First home buyers that require due diligence to be completed prior to purchasing a home should not eliminate viewing auction properties, it could well be your dream home that fits all the criteria that you are looking for. An auction is just a different method of sale that allows a property owner to work with cash unconditional buyers on auction day, however, should the property not sell, any conditional buyer can immediately come forward with an offer conditional upon your satisfaction of any due diligence requirements you have. 


First home buyers should be aware that there are only a limited number of cash buyers that can bid at auction and there are more conditional buyers in the market than there are cash buyers. Being the first of the conditional buyers to present an offer to a vendor is a very powerful position to be in so being ready to present your conditional offer immediately the auction is closed is a smart move and could secure the home of your dreams.


For more information on this, contact any of our team who are more than happy to spend time with you and guide you through the buying at auction process.


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