After a well deserved break over summer the Next Gen – Property Academy group met on Valentines Day to kick off 2024 with the first step of their personal development journey.

The 12 month programme aims to focus on the group members' individual purpose, mindset, growth opportunities, skills to hone their business skills, and will enable them to have input into the EVES business strategy so that as a group we learn from each other.

The session was based on understanding what you are good at and what you are passionate about to form your WHY, your overarching purpose statement and consequently your 15 year vision which presents your WHY in a tangible way.

The team were shown the power of understanding not just the what or the how behind our careers but the why and how that can influence their every day decisions and assist in their career pathway or business. They then went on to workshop their way through developing their own set of statements.

The group shared a lot of their own stories, there were tears, and lightbulb moments mixed equally with laughter and deep conversation. The overall enthusiasm and vibe of this group is infectious, and the engagement with the programme shows through every time. EVES are dedicated to putting time and attention into our people, and what you give with this group you get back tenfold.

Our next session is lining up to be just as eventful with a speaker that will further push the boundaries and ensure everyone leaves those comfort seats well and truly behind.