Some things about the market are always changing, but some things never change. One constant is that if a property is well presented and up to date information is provided then that significantly increases initial buyer interest and the potential for a good sale.

Many tasks required to tidy up a property are the simple ones - depending on the state of the start point. Lawns mowed, garden tidied, the house washed or freshly painted, paths water blasted, interior clean, tidy and uncluttered and so on.  

Sellers compete for buyers’ attention and there are other practical steps a seller can take to greatly assist buyers’ decision making. Sellers who provide their own recent reputable builder’s report, a copy of the title, a LIM Report and even a current valuation to potential buyers, show transparency and a willingness to assist the selling process.

Even in a market where days on the market are shorter and volume of sales are high, the fact remains that those properties that sell for the best price the market can provide are well marketed, well presented and make the due diligence process for buyers easier.

Talk to EVES now about how your property can be a stand out in this market and achieve the best selling price. 

Ross Stanway