we are becoming more accustomed to the expectations on us from the Department of Internal Affairs, and as home owners also become more informed the process is getting a little easier.

We are exceptionally lucky as a company to have a dedicated Compliance Manager, looking after our, and your, interests! EVES will be working hard to keep everyone safe from litigation and we have just recorded a great video, explaining the process of listing your home for sale and the information you may need to provide your real estate agent.  

If you are thinking of selling, contact any one of our EVES people and check out our video at eves.co.nz/AML.  

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

What is the Value of my Home?

Posted: February 1st, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Late last year Tauranga City Council released new rateable values to home owners. Rateable Value is calculated taking three things into consideration – the Capital Value (CV) based on comparable sales in your area, Land Value (LV) based on the sales of bare land in your area and the value of improvements (CV – LV). Rates are charged on the Rateable Value (RV – this used to be known as GV or Government Valuation).  

The council are very clear that the revaluation process is not done to provide values for property owners - for marketing, sales or any other purposes. It is done primarily for rating purposes and the Council are required to do this by law. Market Value, the price you could expect for your property if you were to sell it today, is based on several different factors: supply and demand of your type of property in your location, interest rates and the economy in general. Obviously physical factors such as presentation, appeal etc. are also taken into consideration in working at market value.

Sellers and buyers often confuse the two! They are very separate and should be treated as such.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Back to 'Normal'

Posted: January 25th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

By now most people have returned to work - our camping grounds have cleared a little and the roads are busier on the way to and from work.

It has been another outstanding period for the Bay with concerts, international and regional cricket, horse racing and copious amount of water and sports activities.

The region has benefitted from the millions of dollars that comes with all of these activities being held over this period. The real estate market has started strongly as well.

In this week’s EVES Property, you will see the new properties that are now on the market.

We get a sense that 2019 will be another strong year, with plenty of buoyancy in the property market. Visitor interest and activity remains constant. 

To stay up to date with what is happening in our ever changing market, check out our blog at eves.co.nz, follow us on Facebook or call one of our EVES salespeople.

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Money Laundering Act

Posted: January 18th, 2019 / By Karen Worley - General Manager, Bay of Plenty

Property laundering, where criminals purchase property in order to “clean” dirty money has been on top of the political agenda to address for a number of years now and as of January 1, 2019 the real estate fraternity is tasked with playing its part in reducing this criminal activity.

This means for you as a seller, or where a real estate agent is employed to act as a buyer’s agent, there is certain information required by the Department of Internal Affairs that the agent has to ask for. 

In the most simple of cases, minimum requirement is proof of identity and a utility bill such as a power account with the owners address on it. In more complex ownership, such as where a property is held in a trust, more documentation is required. 

Once we have the information the process is very straightforward – we do what we are employed to do and that is to sell your property.

For more on the Anti-Money Laundering Act or AML, contact your local EVES salesperson or view the information on our website.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Back to Reality

Posted: January 11th, 2019 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

For most of us the festive season is over and we are back working and catching up with our colleagues’ adventures over the Christmas and New Year period.


In the world of real estate we have already seen people have made New Year resolutions, resolutions that involve selling to buy again, trading either up or down in size of home, depending on their family situation. We have also seen a huge amount of enquiry from outside of the region for those people who love the Bay so much they now want to invest here.


Looking at the stock available, the numbers are down. It is that old supply and demand thing – the less stock, the more viewers, the greater the competition and the higher the sale price. So if you are asking the question “is now the right time to sell” the statistics give you the answer - yes it is! We still have our free marketing packages on offer so don’t wait – get in now. All of our teams back on deck to assist you.


Keep enjoying these beautiful summer days but make sure you cover up - that sun is fierce!

Happy New Year

Posted: January 4th, 2019 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

2019 has arrived and with this comes new opportunities. If your New Year’s resolution involved a property investment then you will enjoy this bumper edition of EVES Property.


Right across Tauranga and the Mount at this time we welcome visitors from around New Zealand (and the world) to our beautiful city. Many, like you, will enjoy their time here so much they will want to plan for a return. Why not talk to one of our EVES agents today with regard to the property market here. You never know your luck!


Our market continues to grow and the region benefits hugely by attracting new businesses, new families and great opportunities. All the ingredients are there for an exciting and prosperous 2019 for our region. As a proudly locally owned and operated business we are looking forward to continuing to help locals get great property results.


Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. Happy New Year and may your property dreams come true.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Exceptional Christmas

Posted: December 21st, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

We have witnessed a New Zealand property market in 2018 which is best described as a return to ‘normal’ following a couple of boom years. As much as the commentators have attempted to find fault, market conditions continue to remain positive. We have seen consistent interest this year in our property market across all sectors and locations again reflecting the desirability of the Bay of Plenty.


REINZ figures released last week illustrated this with the number of properties sold in the Bay of Plenty increasing by over 17% on the same month last year with an increase in the median house price by 3.5%.

At EVES, November saw a good number of listings coming to the market with many great success stories and as we head to the end of the year, this month has seen much of the same. We’re so glad to have seen so many happy sellers and buyers end the year on such a high. 


At this time of the year we would like to wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas. Thank you for your business over the last 12 months and I hope you can enjoy some quality time with family and friends during this most wonderful time of the year.


We remain ‘open for business’ over the festive season so if we can help with your next property transaction give your local EVES salesperson a call and they will be happy to help you out.


Merry Christmas.

Our Community Heroes

Posted: December 14th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Supporting our community is a very important part of our business. One of our favourite times of the year is the annual presentation to the Trustpower/TECT Rescue Helicopter.


Every member of the EVES team – that’s salespeople, marketing, finance, administrators and personal assistants - has the opportunity to contribute on a regular basis through their pay and then the company rounds this into a sizeable cheque.


Those that can, head out to the Ian Pain Memorial Hangar at Tauranga Hospital to enjoy a morning tea with Pilot Manager Liam Brettkelly (see below).


The cost of operating our local rescue helicopter is huge and without community support would not be able to remain operational on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis.


You don’t have to go far to hear a story about how the helicopter has saved the life of someone close to them.


Our community is very fortunate to have the major support of Trustpower and TECT and we are proud to see our EVES name alongside the other like minded businesses who also contribute

The News Remains Positive

Posted: December 7th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

The real estate market in the Bay shows plenty of positive signs as we head toward Christmas. The latest NZ Property Report released by Realestate.co.nz indicates that while there may not be the same heat in our market as was felt last year, the market is more stable and ‘normal’. That’s good news for buyers and sellers.


The report went on to show that new property on the market for November was 874 across the Bay of Plenty at the time of the report’s release, with a total of 1,682 residential dwellings for sale.


Further good news is the further relaxing of the LVR by the Reserve Bank for both first home buyers and investors which could allow both groups more room to move while continuing to promote overall stability. This comes into effect in January 2019.


This news, along with our own very strong sales results, shows that our wide range of product offerings and sound understanding of market conditions is continuing to work in favour of our customers. We welcome every opportunity to help you achieve the goals that are important to you – whether you’re looking to sell or purchase property.


Talk to us today about what’s happening in your market.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Demand Remains High as Interest Rates Fall

Posted: November 30th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Many of the main banks have dropped their one and two year rates to under 4% for a home loan which would once have been inconceivable.


This, together with low returns on other types of investments, a hint that the LVR may be relaxed and the continuing housing shortage are all contributing to on going demand from investors and steady demand from home buyers, for good property.


What does this mean for you if you are wanting to sell and achieve a premium price?


What it means is you will need a salesperson who listens to what you need, who understands your situation and who can make the right recommendations and has the right resources and network to provide you with the best results.


So, if you are thinking of selling now, talk to us right now!


If you are thinking about selling in the January, February, March period, then you need to talk to us right now too, so that you can learn how to take advantage of the many secret benefits ‘hidden’ within this time of the year.


Success favours the prepared. Call EVES today.

Buying Prior to Auction

Posted: November 23rd, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Some buyers have a perception that securing a property prior to auction means they will get it cheaper by eliminating other buyers.  Quite often this can be the opposite given the property is fresh to the market and the reaction from buyers looking for that type of home can inflate the initial perceived value. 


Options for owners in receipt of early pre-auction offers is to give all buyers expressing interest equal opportunity to purchase their home by bringing their auction forward or calling for offers from all parties expressing interest. 


When an owner brings an auction forward it is transparent and you can monitor your competition’s actions and take comfort that you may only pay a minimal amount more than what another buyer is prepared to pay. 


Outside of the auction arena there is a risk of paying significantly more than what someone else is prepared to and your purchase price may end up in excess of market value. 


Some buyers have also been known to act prematurely and purchase a property pre-auction without completing effective due diligence which can also have some serious and costly long term consequences. 


It’s wise to exercise caution when buying prior to auction.

Why Wait? Act Now.

Posted: November 16th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

When I review the constant flow of data that comes across my desk I’m heartened by the continued growth and confidence in the Bay of Plenty.


The Bay continues to perform well against other centres and that vibrancy can be seen in new subdivisions, the number of building consents, retail and commercial developments and the job market. And if you need any more proof that our area is growing then simply try to drive anywhere at peak times.


What does that mean for you? It means that you too can take heart and have confidence if you are thinking of buying or selling right now.


The next decision you may face is, “Who can I trust to look after me?” Rest assured that our people are trained and tuned to the current market conditions and what’s working best for our clients and customers. They will guide you through the processes relevant to your situation so that you can achieve what’s important to you.


So when you want to know for sure that you are in good hands, call any one of our EVES consultants and let them show you how they will take care of you.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

We Adapt Quickly

Posted: November 9th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

One thing is constant in the Tauranga, Mount and Papamoa real estate market and that is change. Every week at EVES, we experience something new that makes you rethink market conditions and what really is the best way to assist our vendors to maximise the value of their real estate assets.


We are very fortunate that when you take a look across the EVES sales team you will notice a very good blend of experienced, well established and acknowledged real estate professionals. This blends nicely with some fantastic new entrants to the industry, making their mark and building excellent reputations. Typically they have come from successful backgrounds with high levels of people contact and good communication skills. To support this, they receive EVES intensive training and continued support.


All these aspects are critically important so that we remain current and adaptable. When an EVES salesperson makes a recommendation to you in regards one of your most valuable assets then this advice is relevant.


The outcome of this? Every week EVES salespeople receive steady buyer enquiry from within the region and increasingly from newcomers to the region. With the right mix of recommendations, skills and personality we will bring to your door the very best buyers in the current market.


EVES. Exceptional. Every Day.

Eight Weeks to Christmas

Posted: November 2nd, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

The run up to Christmas is always a great time to put your property on the market, because many people like to have secured their new home before the Christmas break, knowing they have a fresh start to the new year ahead.


That means that if you are thinking of selling, now is the time to act.

Well within the median number of days to sell and still with time to prepare and launch onto the market properly with an agency that is a recognised expert in doing that; giving you the peace of mind that comes from being in safe hands so that you can achieve those goals that are important to you and your family and to achieve a premium price.

With motivated buyer demand strong, interest rates low and clever marketing and first class management of our campaigns, auction clearance rates remain high, so why not put that to work for your advantage?

Let us show you the ‘secrets’ to how to sell well in today’s market so that you can enjoy Christmas. Eight weeks to go, call any one of our EVES salespeople now.

Bidding by Telephone at Auction

Posted: October 26th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

When you are unable to attend an auction there’s no need to run the risk of missing out on your dream home. We can assist by accepting your bids via telephone so you are still in touch with the live auction, but first you must register your interest by signing our telephone bidding authority which will in turn be approved by the owner of the property.

Ask your agent to send you our ‘buying at auction by telephone’ video which will give you some tips on how to be the successful purchaser by phone. Having a pre-determined bidding strategy will go a long way to overcoming the disadvantage of not being able to attend the auction to see what your competitors are doing. You will be able to participate in the auction in the same manner as being in attendance by staggering your clear instructions to your agent which will then allow them to participate on your behalf in a timely manner whilst keeping you informed of what is happening during proceedings.


If the auction goes past what you are prepared to pay you’ve lost nothing, but being secretive about your bidding strategy may lose you the opportunity to purchase.

Exceptional Free Marketing

Posted: October 19th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

At EVES, we are passionate about harnessing the power of marketing to achieve the best possible outcome. We go further to find the right buyer for your property, not just the first buyer.


We take pride in our ability to factor in the many variables of selling a property; we know each property, vendor and purchase is unique. By reaching more people we can create more competition and greatly increase the chances of getting a better price for you.


Leading into summer has always been a great time for buying and selling property in the Bay. As the weather warms we always see a lift in the market, as people begin to think about a move to a new home to take advantage of summer in our beautiful region.


To help you make the most of this lift in the market, we have designed an exceptional marketing campaign so that your property can get the best and most exposure possible. We’ve created a multi-channel campaign that can profile your property to a wide audience with the ability to easily add-on and upsize your campaign to increase your presence in the market. And when you list with EVES, it’s free.


Give your favourite EVES agent a call today to find out more.

Our Community, Our People

Posted: October 12th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Our salespeople know that it’s invaluable to communicate to as wide a group as possible in regards to any particular property being marketed by them. This is to maximise the opportunity for your salesperson to find the best possible buyer for your property.


Successful real estate professionals have a wide network of friends, colleagues, referrers and influencers. This is also invaluable when it comes to letting people know what’s happening in the world of real estate.


At EVES we have very busy salespeople who also take time to play an active role in their community. This may be through involvement with their children’s school, a sports team, cultural activity or through belonging to an interest group, service club, charity or church. There is a very long list of these sorts of possibilities and across our EVES teams this makes us very well connected. 


EVES leading profile in the region is not taken for granted and is not just a result of the significant number of properties sold by our teams but also due to the major part our people play in the wider community.


Talk to EVES today about what’s happening in your market.


EVES. Exceptional Every Day.

A Look at August

Posted: October 5th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

The median sale price for Tauranga was $574,000 by comparison to $560,000 for the previous year. For the same month, in the Mount/Papamoa was $665,000 compared with $671,000 the previous year. Year on year, then no real swing up or down in terms of price.


The number of sales in Tauranga was 141 by comparison to 137 in the previous August. Mount/Papamoa was 96 by comparison to 104 last year. So, no real change in volume either.


The median number of days to sell appears to be holding with Tauranga at 43 days by comparison to 42 last year. The same trend can be seen at the Mount and Papamoa with 46 days and last August at 43.


However, what is significant is that from August 2015 to now the median number of days to sell is getting longer which means sellers have to pay particular attention to their marketing campaign and method of sale if time is a pressure for them.


The total number of properties on the market in Tauranga is like September last year. The Mount/Papamoa it is somewhat lower making this a great time for sellers in both areas to capitalise on the opportunity.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Overcoming the Fear of Auctions

Posted: September 28th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Some buyers have a fear of auctions for a variety of reasons. Some feel the process is stressful while others have a fear of paying too much and some are afraid of being tricked into paying more than they want to.


Overcoming this fear is simple when you understand how an auction is conducted and how to go about bidding.


Vendors will set a confidential reserve price which is a figure at which the Auctioneer is authorised to sell the property and unless this price is reached during the auction the property cannot be sold without further consultation with the vendor.


Buying at auction is easy when buyers bid with a three figure strategy which is predetermined prior to attending the auction.


The first is a price you would like to pay for the property, the second is a price you would still be happy to pay and the third is a walk away price.


As long as you don’t exceed your walk away price, the fear of buying at auction is eliminated.

EVES has a comprehensive buying at auction video outlining how to buy at auction in depth so contact your favourite EVES salesperson and they will provide this for you.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day

The Mount Nears $1 Million Suburb Status

Posted: September 21st, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Our region continues to enjoy good buyer inquiry right across our price ranges. In some areas a lack of new listings to the market has created increased demand, especially at the top end of the market.


Mount Maunganui property values continue to climb as the oceanside suburb edges nearer to the $1 million mark.


Data released by NZME’s OneRoof show the median value of Mount Maunganui property reached $890,600 as of July 31 this year.


The value is a surge of more than $70,000 from the previous year, making Mount Maunganui the Bay of Plenty’s most expensive place to purchase property.

The same data pinpoints Merivale as Tauranga’s most affordable suburb with a median value of $446,600.


The Tauranga market experienced a small slowdown over the winter, yet it is still ticking along nicely, with sales actually better than this time last year.


While first home buyers, although active, are taking longer to transact due to financing constraints and options currently in the marketplace.


If you are thinking of buying or selling, talk to EVES today.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.


Is this a Good Time to Sell?

Posted: September 14th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

With a slight increase in the supply of residential property to the market of 0.8% by comparison to the same period in the previous year and a slight decrease in the average asking price of 5.1% by comparison to the previous month (source: Realestate.co.nz monthly property report), these stats would suggest we are in a balanced period between willing buyer and willing selling.


However, in conversations with many of our expert teams, they tell me they have many buyers who are frustrated because in certain price ranges there simply isn’t enough property to look at with the features they need in their next property.


Interest rates remain at some of the lowest rates ever. The region’s GDP continues to track ahead of the whole country at 3.9% vs NZ 2.7% (Source: Infometrics quarterly monitor for Tauranga City).


So, is this a good time to sell?


I believe that if you need to be sold before Christmas, you should want to take advantage of the sun’s magic on people’s moods.


Also remember that many buyers will want to be in their new property before Christmas.


So then, the answer is yes. Now is the perfect time to call your local EVES agent.


EVES - Exceptional. Every day.

The City is Strong

Posted: September 7th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

The recently released Quarterly Economic Monitor – June 2018 completed by Priority One announces some very interesting results.


• GDP growth was 3.9% vs NZ 2.7%.  Tauranga’s economy has been growing above the national average for 20 consecutive quarters, with the upturn broad based across all indicators of spending and investment.


• The commercial construction industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with non-residential consents 98% higher vs NZ 10%, however, residential consents dropped by 15%. Which could mean existing property will have less new builds to compete against in the near future.


• And even though the housing market quietened, it still showed some growth in sales at 0.5%.


• Spending indicators were strong, indicating households are confident in their employment and financial position. Retail trade activity increased 5.0% vs NZ 4.4%.


• Unemployment remains very low at 4.1% vs NZ 4.5%.


• Both domestic car and commercial vehicle registrations increased over the year, climbing 3.9% and 4.1% respectively.


• Traffic flows into and around the city increased 3.9% over the year.


Overall the city is strong and now is a great time to talk to anyone of our exceptional EVES people to take advantage of the pre spring and spring market opportunities.


EVES. Exceptional Every Day.


Vendor Bidding at Auction

Posted: August 31st, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Buying at auction is not a daunting experience when you are educated in the process and follow a bidding strategy.


Vendor bidding is one aspect that scares some people and the myth that vendor bids are used to push the price up is still a perception in the market that is misleading and incorrect.

Some buyers feel that vendor bids create a situation where they are bidding against themselves which is also incorrect.


Property owners will always set a reserve price where they are comfortable to sell their property at and vendor bids are only used to assist a buyer into a position where the auction is paused and negotiations continue between the highest bidder and the seller.

At an EVES auction, vendor bids are used if there is only one bidder participating in the auction below the vendor’s reserve and will be to a level where the owners are prepared to continue discussions.


These bids are only exercised by the Auctioneer and are clearly announced.


Once negotiations are completed any amendments to the bidding will be announced and the auction will be resumed until sold or if agreement on price is not reached the auction will be closed.

Looking Forward to Spring

Posted: August 24th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

With the weather of late being less than ideal, we can’t blame you for looking forward to spring because we are too.


In spring, the landscape changes – lambs, blooming flowers, blossoming trees and the temperature rises. So too does buyer activity in the real estate market.


Spring has always been a good time to sell. Although spring can bring out more homes for sale for you to compete with, it can also mean more buyers. Traditionally we see a rise in potential homebuyers during this season than other months of the year, which means there is the potential get more offers than any other time.


We also find that buyers are wanting to be in their new home before Christmas, meaning that they need to be out and about viewing property and purchasing well before summer starts. So there is also potential for your house to be on the market for a much shorter time than it would be throughout other seasons.


To ensure that your property is on their must-see list, you need to market it well. After all, you can’t sell a secret. You need to make sure that you have enlisted the right agent equipped with just the right marketing options for you and your property.


EVES can help. Talk to us today about selling your property in spring.

The Best Nett Result

Posted: August 17th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

When you look at a real estate company from the outside you could be forgiven for thinking that we all look the same. Take a peek ‘under the bonnet’ and the opposite is true.


We all know that anyone can do it for less and fee discounters will always be in our market. However, all vendors deserve value for money whatever the level of fee is. They deserve the best nett result.


Cheaper fees do not equal the best nett result for you. The best nett result comes from a combination of many things your EVES agent will do for you. The best nett result comes from good advice to prepare your home prior to going on the market. The best nett result comes from great marketing to showcase your home to as wide an audience as possible. The best nett result comes from exceptional service levels so you understand, every step of the way, what is happening in the market and what this means to you and your home.


You need someone you can rely on and trust, someone who will give you the best advice, someone who has the know how and the connections and who has access to exceptional systems and support. This is priceless.


Select your agent wisely. Talk to EVES today.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

Making Things Better

Posted: August 10th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

In real estate it’s important to take the time to accept that the world is changing. Process improvement is an ongoing positive challenge for us at EVES. The enhancements and developments provided via IT and business systems continue to provide many advantages to our sellers and buyers in our business.


In our continuing commitment to provide our clients and customers with the very best ways to achieve their goals, we are naturally very focused on this plus delivering exceptional service through our people. This also offers up business growth opportunities in our changing world.


As we continuously provide our agents with improved tools to offer you better service, we have also exposed the EVES brand to the regions. 


With all the good work our people have been doing we have been attracting attention. We are very proud of our people and are always looking for exceptional people to join our family. It is with great pleasure we announce that major offices in Hamilton and Whangarei have rebranded as EVES.


This gives our brand wider recognition and opportunities to provide our great service to benefit even more sellers and buyers.


EVES. Exceptional. Every day.

EVES Property – Auckland Home Show Edition

Posted: August 3rd, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

The property market is still going strong and there are many people in Auckland and the North looking to relocate to the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions where properties are considered better value and lifestyle is a priority. 


EVES are capitalising on this interest by publishing a special A4 edition of Eves Property Magazine, featuring properties exclusively from the Bay of Plenty and Waikato and showcasing this at our stand at the iconic Auckland Home Show.


The Auckland Home Show will run over five days at the ASB Showgrounds, 5 – 9 September and this magazine gives you the chance to put your property in front of over 47,000 potential buyers!*


We will also be distributing the magazine to EVES agents’ purchaser databases.


This is a great chance to showcase your property to a large, quality audience of buyers. So if you’re looking to sell a property, talk to your local EVES office today.


EVES – Exceptional. Every day.

*Source: Auckland Home Show 2017 Post Show Report

Exceptional. Every Day.

Posted: July 27th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Ever since our beginnings in 1969 we have worked hard to be exceptional.


We know that to be exceptional, you need exceptional people. Our salespeople at EVES are committed to excellence and to making buying or selling property as smooth and easy as possible for our customers. Our salespeople are passionate about real estate, have great local knowledge and a commitment to our communities.


This week, we are very excited to launch EVES new video and brand philosophy – Exceptional. Every day.


This is something that describes us as a business – and what we constantly aim to be. At EVES, every day we work hard to ensure our service, local knowledge, marketing and results for our customers are exceptional.


Every day our agents work hard to understand your goals and aspirations when selling or buying property and they are determined to bring you the best results.


Look out for our new video on Facebook and our website. 


If you are looking to buy or sell property and want to experience exceptional service, marketing, and results - talk to EVES today.

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Posted: July 20th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer